Syria: Terror in Damascus – Analysis by PressTV

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Sideviews
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Syria has buried many innocent victims of the first horrible terrorist bomb attacks in the capital Damascus. This act of extremist terror and suicide bombing took place on last Friday and costs the lives of many Syrian civilians.

Of course, also a lot of people were injured and wounded by this suicide bombing – this act of terror reminds a lot of people to the 80ties, the terror of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and also to al-Qaeda and their style of terror acts.

It is surely interesting that these allegedly known organizations, al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, took the responsibility for these acts of terror in the Syrian capital Damascus – just one day before the feast of love and peace. Christmas.

Maybe this is also no real surprise, thinking about the goals and dogmas of both “organizations”. Already shortly before Eastern this year, some Christian churches were threaten and harassed by unknown strangers to help against the Syrian government – or to leave the country. Something you did not read in Western press until now.

The Western pressure on Syria continues; these acts of terror within this secular country of the Middle East are scaring the Syrian citizens. Also many Syrians have once again held demonstrations to condemn foreign interference in their country and also to condemn such extremist terror and all religious fanatics.

The Syrians also went on the streets again to support the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the reform process and to pray for the martyrs of these terror acts in the capital Damascus.

The dubious Syrian opposition groups abroad say that the government in Damascus is responsible for the violence due to its crackdown – which makes it clear, that they lost their sense of reality and are still spreading lies, even when these lies are just stupid.

It is still sad and shocking that so many journalists in the West taking their questionable statements and information as facts. Not to mention the “one-man” Muslim Brotherhood-show in London – the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”- this “observatory” has no credibility and is managed by a person who is also a threat for the security of Britain. It is also far away from being a real and trustworthy “observatory”, of course.

But the press and governments seem not to care – imperialism makes some blind and even accepts al Qaeda as long as they are helping with the fight within Libya or fight against the other “Axis of Evil”. There are flags of al-Qaeda in Libya and there have been flags of al-Qaeda within the “peaceful protests” in Syria.

PressTV tried to analyze the horrible “Damascus Bombing” with some political experts and analysts. It is an interesting news analysis of PressTV. The image above is taken of the prayers in the Syrian city Aleppo, which took place for the martyrs of the horrible suicide bombing in Damascus.

  1. Idleb Protesters Raised Al-Qaeda Flag in their demonstrations..

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