Syria: U.S. wants to remove Russian navy base in Tartous

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Sideviews
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Not only some independent journalists say that the most of the claims by the Syrian opposition abroad are untrue, but also the US-based intelligence-gathering company Stratfor says that also the claims by the so-called opposition (e.g. in Istanbul, Turkey) about the seriousness of the crisis in within Syria are untrue.

Of course, it seems to have changed after the horrible terrorist acts on last Friday in the Syrian capital Damascus. Until now it is unclear which extremist sect or “organization” was behind these acts of terrorism and suicide bombings in Damascus – although the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda claim that they are responsible for this act of brutal suicide bombing. The image above shows the prayers of people in the Syrian city Aleppo for the martyrs of this horrible act of terror in the capital Damascus.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an American economist and also a columnist for Creators Syndicate, who has served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration (United States) and earned fame for his achievements as co-founder of Reaganomics, spoke about the situation in Syria within the last days.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is also a former editor and columnist for the known Wall Street Journal. Nowadays his writings are often published on Websites like, CounterPunch, the American Free Press and

In an interview with Russia Today (RT) some days ago, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said that he believes that the U.S. administration under President Barack Obama supports the so-called “Syrian rebels” with more than just diplomatically advice. He also believes the information of the US-based firm Stratfor which insists that the “protesters” within Syria are exaggerating a lot to “win the support” from powerful governments like the United States of America.

In the interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with Russia Today (RT), the former Reagan administration official spoke about the acts of U.S. Foreign Policy behind the curtains. Dr. Roberts told RT that the United States is bold in stirring up the (Syrian) opposition and in arming them. They are using the cover of the so-called “Arab Spring” and other Arab protests as they did in Libya.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts also told Russia Today (RT), that these protests are not spontaneous and that you certainly would not find people in the opposition who are able to readily supply such radicals and “rebels” with arms and military weapons – because Syria is still an authoritarian state. He is also convinced that it makes no sense for normal Syrians to create any opportunity for the country to be destroyed like Afghanistan, Iraq and also Libya.

Afterwards the former Reagan administration official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, spoke about the Russian naval base in the Syrian city Tartus (Tartous), too. He told Russia Today (RT), that the Americans don`t want a Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean and that the U.S. administrations always planned to remove this naval base somehow.

Finally, the known Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said also, that one of the problems is just the same as in Libya – the Chinese oil investments.

He is convinced that Iran and Lebanon are the next targets of Western imperialism, interests, governments and organizations as NATO if Syria falls.


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