Syria: Horror stories to support the call for a protection zone

Posted: December 22, 2011 in International
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Syria – The machinery of war, propaganda and imperialism is in full swing in the West. After Libya is celebrated as a freed country by the West – although it isn`t – and the last American troops were allegedly withdrawn from Iraq, the known “offender” seem to linger after new blood and battles.

Syria gets more and more intense in the focus of Western imperialism, Western interests and questionable AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) targets. You know this all by recalling on Iraq, Libya and other dubious “situations” on this planet.

Not to mention that the interests of the AIPAC lobby is often in a huge contrast to the interests of U.S. Foreign Policy, but the American administrations never care about this fact. This U.S. democracy is constructed on money, bad press/media and support for Israel – because lobbies as AIPAC are powerful and you need a lot of dollars to become the next president of the United States, don`t you?

The United States are a good example how a so-called (somehow) “democratic state” should not be. At any rate, they should not “sell” this corrupt democracy to other countries on this beautiful planet.

The focus is on Syria at the moment and you are able to read new horror stories every day. These questionable articles also try to improve the content of horror and brutality continuously. But there are still important things missing: credibility, verification and real facts. We should also mention that “copy & paste” is nothing which stands for real journalism.

After nine months of indecision, the West, the NATO and some Gulf States snarl more and more in direction to the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

According to latest reports from the usual “very credible Hotlines” for Syria, it has been published in Western media, that allegedly 100 – 200 people were killed (or injured) in the Syrian provinces of Homs and Idleb. Of course, it is really hard to say how many extremists, rioters and rebels were really killed – not only because of the typically lack of credibility of this sources.

These numbers of deaths in Syria are again from the “absolutely” credible “Syrian observatory for Human Rights” in London. Don`t miss the irony here. This “one-man” observatory about Human Rights in Syria is not only based in London, but also very questionable. There are more and more articles about the dubios background of this “one-man” show in London and we should not forget about its Muslim Brotherhood-background and the other known “persons” based in London.

The Western press is juggling again with all these information of this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London and some other so-called and new “Human Rights activists”. Behind the curtains, the authors of such articles hopefully or certainly know about the situation – that there is no verification, no credibility and that they act against their dogmas as journalist. It is not only sad, it’s a breakdown of real journalism finally.

The “Libyan Scenario” is becoming increasingly clear as mentioned here already. Whether these reports are in line with the true situations is no more questioned – because of a huge lack of interest. It seems that the only question remains: how fast can you throw the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the “throne” – without directly invade to Syria.

While these new partly fabricated “horror stories” run through the international press, there are also new statements by the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) based in Turkey. The dubious members of this “council”, who are not supported or hardly known by the huge majority in Syria, call for an internationally protected corridor – a zone where political opponents, extremists, radicals, “rebels” and allegedly deserters are able to hide themselves. Another farce by these strangers.

The Western press and maybe organizations as NATO and UN (United Nations) will sell this, in contrast to the truth, as a call by the “Syrian opposition” for an area, which should be established for “peaceful” Syrian civilians.

The U.S. immediately jumped on that boat, but the United States are also the shipmaster of this since the beginning of the events in Syria – and sure already before. The U.S.-administration and known liars / warmonger as Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice (both share nice connections to AIPAC, too) control all into the abyss and demand the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad again and again.

The question is finally: who really lost his legitimacy? Who lied about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so on..? It is the typical hypocrisies of the West. Similar to Libya the U.S. government arrogates to itself, to urge so-called rulers of sovereign states to withdraw and hypocritically speak about lost legitimacy and a truth which fits to their propaganda.

But what would happen if someone would ask the U.S. President Barack Obama´s to step down because he lost his legitimacy as leader of the United States? U.S. President Obama were not able to hardly succeed completely in one of his promises, his promised reforms failed and despite a Peace Nobel Price – Obama instigated another war(s) and is maybe responsible for the deaths of more people than we might know or want to know.

Probably anyone who speaks about such claims will be not successful and finally burn his own hands. U.S. President Barack Obama, the one who proudly claims to protect and support Israel at best (Hello again, AIPAC!), continues in committing crimes against Palestinians without any real criticism by other governments – although they know about. We could replace Palestinians surely with others.

