Syria: Two dead in shootings at University of Damascus

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Politics
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The day of yesterday, Tuesday, was another eventful day within Syria – a day in Syria, which unfortunately also costs the lives of further victims.

While it seems that the entire world is just focused on Homs and the propaganda of the so-called “Syrian Opposition” abroad, there has been another dramatic and sad event within the Syrian capital Damascus.

While “they” are waiting to receive the first, credible or not, reports of the Arab League observer mission about their experiences within Syria and primarily the city of Homs, there has been a shooting at the university of Damascus.

It is unfortunately the fact, that Western media and press misses this horrible shooting within the University of Damascus – because of a unknown reason. Maybe this shooting could be an indicator that there is violence and terror by Anti-government “protesters” and Muslim Brotherhood within Syria?

The brutality of the situation within Syria has reached the University of Damascus. A terrible event took place at the Medical Faculty of Engineering yesterday.

One of the students, a supporter of the ranks of government opponents, has shot five innocent fellow students during a test at the University of Damascus yesterday. One of the students died instantly at the University of Damascus; a second student died because of his injuries at the hospital later that day.

Three other students were injured in the attack and are still at the hospital of the Syrian capital Damascus – but these students will survive. At least, three of the students were Christians. It should not be important but viewing at the background of the violent student it finally seems to be important.

Also one of the murdered students was in the list of friends of his killer – on the social network site Facebook; but he did not shared the political or religious views of his former “friend”.

The other student, who later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital of Damascus, was a part of the so-called “blacklist” of the questionable “Syrian Revolution” (websites / Facebook Pages).

At this point, the responsible persons behind the social network Facebook seem to work really hypocritically when it comes to life threats, personal details and such things as these dangerous and questionable “blacklists” on their website.

These so-called “blacklists” of the peaceful, democratic “Syrian Revolution” lists people who reject foreign interference in Syria and also reject violent acts towards supporters of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

These “blacklists” of the “peaceful” Anti-government supporters lists personal information as also pictures and addresses of the “targets” who support their government or are just against any international intervention. Very peaceful and democratic! Facebook supports such lists without any problem or regression.

Of course, such “blacklists” with government-supporters would not be real “blacklists” if there would not also be calls for violence against these people. So there are real calls to kill such (finally innocent) people because of their opinions, religion or / and their support for the Syrian government and / or President.

Or these students, fathers or sons should “be murdered” because of their rejection of any international intervention within Syria.

The horrible offender, who had a lot of pictures of him and his weapons on his Facebook profile and also followed a lot of “very religious pages and sites”, was able to initially escape after he shot at fellow students, but was then caught by the police and arrested.

One can only hope that his horrible deed will not show up suddenly as a heroic act and will be exploited by the so-called Syrian opposition abroad. Finally it would not surprise.. But we hope they still have some decency (aware that they have not…).

It was an underhanded, sad and horrible act of this person against his fellow students at the University of Damascus. Fellow students, who have been listed partly on the Facebook friend list of the offender. This violent student will hopefully receive his punishment. It is also believed that this violent student was a supporter of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unfortunately, we hear very little of these victims in the West. Although Western journalists know about these acts of violence and also about this dangerous and non-democratic “blacklists” of the favored, celebrated Syrian revolution.

Why should one of them also report about these incidents where they are not able to accuse the Syrian government, as usually? What a sad time for real journalism. It is understandable that such crimes must be addressed. Ever state is attempting to prevent such acts of violence – naturally also at schools and universities. It is plausible and understandable.

Previously, it was unthinkable within Syria, that Syrian citizens are just get killed because of their opinions or / and their religion.

Last Friday, one day before Christmas, already many Syrian citizens of the capital Damascus died because of two “car bombs” outside the buildings of the security forces. It was a horrible and violent act of terrorism – but it is still not clear if al-Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood thugs are responsible for this act of terror.

The manuscript of this attack was clearly the way a terrorist organization would act – even there is still no video or official writing in which a terrorist organization as al-Qaeda or even Muslim Brotherhood (they are still taken as terrorist organization in some Western countries) claim their responsibility for this acts of terror.

These horrible acts of terrorism against innocent civilians must be condemned in the strongest terms. Unfortunately, the attacks on pro-government Syrians increase in recent times. They show the real face of the sold “peaceful protesters” and the Muslim Brotherhood plays its part within these acts.

It is a real pity that the West still continues to support and even celebrate the radical opponents, armed rebels and religious fanatics. Not to mention that this financially support and the arming with weapons is against any international law. Every violent act against innocents has to be condemned in a real democracy.

To commemorate the victims of the attacks of last Friday and also to commemorate the dead and injured students of yesterday and all the other victims who were injured or even killed during the unrest in Syria, there is a meeting prior to the Syrian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, today.  After the last meetings to commemorate the killed and injured people in the recent days.

Not to mention all those meetings within Syria where the huge majority of Syrians rejects any international intervention and still supports the reform process and their Syrian government – also President Bashar al-Assad, even if they are no real supporters of the President or of the government.

It has its reasons why these critically persons are now also supporters of the President al-Assad and its government.


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