Syria: Arab League – Observers expected at the end of the year

Posted: December 21, 2011 in International
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Syria – The United Nations (UN) accused the Syrian government of arbitrary executions and the excessive use of force. We accuse the United Nations (UN) to use no credible reports of not independent persons (e.g. Pillay) for propaganda and questionable goals. A organization as the United Nations (UN) should take care to act more credible.

The known German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a message through her official spokesman that she condemns the ongoing events in Syria within the last nine months. We condemn the propaganda policy and lies of the German government and especially the Foreign Ministry. Why? Again, we know about these lies for questionable Western interests.

Some Western countries and media seem to be a bit far away from reality. Germany, like other countries in the West, demands that the Syrian leadership signs the documents of the Arab League (AL) which are also called a “peace plan”. In the meantime, the Western media don`t recoil from repeatedly accusing the Syria government, that it tries to undermine these Arab League (AL) protocol.

But the Syrian government in its capital Damascus only tries to protect the sovereignty Syria and to take care that this sovereignty of the country won`t decrease because of the Corps of international observers. It is also to mention, that some member countries of the Arab League (AL) are playing a so-called false game behind the curtains. We should mention, for example, Qatar at this point.

It is difficult to say when these observers exactly will come to Syria. On the one hand, the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL), al-Arabi, told the questionable news agency Reuters that these observers will come to Syria up to next week. On the other hand, some also speak about, that these observers are coming to Syria till the end of this year and not already within the next days.

The Western reporting on Syria continues to be one-sided, often subjective and even manipulative – no surprise that some are calling this propaganda, without any hesitation. No verifications, no confirmations and no questions – that’s no journalism as it is taught at universities.

The lurid stories on Syria are conveyed to the reader, without caring about the basic ideas of journalism and its credibility. The dignity and honor of journalism disappeared in these days. Copy & Paste is no journalism. Social media is no credible source – just like al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya. The same counts for this “one-man” show based in London.

This “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is no observatory, no credible source and not independent. There is a smell of Muslim Brotherhood and strange interests behind it. Real journalists wouldn`t take these information without questioning it. They would also care about the hidden connections between this “Syrian Observatory” in London and other known people in Britain.

It almost seems as if everyone suddenly knows about Syria and so they are able to spread horror stories. The more brutal the Syrian “regime” is presented, the better. Wow! No surprise, that already wrote about this behavior with a title/headline like “Goebbels’ disciples tackle Syria

In many Western newspapers, the countdown to the fall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has already begun. (Hello again, Propaganda) The West wants to get rid of the Syrian president. There are also some very handy helpers – and they “are used” without any questions and verifications.

It is still a very strange fact, that they use the interview between ABC News (former) correspondent Barbara Walters and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as long as they are able to publish fragmented parts.

As ABC News has already shown – fragmented parts, edited phrases and chopped remarks is no journalism with its duty to present the truth. But it seems gladly accepted by Western journalists to use fragmented parts of this interview between Barbara Walters and Syrian President al-Assad for propaganda. Impressing, how they are in line with their duty to inform the Western population.

Incidentally, this is exactly the behavior of the press, which had been criticized by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the interview with Barbara Walters (ABC).

After ABC News had to broadcast the full interview between President al-Assad and Barbara Walter, no one refers to the full transcription and its complete content. Even if the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has answered some basic questions and also mentioned the Syrian position on the signing of the Arab League (AL) protocol.

These Western journalists (and they sure know about) are still using fragmented parts and chopped answers of President al-Assad to sell him in a different light (in contrast to the full and original interview & statements) to their viewers and readers. As stated before, we are back to the concise title of VoiltareNet.

Now the signing of the so-called Arab League (AL) “peace plan” has reached an agreement, most likely through the mediation of Iraq. It seems like that. Sources report, that there are 70 observers within the first group which will travel to Syria. These sources also mention that this group of observers to Syria won`t stay longer within the country than one month.

Of course, the reporting on the Syrian leadership and brutality continues in the West: Now there are a lot of questionable reports (no confirmations, verifications, objectivity and so on..) about murdered Syrian deserters and civilians.

Already no surprise, these messages are often delivered by the one-person office based in London – the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. As stated already, it is no real observatory and far away from being credible. Not to mention the “Muslim Brotherhood” background of its “chief”.

It is still hardly comprehensible why every news agency and so-called journalists uses the not verified and unconfirmed information of Mr. Rami Abdel Rahman (some also say it is not his real name). These news agencies and journalists sell this information as proven facts. They should be ashamed of themselves and in front of other “real” journalists.

Mr. Rami Abdel Rahman has no credible information about deaths, injured and rape victims in Syria. Even some journalists have already proven that a lot of the stated names by Rami Abdel Rahman are still alive – in contrast to his “reports” about the “truth” in Syria. For example, a French journalist in Damascus said that a lot of names of the allegedly killed are just taken out of Syrian phone books.

In some reports they also mention that foreign journalists are still not allowed to enter Syrian ground – after publishing the new casualty figures (unconfirmed, of course). But this does not prevent the lurid headlines and questionable daily reports of allegedly killed civilians and deserters (who are mostly no real deserters of the Syrian army). That no foreign journalists are allowed into the country is not entirely true.

They forget to mention the foreign journalists, who are in Syria since the beginning of the troubles – and also forget about the ones who traveled to Syria to report (within the last months).

They plunged mostly on the reports which increase the anger against Syria, than on reports which represent a more nuanced picture about the situation in this country of the Middle East. Those reports of people, tourists and journalists are barely mentioned in the mainstream media – except a few, maybe.

But there have been reports about Syria – directly out of Damascus and other Syrian cities. They are caught in their own propaganda.

This is clearly a proof that foreign journalists are in Syria and were allowed to enter the country and even to report. We do not mention the tenor of some of these reports and the partly fakes of Sky News, BBC, ARTE, ARD, ABC and CNN here.

As stated in the headline of this article, there is a new law in Syria. This law attracts the Western attention beside the daily new number of reported deaths in Syria. This new law was adopted by the government and it`s about weapons smuggling and arms dealer.

In Syria, the army fights against armed gangs and extremists, who receive their weapons mostly from abroad. The Syrian security forces have already ensured weapons shipments from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

In order to limit these weapons smuggling, the new law cares about the intentionally or may knowingly trade or supply of weapons. This law includes a death penalty as maximum sentence. A death penalty as it is known from countries like the United States.

On arms trafficking and smuggling there are penalties of 15 years of custody till a life imprisonment. But who supports these violent terrorists and Islamists with weapons can also be convicted with death penalty as maximum sentence.

Whether this new Syrian law will curb the arms trafficking and weapons smuggling on the borders, is questionable. After all, these armed bunch of criminals and radicals are supported and financed by some Western countries and organizations.

So far, the Syrian customs and security forces already seized many sophisticated weapons. Whether this new, tougher law in Syria is able to limit the smuggling of arms will be shown in the upcoming weeks.

Furthermore, we all have to wait how the new year will be for Syria. Looking at the interests of the West, it is clear that their aim is the overthrow of the Syrian government, because the Assad family has always been uncomfortable for them. The Syrian government and its President Bashar al-Assad never followed the prescribed rules of the “game” to circumvent the “American world police”.

Any direct intervention of the so-called “international army” (some call it NATO, indeed) seems to get more unlikely. More likely is a proxy war by armed “rebels” within Syria. “Rebels” – financially supported by Western governments and also receive weapons and technical stuff from abroad. This is clearly not in line with any international law.  But did America (and some others) ever considered about international laws or human rights behind the curtains?


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