Syria: al-Qaeda behind horrible terror act in Damascus?

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Sideviews
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Last night, the UN, Britain and U.S. condemned the terror attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus. This act of terror in Damascus costs the lives of at least 50 innocent people just one day before Christmas.

We are just able to condemn these hypocritically statements of these Western governments and are also shocked by this icy, incorrect behavior. Mainly because of the hypocritically statements by the U.S. administration. The American government financially supports the Syrian opposition within and abroad since years.

Known liars and AIPAC favorites like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice are also responsible for supporting the violent insurgents and extremists with weapons and advice. It is not hard to say that some of these Western governments and organizations as NATO have this innocent blood in Syria also on their hands.

It is still hard to confirm which group or religious extremists are behind these acts of terrorism in the Syrian capital Damascus. While there have been quickly raised suspicions that al-Qaeda was behind this horrible suicide attacks, there are already new suspicions that also the Muslim Brotherhood could be responsible for this terrible violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood seems to admit the responsibility for the both suicide bombings in Damascus. There is a allegedly declaration from the Muslim Brotherhood about the terrorism acts in Syria:

“In God`s help.. The Sunna/Sunni Victors managed to target the (Syrian) state security department in Kafr Sousa (Kefr Sousa) – in the heart of the Omayyad capital Damascus by a successful operation – executed by four of our brave Moujahidin (Fighters); and this lead to the death and inury of many people in the Assad (Bashar al-Assad) gang ranks..”

“We, as the defenders of the Syrian people and the sanctuaries of this nation, send a message to the Assad gang.. ..this is the beginning of freeing Damascus..” (Source:

Of course, when the Muslim Brotherhood speaks about freedom and fighters they mean an islamistic state, religious extremists, terrorism against heretics and sure nothing in a direction of humanitarian, democratic and women-friendly senses. This allegedly declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood shows the huge level of extremism and dangerous religious mania. We should also not forget about the Salafists (Salafiyah) at this point.

So we have al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and other religious extremists on the table behind these acts of terrorism. Of course, this bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus, just one day before Christmas, seems to be similiar to the known terror acts of al-Qaeda. Finally it seems to be a religious motivated thing, which has really nothing to do with real religion or God.

Not to mention the fact that these religious extremism and act of terror proves the statements of the Syrian government about the real and true events in Syria. It also could be that a group or some people are behind these brutal attacks in Damascus – just because of money or other (religious?) promise. Nowadays you never know really how far people could go.. At least, these people are truly exploited by groups, sects or religious false interests for horrible acts against humanity and peace.

That these terrorism acts were initiated by the Syrian government still remains a totally absurd statement and allegation, but also shows the way some members of the so-called opposition in Istanbul, Turkey, try to use lies against the Syrian government. They are even not scared to do so – despite all the innocent deaths.

Why should the Syrian state apparatus attack its own people, who are also still the supporters of the Syrian government or mainly the President Bashar al-Assad. It is again the point where we should mention that the huge majority in Syria supports the Syrian President al-Assad and the upcoming reforms / the reform process.

The employees of the Syrian intelligence are certainly not such religious fanatics, that they can be persuaded to commit suicide bombing or just to prepare such an act of terrorism and violence against the Syrian people.

But that the attacks were prepared by experts, however, shows the force of the detonation and the nature of the explosive. So it is easy to see “al-Qaeda” or even see the Muslim Brotherhood behind these acts now. Of course, we have to wait till there is more information about the responsible groups or people behind this terrorism.

Not to mention that this terrorism is in line with the “Syrian armed insurgents” and the way the Muslim Brotherhood forces chaos and violence in Cairo, Egypt – behind the curtains. Sure both, al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, have their experts in explosive charge and bombing. The chaos in the Egyptian capital Cairo is at least very good for the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists (Salafiyah) there. Not to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood offered money to vote for them at the Egyptian “democratic” elections. It is an open secret.

One can only hope that the perpetrators behind the terrorist acts in Damascus can be identified.

Why the United Nations (UN) is able to condemn this violence in Damascus and the Syrian government in a breath is questionable and not to understand. The UN (United Nations) not only condemned the violence in Damascus yesterday, but also called for the resignation of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad again – who are both not behind this terrorism. The UN should start to condemn people and governments in their own rows.

The Russian UN draft resolution on Syria, which Russia submitted just a week ago, should receive a new meaning after these horrible terrorist acts in Damascus. This Russian resolution on Syria condemns both sides for the violence and calls also both sides to refrain from all violence. The suicide bombing in Damascus proved the violence by the (in the West) “celebrated” Syrian insurgents. Not to mention that the arming of those “rebels” (what a belittlement) by the West must have an end!

