Syria: Observers are already in Damascus

Posted: December 24, 2011 in International
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The penultimate Friday in 2011 and after all the months it is clear that you wonder what the day will bring. Of course, the non-credible source Al-Jazeera stirred up the propaganda drums against the Syrian government in Damascus – with the already known made-up stories, fakes and unconfirmed reports.

We saw again that those allegedly videos of the situation in Syria travel all over the world with images and reports of so-called anti-government protests with no substantiation of their nature, date or location: none whatsoever. Al Jazeera seems more interested in the slogans than the actual lives of the citizens and claims impartiality despite their reports clearly demonstrating a continuous scathing criticism of only the government side. This is tantamount to propaganda warfare.

In recent weeks we have seen further deterioration in the accuracy of reporting on Syria. So-called Refugees who made their way to Turkey tell about reports from “anonymous witnesses“ that speak of the cruelty and brutality of the Syrian Army – the army that protects the peaceful population of the nation. No one seems at all concerned about the lack of evidence of these reports.

These statements from “anonymous“ people, along with those of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London, an organization that has quotes attributed to it but with variances to its name so as to give the impression of reports coming from several sources, are apparently enough evidence for governments to demonize and take a stand against the Syrian government and, indeed, to prepare for war.

The first delegation of Observers arrived last Thursday in Damascus, apparently preparing the way for the rest of the Observers which will arrive in about a week. It is unclear what specifically these Observers have done since their arrival or what their experiences have been. But the European papers will continue to be full of new horror stories about a new wave of violence in Syria and, of course, these will be based on unverifiable eyewitness reports.

By the end of next week all of the 150 Observers will be in Syria. They will be, for their security, accompanied by military personnel. They and will also oversee preparations for the withdrawal of the Army from villages. The Army is currently in the provinces of Idleb and Homs where the situation is still very confusing and chaotic.

Many armed people are behind this unrest and chaos. It is highly questionable whether the Observers will report on this the true objectives of the Arab League who sent them are still unknown.

Despite the imminent arrival of the rest of the Observers into the country, reports of increasingly violent struggles and persecution continue and these are clearly aimed to raise the “hate” of the Western citizens against the Syrian government.

The so-called activists exclusively report on deaths of “peaceful“ opponents of the government or “deserters“ yet, data indicates that at least 2,000 soldiers have been killed. Europe only reports a tiny fraction of these numbers. If this toll is mentioned somewhere in the Press then it is qualified with a statement about information not being verified or that it is government propaganda.

If the Syrian government is to be accused of propaganda then, equally, this can be applied to the other side. How much information from the opposition has already been exposed as lies and misrepresentations? The media turns embarrassingly silent when these cases come to light. These fraudulent reports, if admitted, would open up the eyes of the people of the West. Of course there is no admitting of the truth.

Despite an increasing number of journalists travelling to Syria nowadays, there seems to be a standard story: that they were denied entry. On SWR a very interesting article talks about this. There are many reports on SWR but of course the Western media are not interested in these or to ask the real questions.

While the tone of the media coverage on Syria is still aggressively against the Syrian government, the UN Security Council is in a state of division. Last week Russia submitted a resolution to the Council which was very similar to the one rejected by the Security Council last summer. Some States in the Security Council are convinced that the Russian resolution is too soft.

Major criticism comes from Germany, France, Britain and Portugal. They don’t criticize or condemn the violence of the opposition groups, only that of the government’s clampdown. The Russian draft resolution doesn’t include sanctions but rather promotes a real dialogue aimed at ending the violence on all sides. This seems to not satisfy the above mentioned countries. They are not interested to see the opponents of the Syrian government condemned equally with those of the government. And why not, aren’t their actions also seen as cruel?

Churkin, the Russian Chief Delegate, announced that changes made to the Russian UN draft resolution had become invalid as these changes nullified the actual statements of Russia. Churkin accused Security Council members of having made a completely new resolution and that in no way would Russia agree to this or even discuss it.

Churkin stated to reporters that if “…the requirement is that we drop all reference to violence coming from extreme opposition, that’s not going to happen…“. He also added that “… they expect us to have arms embargo, that’s not going to happen…We know what arms embargo means these days. It means that – we saw it in Libya that you cannot supply weapons to the government but everybody else can supply weapons to various opposition groups.”

The fact is that in Syria the violence, no matter on which side, must quickly end. Dialogue should be sought instead of the repeated threats and finger wagging of the likes such as the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. Westerwelle again ordered Syria’s ambassador to Germany to demand an end to the violence. There is absolutely no willingness on the part of the Foreign Office to engage in dialogue.

The sanctions imposed by the West and the Arab States harm not just Syria but in particular the population. Such sanctions will not bring about this much desired “revolution“ and in time this will become apparent. It appears that no stone will be left unturned in the battle against dictators and governments that do not dance to the tune of America and the West.

Almost comically, Israel is immune from the purported aims of the West and its Arab State friends and they can, unopposed, continue to flagrantly violate international law and human rights

Whilst the Syrian government may well have made many mistakes and may do so to this day, they receive only continuous criticism for their harsh measures.

The U.S has absolutely no right to demand the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. There may be a number of issues in Syria which need attention, but take a look at the serious and complex issues, which are plaguing America and American citizens nowadays.


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