Syria: Terrorist attack in Damascus killed many innocent people

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Politics
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Christmas Eve is upon us where the world’s Christians celebrate Christmas, the celebration of love. They commemorate the birth of Jesus, the Redeemer, and they wish and pray for peace on earth. This Christmas Eve, Syrian Christians are not certain whether they can go on with their regular celebrations and wishes for peace and tranquility or brace themselves for an unexpected funeral of someone dear and beloved.

On last Friday a terrible and inhuman terrorist act occurred in the Syrian capital Damascus. At least forty people were killed by two bombs. These bombs were stationed outside the area of the Syrian security and secret service buildings in Damascus. Of course, also many citizens were injured.

Our condolences need to go to all of the victims, their families, and all the people which life was also affected through this horrible terror act yesterday. We only hope that this kind of violence will not spread and that the Western governments stop their lies and also the support with weapons and money for the so-called “Syrian rebels” and the dubious opposition in Istanbul, Turkey.

The attack in the morning, within the Syrian capital of Damascus, was in fact a suicide attack as we know these acts e.g. from al-Qaeda – but it is unclear which group is behind it. It is absolutely dreadful and incomprehensible that accusations are being leveled against the Syrian government.

Many innocent passersby as well as soldiers were killed and injured. The so-called opposition took no time at all to lay blame on the government. No matter how brutal the government can be accused of being, it is only the sick minded who attribute this attack to the government. There is absolutely no logic in this accusation.

The terrorist attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus were immediately channeled through the usual Western propaganda and was even seen as “Godsend” news by the ARD, ZDF, SkyNews, ABC and other German, British, French and American media. Hypocritically reports, of course.

They could not bring themselves to immediately condemn the attacks and instead focused their reporting on doubting the Syrian News Agency SANA reports which half an hour after the attacks questioned whether it could be the work of an al-Qaida type group.

Instead the media reported that SANA had specific information and allegations against al-Qaida, the source showed a different imagination in contrast to the image the German state TV ARD sold to their viewers. Hello again, Propaganda lies. There are also still rumors that the German correspondent Mr. Armbruster has a too well connection with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

But these are just rumors on the streets in Cairo.. Even it is said that this correspondent enjoyed some dinners with them. Who knows? Finally, Mr. Armbruster is just a tool of propaganda and sells his false version of the “Arab Spring” – even by publishing a book about his vision of the “Arab Spring” – which is not worth a penny. We know him already good when it comes to false propaganda reports about the events in Libya and other reports before this year of Western imperialism.

Somehow, the ARD representation of this all is directed and manipulated in such a way to support their campaign against the Syrian Government. It seems that we nowadays prefer to give our support to those who are committed to the massacre / terrorist act that occurred in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Those who create unrest and chaos in Syria and who are taking away the innocent lives are supported by the West. Even to this day, the actual intentions of those armed gangs are never questioned. For the West, there is only the Syrian government to blame for every ill in Syria. How does this explain the multitude of reports of Libyan fighters in Syria or the training camps in the border areas of Turkey for the opponents of the Syrian government?

That the Syrian government was behind the attacks is an illogical assertion. Of all the places to stage such an attack, why would one choose the security apparatus; the base of the support of the Syrian government? Had the government been behind such an attack, it surely would have chosen a different location, especially on a Friday.

The connection between these horrible terror acts and al-Qaeda is much clearer – even we have to say that it is not confirmed till now. But we already saw flags of al Qaeda between the decreasing anti-government protests in Syria – like we saw and still the al-Qaeda flags waving in the wind in Libya. Some also mentioned that this act of terror has been pre-announced on Facebook pages of Syrian opposition supporters.

Not to mention that this blood of the innocent victims of this terror act in the Syrian capital Damascus is also on the hands of Britain, France and the U.S. administration. These governments support the extremists and radical insurgents as well as the Islamists in Syria with weapons, money and advice. It is a fact – just as you can read it e.g. in cables from Wikileaks and also in some articles by Washington Post and others.

We condemn the hypocritically attitude of the French, Britain, German, Israeli, Turkish and American government and the way how NATO is misused for Western interests. All this support for armed radicals and religious extremists to overthrow a government is against any international law and it is also against any humanitarian sense, after all. Just as in Libya, the NATO and other Western organizations or even the Arab League (AL) are forcing bloodshed to succeed in achieving of their material and selfish interests.

But it seems logical arguments have little validity. Would it be possible to even remotely consider that it was an attack by opposition groups, or at least from some quarters that may want to demonstrate their rejection of the Observer group?

The opposition is in fact opposed to the Arab League’s Observer Mission. They accuse the Syrian government of using their presence as a delaying tactic. Perhaps the opposition is anxious that the truth may come out.

Perhaps the claims of the many so-called human rights activists and witnesses will no longer hold. So why is it not plausible to place suspicion on the opposition regarding this cruel attack? After all, the so-called Syrian opposition has made their position clear: they (clearly driven from the opposition abroad in Istanbul, Turkey) have rejected the Arab League Observers as well as engaging in dialogue with the Syrian government.

Welcome to NATO / U.S. freedom and democracy!

  1. Syria- Muslim Brotherhood admits responsibility for Damascus twin suicide bombing.

    A declaration from the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria:

    “In God’s help, one of our Jihadist parties, “The Sunna Victors” managed target the state security department in Kefr Sousa in the heart of the Omayyad capitol “Damascus” in a successful operation, executed by four of our brave Moujahidin (Fighters), and lead to the death and injury of many people in the Assad gang ranks.

    We, as defenders of the Syrian people and the sanctuaries of this nation, hereby send a message to the Assad gang, that the beginning of the rain is a drop, this is the beginning of freeing Damascus, and we advise and warn the Syria citizens not to come close to any governmental and security facilities, as our suicidal units are in a the extreme ready mode to execute qualitative missions in Damascus, Aleppo and the holy Sham lands during the next coming days..

    We have informed… God witness..”

  2. Syria – Establishment media instantly turns to conspiracy theories to hide fact that country is in a state of civil war

    At least 30 people have been killed and dozens wounded after terrorists attacked two Syrian state security buildings today, prompting the establishment media to launch a barrage of conspiracy theories in a flailing attempt to hide the fact that Syria is in a state of a civil war, a reality which dismantles the phony narrative that the Syrian regime alone is responsible for bloodshed in the country.

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