The developments in Syria show that the security situation becomes more difficult and also proves the statements about the involved Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and other interest groups. These gunmen repeatedly abduct civilians or abusing them for their religious and political goals.

The developments in Syria show that the security situation is more difficult that the gunmen repeatedly abduct civilians or abusing them for their political goals. Unfortunately, they are supported by the West – and even cheered and defended.

Here, only the smallest part of those, who went on the streets to protest against the Syrian government, is really peaceful. In this respect, it’s more and more understandable that Russia will not agree to any arms embargo on Syria. As long as the West supports the armed extremists, radicals and finally terrorists with weapons.. It is just understandable that Russia will not agree to any weapons embargo. Russia, at least, has learned from the events in Libya.

The arms embargo on Libya was merely used to stop the delivering of weapons to the Libyan government. But meanwhile the West and NATO delivered weapons to strangers, dubious people and finally called rebels to fight against government troops – they supplied strangers, radicals and al-Qaeda members with modern weapons. Russia will definitely prevent the same in Syria.

Germany and other European states are refusing to accept the Russian draft. No surprise. The Western interests in Syria vary widely. Whether any decision on the UN Security Council will help Syria is absolutely questionable and seems to be based on interests and doubtful goals – not on the truth of events.

These horrible terror acts in Damascus took place just a day after the first group of observers (by the Arab League / AL) arrived in the Syrian capital. This group of observers tries to make arrangements for following observers and started with their “work” in Syria. Till the end of next week it is said that there are finally arrive about 200 observers in Syria.

It is still questionable how long does it take for these observers to coordinate their “work” in Syria and what is really behind this “work” for the Arab League (AL).

The international press does not miss it to question the credibility of these observers, too. This could happen because they want to pave the road if the results of these observers are not in line with Western interests. If the result of these observers does not condemn the Syrian government they can go on with questioning the observers and their results further. Of course, it is a known game by non-independent journalists.

If the final results of these Arab League (AL) observers are not in line with Western policy interests they are able to disrepute the members of this observer group easily – after they have already started to raise the question about the credibility.

But we also have to say that the questions about the head of this observer mission to Syria are understandable. The controversial Sudanese-General Mohammad al-Dabi is the head of this Arab League (AL) mission to Syria. He is said to have admitted the mass killings in Darfur, Sudan – according to some sources which are probably not wrong.

What actually is tuned to these allegations is difficult to say, but they give a chance to the dubios “opposition” abroad to put the (maybe) unpleasant reports of the observers in question and even deny the final result of these observers to Syria.

The questionable members of the strange “council” (Regime Change 2.0 by USA) in Turkey are against the observers in Syria because they say that the Syrian government has thus using these observers for new fakes in order to cover up another allegedly brutal crackdown on “peaceful demonstrators” and government opponents. The members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) have still huge problems with the reality and should be in concern about their health status.

Not to mention that some have a Muslim Brotherhood-Background which brings us back to the before stated connections.

But we should rather consider that the truth may come to light by these observers – something the opposition would dislike, of course. The observers could discover the lies of the modern called activists, extremists, idiots (sry) and opposition members. It is also hard to call this group of strangers in Istanbul, Turkey, a real opposition – it finally has no legitimacy within Syria. Quite a few of these lies by this dubious “opposition” have been already uncovered.

There are sure two things to question: the peaceful character of the (sold as democratic) opposition and the goals of this bunch of strangers since the outbreaks of unrest in parts of Syria and maybe their relation to the terrorists acts in Damascus yesterday.

Sure we are able and we have to accuse the Syrian government of mistakes and to judge them the same way we judge the opposition. No question. But there is no doubt that you cannot sell the “opposition” in Turkey as peaceful, modern, secular and democratic. They are not. It is a fact. This bunch of strangers with their Western passports and Muslim Brotherhood/Salafists-relationships are questionable.

Till today about 2,000 Syrian security forces and soldiers have lost their lives because of these “peaceful demonstrators” within Syria. Have we already stated that we love the way Western media uses propaganda lies?

It is sad irony, of course. The Western media is doing a lot but all this seems to be far away from journalism – more and more apart from the dogmas of real journalism. Copy and Paste is no journalism at all. It is just stupid work for students and wannabes. The “Observatory” in London is no real “Observatory“ for any human rights in Syria and is no credible source – and so on.. We already explained all this often.

