Syria: Calls to end the violence are well justified

Posted: December 26, 2011 in International
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Syria – Pope Benedict XVI gave his Christmas speech in Rome yesterday. In his speech, Pope Benedict XVI called for peace in the world, especially for peace in the Middle East.

The demands of the Catholic Pope were not only directed to Israelis and Palestinians. The Pope Benedict XVI prayed that the violence in Syria will come to an end – hopefully a fast end but do not misunderstand this. The Catholic Pope, who was born in Bavaria, Germany, condemns all violence – also the horrible violence by extremists and religious fanatics within Syria.

Everyone hopes that Syria finally finds peace and that the violence comes to an end. But as long as the Western interests do not achieve their questionable goals, there will be no peace in Syria. We condemn some Western governments, the NATO and other organizations for forcing violence and bloodshed because of imperial interests – even while the feast of love – Christmas.

The condemnations of these terror acts in the Syrian capital Damascus by Britain, United States and other Western governments are totally hypocritically. You cannot support the “insurgents” within Syria and abroad with money and weapons and meanwhile condemn such a horrible act of terrorism which took place in Damascus one day before Christmas. Smells like hypocritically propaganda.

Again and again, new articles on Syria are published. The sources of these questionable articles, e.g. Reuters and dpa, take their information from the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London. They rub this false information under the nose of Western people, knowing that this information is far away from being credible and confirmed.

Not to mention that these journalists and news agencies also should know that this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is organized by just one questionable person – this guy has also a nice connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It sometimes seems like a lot of these so-called journalists have finally no idea or do not know the important connections, history and other facts on Syria, which should be known to really publish true articles about the real events within this country of the Middle East. If they would know about this all, these journalists would hopefully manage it to publish better content within their articles.

Since the majority of them did not know until the beginning of 2011, or perhaps even until April 2011, where Syria is or how the President is called, it seems easy to spread lies and false information which are finally used by these so-called journalists. Note: Copy & Paste is no journalism.

They are not really able to check the information and sources – or are even not interested it because stories about the bloodshed of another Arabic dictator are always good stories which are good seller.

Moreover, it seems that the lies are published everywhere just to have the next (not verified) story about the “Arab Spring”-events in the Middle East. But lies are still lies – does not matter how often they are published. It is sad and to condemn that these obvious lies are regarded as the truth, unfortunately. They should know better. The West with its freedom of press has a disappointing development within its media and press agencies.

The lies continue, the media war against Syria seems not to end within the next weeks. Why should it? The Western imperialists still have not achieved their questionable goals in the Middle East. It is also clear that some countries of the Middle East still have no clue about the facts, that they will be the next target of Western interests. It would finally be no surprise.

Day to day, you are able to read new reports about killed civilians or about murdered “peaceful protesters” – allegedly peaceful protesters. The image within Syria is in a huge contrast to this. These questionable reports about killed civilians within Syria are without any confirmation and verification. It is not clear if these reports reflect the truth and reality – the most time they do not. This way of journalism is not understandable and acceptable.

So you can find articles in German, Britain or French press about the bombardment of the Syrian city Homs within the last days. The context of these articles is about the false fact that Homs is being bombarded for several days. We recall the “bombardment of Latakia” which was finally a huge fiction of CNN and others. Again, the source of this lie about the Syrian city Homs is the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. Not surprising at all, finally.

The Syrian city of Homs is not bombed. There was an intelligence operation in the district, which hides the most armed extremists and religious fanatics, Bab Amra. The Syrian security forces and soldiers tried to restore peace and security.

No government worldwide would accept armed gunman who are a threat to the security and stability of its country. No government would accept armed radicals and terrorists or religious extremists within their country.

It seems clear that the false information of the bombardments of the Syrian city of Homs should serve only to emphasize the hypocritically demands of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, to establish a “protection zone” in Syria. This council has no legitimacy within Syria and the huge majority of Syrians will never accept these dubious members (partly with a Muslim Brotherhood or even Salafists background) as new “leaders” of their country.

Through the dissemination of the false news that Homs is bombarded, they try to simultaneously put pressure on the Arab League (AL) observers to get an “own image” of these events in Homs.

Already before the arrival of these Arab League (AL) observers in Syria, there were rumors circulating about collusion between these observers and several opposition members – e.g. where these observers should go within Syria and where they are able to meet secretly.

On the other hand, there were already rumors that these Arab League (AL) observers should be lured into an ambush in the Syrian city of Homs – to be able to claim afterwards that the Syrian government is responsible for this next act of terror. We know false flag acts, we know propaganda and we know how far everything went within this faked “Arab Spring”. Viewing at the suicide bombings in the Syrian capital Damascus and the accusations of the questionable so-called Syrian opposition abroad.. everything`s no surprise anymore.

Based on the corpses of the innocent martyrs, all these false accusations of the opposition abroad are to condemn. RIP. Syria has been a secular country in the Middle East, the only secular country within this region of the world. The huge majority of Syrians life with that credo of secularism and appreciate, even love, it. The huge majority of Syrian people will not accept a change and religious fanatics, extremism.

As stated before it is sometimes really hard to verify or confirm such rumors about the events in or about Syria. But it is clear for us, living in Syria, that this “Arab Spring” is misused and even faked. Not to mention that Syrians know about the armed extremists, the al-Qaeda flags within “peaceful protests” (just like Libya) and about the Western propaganda.

Maybe some should launch a “U.S. Observatory for Human Rights” within Latakia, Damascus or Aleppo. How credible would this “Observatory” be for the West? Now take a look at the “one-man” Muslim Brotherhood-show based in London. Also its responsible leader is without any credibility – just take a look at his history.

Finally it is probably well to know all these rumors within and abroad Syria. When it comes to assessing reports and events afterwards, these rumors could be useful.

SyriaNews already published a short explanation of the critical statements on the lead person of the “Arab League” observer-group to Syria. This guy is allegedly responsible for the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and also said to be close to the internationally wanted al-Bashir. Of course, this leader of the observer delegation is really very dubious and questionable.

Both sides seem to have strengthened their positions even before the actual arrival of the “Arab League” observers to Syria. They also seem to have worked out their “developments or trends” in reporting. The way propaganda works.

You will have to wait and see what comes out with the delegation to Syria, with is finally not the first group of observers to Syria within the last months. On next Monday, about 50 additional “Arab League” observers and so-called experts are expected in Syria.


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