Syria: Conflicting news about reports by Arab League observers

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Sideviews
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The day before yesterday, a delegation of the Arab League (AL) observers arrived within the Syrian city of Homs. Since then, there are dozens of reports about the government’s conduct, the number of protesters and also about new threats by United States and about the reports and information by these Arab League (AL) observers.

If you`re not living within Syria it takes a long time to get an real idea of what is actually going on in the city of Homs or even in whole Syria. It certainly requires a lot of time to work through all the partly very contradictory articles and reports.

While the observers of the Arab League (AL) within Syria praise the intentions of the Syrian government to help them with their mission, the statements by United States against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad are getting more and more threatening. So you are able to find such threats (some would it also just call it nonsense…) within the Western press:

“If the Syrian regime continues disregards the efforts of the Arab League (AL) and continues to show an unruly behavior, the world community will consider other ways to protect Syrian civilians” (Source)

In contrast to such an U.S. statement, the head of the observer mission (AL) to Syria said on the first days of the mission, that the Syrian government acts cooperative and also indicates that the government tries to help them with their observer mission.

So absolutely contradictory information. Maybe because of the typical way of U.S. propaganda lies to use them for questionable goals. Maybe it is easy because a country within the Middle East is hardly really known by a lot of Americans and even by a lot of Western citizens, too.

Furthermore, we also have the contradictions about the information when the Arab League (AL) observers came to the Syrian city of Homs. Some say there has been a huge rally of anti-government protesters, other report that different districts of Homs were filled with pro-government supporters who called for more army, while waving the Syrian flag.

At this point we have not only the questionable videos of the allegedly 70,000 people who went on the streets of Homs to protest against the government (question your sources, guys), but also the videos of the arrival by the Arab League (AL) observers within Homs and all the pro-government protesters there.

The people of the observer mission to Homs should know the truth, because they are seen on those videos of pro-government supporters as well. This also indicates that these videos are real and no fakes, shouldn`t it?

Not to mention that the people in the West again heard nothing of demonstrations calling for the government, more army within Homs and the enforcement of safety and also for the rejection of any foreign invasion, the numbers of the demonstrators against the Syrian government fluctuated within the Western and Gulf media, too.

Basically, it doesn’t matter, how much protesters they are, because it also does not matter who determined the numbers of those protests. If you do not question your sources because you call yourself a journalist, you are finally far away from being a “real” journalist, aren`t you? Again, copy and paste means no journalism at all. The dogmas of journalism are going deeper than that. Journalism means real work for interested, skilled people.

But the main thing seems to be that these so-called Western and Gulf journalists are able to again prove how disastrous the situation within Homs (and Syria) is. Even if they let out some important information within the content of their rewritten “headlines” and articles.

It also seems that these so-called journalists even do not care anymore about errors of translations and obvious errors between connections of events and sold information. Why should they care about correct translations when just few Western citizens are able to understand the original Arabic statements and interviews?

If also seems to make a huge difference if the information is delivered by the so-called “Syrian opposition”, based in Istanbul (Turkey) and the questionable Muslim Brotherhood-show, called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, or if the information comes from people who have been to the relevant regions within Syria.

These journalists rather take huge numbers of fictive protests against the Syrian government than questioning their sources and the credibility of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London. We still do not believe those journalists are just dumb and too lazy – although some might be this way. In contrast to this way of journalism there are still independent journalists, political activists, travelers and even tourists who share a completely otherwise impression of this misused and falsely sold “uprising / revolution” within Syria.

The Arab League (AL) observers reported nothing about the amount of protesters until yesterday but Western media did not care about that fact again. You could read about fictive statements of numbers within German print media – even no observer spoke about that. Maybe there should be a lack of credibility when it comes to some German print agencies?

They really should not fail within translations and not invent statements and interviews. Using such propaganda methods you finally lose something important as credibility, don`t you?

These so-called journalists are always searching for (not questioned) details that “prove” the lies and exaggerations and the distorted representation of Syria. They also use these questionable information (without questioning it) to make “everything believable”. Western journalists are not that much independent as you might think. (e.g. – uh! very independent journalism within Germany – so impressive!  – Irony)

Furthermore, you are able to find translations of questionable reports by Human Rights Watch (HRW) within German newspapers. These reports should reveal how sneaky the Syrian government deceives the Arab League (AL) observers.

It is no more surprising that Syrian officers suddenly make statements about transfers of prisoners from jails into military facilities, where the Arab League (AL) observers have allegedly no access. Nobody seems to ask the important questions about such dubious content of articles.

It is also no longer questioned how a Syrian prisoner within Syria is able to tell the questionable human rights organization (Human Rights Watch / HRW) that prisoners have been transferred to hide them from the observers of the Arab League (AL).

A human rights organization should question their sources to prevent a loss of credibility. After the events within and about Libya – we know, they usually do not – in case the information is useful for their overall public image and allegedly work.

Also no official Human Rights Watch (HRW) employee is actually within the so-called strongholds of “Revolution”. Not to mention that they do not travel together with the Arab League (AL) observers. They just behave the same way Amnesty International (AI) does with the events about Libya.

Amnesty International (AI) lost credibility and had to admit that some important statements of their organization were not true and that they missed to question their sources at the beginning of this year and the “Arab Spring” – mainly at the beginning of the events about Libya and the finally murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. It is just that you do not find a lot about their concessions within Western press (after they published false information to achieve goals and own interests).

With all the mistakes that the Syrian government and security forces or individual authorities/police men have made since the outbreak of finally misused and false interpreted demonstrations, one must emphasize, however, that the intentions of the West are finally more than just evident.

The West wants war in Syria. Even if NATO does not want to actively participate in such a war, all efforts have indicated that Syria should experience a similar fate as Libya. Say hello to Western imperialism, AIPAC and a known hypocritically Peace Nobel Prize owner and his two warmonger dominas – Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the real hypocrisies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some other governments as well. Or even the hypocrisies with the dealing of Western governments with Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and al-Qaeda.

While in Libya this was sold as the establishment of a no-fly zone was to protect civilians, these intentions of NATO and so on are actually sold to the Western population as so-called “humanitarian corridors” along the Syrian border with Turkey. Impressive how creative they are in finding nice names for horrible intentions.

At the border of Syria to Turkey, fighters were and are still trained by foreign forces. Also Libyan “rebels” (terrorists, criminals and religious fanatics) are smuggled into Syria there. Thanks to the Turkish government.

The establishment of so-called humanitarian corridors in Syria means the same as the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya. A lot of deads, bloodshed and lies of the West. NATO shows themselves as warmongers and threw their statutes completely into the trash can finally. Based on lies Libya has drawn into a war. Many of the lies have been uncovered, but unfortunately it was too late for the country.

We should not allow the same false behavior and war propaganda about Syria. Even Amnesty International (AI), as stated before, acknowledged lies that led to the attack on Libya because the NATO countries wanted to preserve their imperialistic goals, especially France.

Even the Iraq war, where the American invasion took place, was based on lies. Why not learn from the past?

The Syrian government should not be blindly defended, but all should be shaken up, think about what happened and what are the interests of the NATO powers resonate with everything that is currently running against Syria.

Some lies about the country and the government stinks to heaven, yet they are sold and can be easily sold – Western and Gulf media fail because they want to. No real journalism. It is a fact for people within Syria who know about the truth within their country because they are living in the cities of Homs, Idleb, Hama and so on.

The foreign funded armed terrorists and religious fanatics are called by the Western governments to stay with their demands and to stay away from any (democratic?) dialogue with the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. A very peaceful advice of the Western governments in direction to the so-called “Syrian opposition” abroad.


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