The so-called “opposition” in Istanbul rejects any dialogue with the Syrian government and just wants to overthrow the government and its President Bashar al-Assad. To implement their selfish power and / or religious (islamistic goals are against religion..) and material interests in Syria? Please stay away. The Syrian opposition (abroad) and mainly the “Syrian National Council” in Turkey are less democratic than the current Syrian government.

There are too many religious and islamistic radicals and fanatics within these Syrian oppositions to really deliver a good transition of Syria into a peaceful and democratic system – a brighter and better “new Syria”.

Syria is currently experiencing/feeling a déjà vu of the eighties. In the eighties radical Islamists and the members of the Muslim Brotherhood harassed and harmed all religious minorities with targeted perpetrated attacks in Syria.

Many Syrians, who have witnessed the horrible events of the eighties, repeatedly point out that it is now again taking this direction and they are calling for protection and action against the radicals by the Syrian government and authorities.

The security situation in Syria has deteriorated and also the general conditions are getting poor. Thank you, Western sanctions, arming of terrorists and hypocritically imperialism policy.

The sanctions are getting effective; however, these sanctions on Syria should not be celebrate, but viewed with concern. They are harming the normal Syrian citizens a lot – despite the stupid opinions of Western politicians. Of course, they know better behind the lies.

For example, students from outside are trying again and again to stir up trouble at the university in Aleppo and even Damascus. Many of these students are from the Syrian regions Idleb and Homs. They are not feeling the sold hard hand of the Syrian government as Western media makes this up daily.

The people of the Syrian city Aleppo are still in support with their government and President Bashar al-Assad and also support the reform process. People from Idleb and Homs are coming to Aleppo nowadays to buy food – maybe because of the “sold” strikes and situation in Idleb and Homs. The amount of oil and gasoline becomes scarce in Syria finally.

The Syrian people are punished by the West – because of their huge support of the Syrian government and its President al-Assad. Is this really the democracy the West (mainly the United States) wants to sell to other countries? It just looks more as a new “regime change” project because of several different Western interests. We hear the voice of Imperialism, Occupation, Materialism and Zionism – of course, a lot of lies, too.

  1. Syria│Muslim Brotherhood admits responsibility for Damascus twin suicide bombing.

  2. Just a note: it is the media sites that have been pointing the finger to the Muslim Brotherhood. The government has not blamed them or anyone else. They government stated “it has al-Qaeda’s fingerprints on it”. We can’t make rash judgements yet until an official statement from either organization is made.


  3. اتصل بنا اصدقاء كثر من محافظة حمص ليخبرونا بأن جماعة الفورة اتفقوا مع اللجنة التي جاءت من اجل البروتوكول ( وطبعا” هذا دليل على أنهم فعلا” جواسيس ومأجورين جاؤوا لتأدية مهمة قذرة ول…يس لمعرفة الحقيقة)بان يحتلوا ساحة الساعة القديمة والساحة الجديدة في حمص وقد طمأنهم أعضاء اللجنة بأنهم سيقفون الى جانبهم ولن يستطيع أحد الاقتراب منهم وقد بدأ …اولئك بالتحضير منذ الآن فهم في حمص الآن في مناطق باب عمرو والانشاءات والقصور والميدان أغلقت المحلات وأمام كل محل وباب هناك مسلح ويحاولون ضرب طوق حول وسط المدينة لمنع قوات حفظ النظام من الوصول الى الأماكن المذكورة واجبار الناس تحت التهديد بالخروج والتظاهر واهذه المعلومات دقيقة وموثوقة من أصدقاء وصلهم التهديد .
    ومنذ ساعة بدأ من على منابر المساجد الحشد .
    الرجاء المساعدة قدر المستطاع

    Tota Shami ToTa

    ( She is saying…
    We’d like all friends and bloggers to publish this as quickly as possible. We’ve been contacted by friends from the Homs province and they told us that some of the rebels have co-ordinated with the committee of the observers. And of course this is a proof that they have been bought to perform a mission rather than investigate the truth.

    So they (rebels) are asking people to occupy the old and new town squares in Homs telling them that the committee members are standing by them, side by side, and that no one will be able to approach them.

    They have allready started preparing for this in areas such as Bab Amr, Insha’at,Qusur,Midan, where businesses have closed and there is an obvious presence of armed personnel who are trying to prevent the formal security forces from reaching the above mentioned areas and forcing people under threat to go out and participate in their demonstration. This is confirmed and accurate news from friends who have been personally threatened. About an hour ago, Imams in mosques are starting to call for people to join in.)

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