The Syrian deserters, who are hailed in the West and supported by United States and also Turkey (arming, money, advise), are known in large parts of Syria as troublemaker, radicals and armed extremists – religious extremists and Islamists, who are a danger for the Syrian population and complicate the lives of normal Syrian civilians.

These “rebels” are not only killing Syrian security forces, they also kill Syrian civilians because of their opinions, religion, sect or just because they are in the wrong coach. They also raped and murdered normal Syrian women in e.g. Homs.

Western media reports about “peaceful protesters” – but these protests disappeared already a long time ago. There are still some protests against the Syrian government and President al-Assad but they are too small to be relevant for anything. Not to mention that “peaceful” is a really hypocritically word when it`s about these acts. Of course, such reports about all the protests can be named with one word – propaganda.

Regime opponents meet in the evening hours to arrange short demonstrations. They supply these partly faked clips to the news channels al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya. Al Jazeera pays well for “wonderful videos” out of Syria. Of course, both news channels are not credible and not independent. Despite the fact, that Western stations begin to know about the lack of credibility and the mix of interests, they still use both as sources for their copy and paste articles. It’s finally a good propaganda against another Arabic dictator, isn`t it?

But what about with the majority of Syrians who are behind the President Bashar al-Assad? What about all the huge crowds on the streets who protest for the Syrian President al-Assad and the reform process? They also go take the streets and squares to protest against any foreign intervention / interference.

They have no voices in the international press and media. And if so, they are sold as paid supporters – or as supporters, who are forces to protests because of fears. With the best will but this is not true for the majority of all these supporters in Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia and even Hama and Homs (for example). But this truth is really not good for Western media, so their intentions are to shut up about this real situation.

On Wednesday masses took to the streets in the Syrian capital Damascus again to support the Army morally (see videos)

In contrast to the dubious people of the “Syrian National Council” in Istanbul, Turkey, the active opposition within Syria criticized the government’s action and also violently denounces the violations of human rights also, but they appreciate the situation very clearly:

If the Syrian President Bashar al Assad is overthrown in these days – a huge wave of more and more violence will follow. It will also destabilize Syria and indeed the whole region, too. Not to mention that the main opposition within Syria has no interests to work with the strangers in Istanbul.

Syrian President al-Assad has the responsibility to save the country from breaking apart. Even if the internal opposition speaks about the loss of prestige of President Bashar al-Assad, this President is still regarded as the main factor for Syria´s stability.

It is important for Syria, that this conflict will end as quickly as possible and that a real dialogue begins between the Syrian government and the internal, real opposition. Also the reforms must be pursued and the violence must end. There already died too many people.

The West mixes too intense in Syria for a too long time and this harms Syria`s stability as well as it harms also the Syrians. While Saudi Arabia financed the troublemakers and especially the religious radicals (of course..), the West supplied the insurgents within Syria or at its borders with weapons and taught them to fight against Syrian security forces and to succeed in sabotage acts. Not to forget the financially support for the Syrian opposition within and abroad by the U.S. administration since years.

In addition, the West and also Turkey help again and again to smuggle armed mercenaries to Syria. There are again and again also reports about Libyan mercenaries who are fighting in Syria now. It is indeed a strange world, isn`t it?

The West is playing, without wanting to call on the Syrian government as an innocent lamb, a bad game. This game is not about good or evil. This Western game is only about power and some would put it all together in one word: imperialism – even it is more or less finally. This game with Syria is about interests in different areas and is indeed a bloody game.

The West wants to overthrow the Syrian government to establish a complacent American government. This would increase the security of Israel (even if this could be a wrong imagination!) and also weaken Iran and Hezbollah. This U.S. game is called “regime change”. Whether the plan succeeds, without triggering a world war, is somehow more than questionable.

In these days with the absolute financial crisis and the usual increasing demand for commodities it seems that a war is still the best way out for the West. The first observers of the Arab League (AL) should arrive today in Syria. The rest of the observers are said to arrive in Syria by the end of next week. The guidelines of the Arab League (AL) “peace plan” will begin to get implemented then.

Let’s see what the deployment of observers will achieve for Syria. We do not expect really good stuff, to be honest. (Remember Libya..) Syria is a part of the Western target list for a long time. Syria`s days are numbered a long time by the U.S. administration.

They won`t stop as long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not dancing to the American tune. We already know about. But Syria is indeed a special game in this game of Western interests, propaganda lies and violations of international law behind the curtains.


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