Syria: Arab League observers reached Homs

Posted: December 28, 2011 in International
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The day before yesterday about 50 experts from different countries arrived in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The majorities of these experts have either a military background or come from security related positions. Most are from Egypt. Nevertheless, the other Arab countries are represented and the Head of Delegation, the Sudanese General al-Dabi, already arrived in Syria last Sunday evening.

According to CNN, a team of ten should be going to Homs today in order to provide an overview of the local situation which, according to the Centre in London and the Syrian National Council, is repeatedly classified as disastrous.

There are many in Homs who opposes the regime in Damascus. Many gunmen there are roaming the streets, harassing and endangering the safety of the residents.

Many residents have already fled Homs, fearing not to be shot by the army but of being caught in the cross fire or being shot by the gunmen. The many city residents who have fled tell of very young and also old men running through the streets with guns and shooting anything that moves.

The Baba Amro district (Homs) in particular is full of armed men and its residents are the biggest opponents of the regime.

For years, Baba Amro has been the neighborhood which people of other districts of Homs should better avoid. When speaking with residents of Homs they say that the poor neighborhoods are of greatest interest to the opponents of the government as the residents are happy with every 100 Lira they can get. They feel they have nothing to lose by selling and betraying their country.

This unfortunately, is the status of this “revolution“. What the Observers will see in Homs no one knows but, it will become evident soon. Observers, although accompanied by the Army of the Syrian government, will have access to all the areas they request. It is difficult to anticipate the situation in Homs right now.

As mentioned previously, there are rumors on the internet circulating about the possibility of Observers either being lured into an ambush so as to blame the government. There was previously a rumor that an arrangement between Observers and the opposition had been made regarding the situation in Homs and their fact finding trip.

One can rely on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London to prepare the public just before the Observers arrive in Homs, the third largest city in Syria. No doubt, they will again report of dozens of deaths, with particularly gory images of the work of the incredibly brutal Syrian army. Yesterday it announced the death of 29 civilians. The media took the new unverified figures gladly and added them to their campaign against the Syrian government.

With the saturation of news articles concerning Syria, the media have to repeatedly ask themselves how far they have departed from objective and independent journalism. Many journalists seem to have done hardly any research, preferring instead to translate headlines and using the “smart” copy & paste option.

The more bloodthirsty or emotional these headlines can be, the better. There is no letup on these reports, for example, the story of the fate of the deserting soldiers keeps on appearing in the media without any sort of evidence. The objective is to convince the readership of the tyranny of the regime.

The government of Syria has made mistakes and still does and this was demonstrated on several occasions. However the focus is not about supporting the government blindly but about what is actually going on in Syria. The government is ensuring that the reform process proceeds in order to guarantee that the residents, regardless of their religion, can live in safety.

The fact that there are some areas where security is not possible to keep should be reported on and exposed.

Unfortunately it is in the Western government’s interests to demonize the Syrian government and to find any opportunity to implicate or blame the government. It is very wrong of the West to celebrate the so-called “Syrian Free Army” as freedom fighters. Syria, unfortunately, is on the list of the United States’ co-called “Axis of Evil“.

Since the upheavals in Tunisia, Egypt and even Libya, there is a crescendo of ”achievements“ that serve as effective propaganda when it comes to interfering with Syria. Unacceptable regimes must be toppled, no matter what.

The safety of those affected by the work of the imperialists doesn’t matter. Indeed the opposite is sold: their welfare and safety is of their concern.

If the Western media gave voice to the Syrian public and also to their president then nothing that is said by the ”democratically minded“ expatriate Syrians who met in Istanbul would have any weight and these sanctions or other actions would disappeared into thin air.

If this government were to fall, presumably a new one would be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and a Syrian National Council would be established as the new government of the country.

It would then become clear that the country has fallen into chaos, religious minorities are persecuted and that another very good country has been destroyed by the West and will become another one of their ”headaches.“

Unfortunately, as so often is the case, Western governments pull together the journalists and ensure that their agenda is sold. Everything is stacked against the Syrian government from the beginning and even the protocols of the Arab League are compromised in the game against the Syrian government.

Those who merely rely on the calls and slogans of freedom and democracy should examine more closely the stories of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. In all three countries the real revolution was quickly hijacked and sold out.

All three countries have been destroyed and are now being ruled by Islamist or groups closely aligned to Islamists. There has been a total corruption of freedom and democracy and corruption still exists.

Let us remember what happened to Iraq and this is the worst example of a so-called democracy in the Middle East.


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