Syria: Ghalioun calls Arab League to demand help of United Nations (UN)

Posted: December 27, 2011 in International
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Syria – The official work of the Arab League (AL) observers has started yesterday in the Syrian capital Damascus. Also 50 further experts and observers of the Arab League (AL) were expected in Damascus within the last two days.

Meanwhile you also were able to already see news about a murdered Arab League (AL) observer in the Syrian city of Homs. Of course, these reports doesn`t fit to the official statements and information of the Arab League (AL) and their observers. But it is OK, because it wasn`t expected otherwise at the end.

As stated in older articles on Syria News (cc), it is clear that there is a prepared plan by some persons for this observer mission of the Arab League (AL). This plan and this observer mission to Syria is questionable just like the Western reports about the events in Homs within the last days.

It is still not entirely clear what this plan is all about. In contrast to the information and details about this Arab League (AL) observer mission it was no surprise and clear that the dubious head of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, did not hesitate to give another interview. He seems to enjoy the media interests very much.

Ghalioun, a wannabe leader of Syria, used this interview to call on the Arab League (AL) that it should seek the help of the UN Security Council on Syria finally.

This head (Ghalioun) of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, is Syrian with French nationality. Ghalioun has never lived in Syria. He only traveled to Syria for holidays (or strange activities) and also was only a guest while the times of the so-called “Damascus Spring”. It is no surprise, it is typical.

He didn`t lived in Syria in the last 12 years but he arrogates now, that the can be the leader of the Syrians within their fight against the government and President Bashar al-Assad – of course, just from abroad. In contrast to his statements, the huge majority of Syrians are far away from being behind him or accepting him as anybody who is able and legitimated to decide anything for Syria´s future.

Ghalioun is a guy, full of lies. Here are lies served to the West, which should convince the inhabitants of Western countries of the image that the Syrian President al-Assad and the government is absolutely brutal within this so-called “crackdown”. No confirmations, no verifications – but something like that seems to have become irrelevant within journalism in the recent years.

It may be that the Syrian authorities acted brutally in some areas or within some actions but we should not forget about the real fact, that there are armed religious extremists and radicals within Syria. These gunmen and criminals are supported by the “Syrian opposition abroad” and also by the West with advice, money and sadly weapons, too.

Within this statement we should also mention the Muslim Brotherhood-background of some people of this “opposition” based in Turkey, just as the al-Qaeda flags which were raised within the decreased “peaceful protests” in the recent weeks. It may sound strange for Western people but it is not only a fact, it is the truth what is behind this faked “uprising” within Syria. You can just have a image about the real events within Syria when you are there.

Burhan Ghalioun is sold as the head of the “Syrian National Council” based in Istanbul, Turkey. Rami Abdul Rahman is sold as the president of the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London. As a citizen of London we would be really scared to have such people within our city. Rami Abdul-Rahman seems not to be his real name. This sold president of a one-man “observatory” based in London has also a wonderful Muslim Brotherhood-background and life career / personal data sheet.

Both dubious guys work together to coordinate their selfish goals and to finally succeed in receiving more power, money and extremist religious goals. Not to mention that a lot people are concerned that Ghalioun and Rami Abdul Rahman / Rami Abdel Rahman want to destroy Syria and to just achieve more power for themselves. Both (new public) images of these two persons are false but still sold to Western citizens.

You’d be alert and suspicious when you find out that more than half of the deputies within this questionable “National Council” are members of the Muslim Brotherhood or are related to this dubious Brotherhood – sharing ideas, goals and partly extremist basics. As stated before, as a citizen of London we would be scared – not only with these neighbors, but also when our government seems to favor such persons.

As stated before, if we would be a citizen of London, we would be worried about this – not only with these neighbors, but also when our government seems to favor such partly dangerous persons and also seems to be grateful about their lies. Did we mention the fact that the family of Rifat al-Assad went to a dinner with some British politicians? Maybe not only once. There are truly dubious connections within London.

The mentioned questionable personas have forged together with U.S. services and other exiled Syrians (partly) a plan to destroy the stability of Syria to pursue their own interests. They do not share the same interests, of course. Not really, finally. But U.S. administration never cares about as long as such “groups” or “people” are useful for their questionable politically or material goals. We only have to think about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on – al Qaeda…

By using the ever skeptical attitude of the West (and also of Western population) towards the Syrian leadership, it was easy to instigate a insurrection within Syria in 2011 – in relationship with the so-called “Arab Spring” – a faked and misused “Arab Spring”, of course.

Sure, not everything was in order within Syria, quite the opposite sometimes. But what these Syrian exiles with their partly Muslim Brotherhood-background will bring to Syria is certainly neither freedom nor democracy.

The Syrian government and authorities deserved it to be shaken awake by the first peaceful demonstrations. Wrong decisions and brutal actions of individuals have already been punished by the government and are also condemned by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

This Syrian President is not another Arabic dictator. Whoever sells this false image of this system is totally wrong and just misuses these prejudices and stereotypes for questionable and dubious goals. The President al-Assad conceded errors. This sounds like the right time for a reboot within Syria. When we would forget about the Western-backed extremists and armed religious radicals. This way of “conducting” a U.S. “regime change” is far away from bringing peace and democracy into the Middle East. It is also a threat for the whole world.

The one-man Muslim Brotherhood-show based in London, the wannabe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, is again spreading unconfirmed information about the events within the Syrian city of Homs. The so-called stronghold of democratic protests in Syria. We still wonder about the connection between al-Qaeda flags (as in Libya) and democratic protests.

Rami Abdul Rahman complains again about the new deaths within Homs and the international press buys these lies and sells them as confirmed facts to the Western population. Copy & Paste is no journalism – students work cheaper, don`t they?

According to Mr. Rami Abdel Rahman, 124 people were injured last Sunday within the area of the Syrian city Homs. He also stated that an unknown number were murdered by the Syrian “regime”. It is finally funny that Mr. Rahman misses to declare the number of victims this time – he always seemed so precise within his statements about the brutal crackdown in Syria. Maybe there are just a few names within Syrian phone books left? (Just as a French journalist told about the lies of Mr. Rahman)

But it makes no different whether there are numbers of deaths or not – the main thing is to spread new unverified horror stories about the situation within Syria and the acts of the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad against “peaceful protesters”. It is really an impressive way of journalism nowadays! It finally also seems to be so easy in these days to bring down any government which is not in line with Western / U.S or imperialistic and even zionistic goals. We are looking forward to the upcoming “Asia Spring”.

Of course, the so-called Syrian “opposition” based in Turkey wants to make sure that the Arab League (AL) observers will see horrible images on their journey to Homs today. Not to mention the already declared murdered member of the Arab League (AL) observers yesterday. Even if this information is not in line with the officially timeline of this observer mission. But the opposition knows about the power of lies and propaganda.

The armed extremists within Syria already indicated to continue their horrible attacks – even if there are observers of the Arab League (AL) within Syrian authorities or soldiers. Everything what will happen – they will blame the Syrian army and government for it. This will also impress the observers. No questions. ”False Flag” is a good prompt.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” in Istanbul, Turkey, still refuses any dialogue with the Syrian government – they have written on their flags to overthrow the government and Syria`s President Bashar al-Assad. Democratic? Peaceful? Humanitarian Goals? Not really. These strangers and Muslim Brotherhood-people should clearly not even speak about democracy or freedom.

The huge majority within Syria sees its President Bashar al-Assad still as the guarantor of security – especially for the religious and ethnic minorities. Another fact and sure comprehensible if you are in line with the truth.


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