Arab League: Syria expects foreign observers

Posted: December 20, 2011 in International
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On Monday, the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem gave another press conference in front of journalists and reporters. While this press conference, al-Muallem has announced that Syria arrived at an agreement with the Arab League for now.

Within the next two or three days a group of observers should therefore arrive in the Syrian capital Damascus. This is only the first group of foreign observers before other groups and observers from NGOs, media and governments will arrive in Syria. Not to mention that there already have been observers in Syria within the last months.

The Western press celebrates this changed attitude of the Syrian government, the Foreign Ministry and President Bashar al-Assad as a first step to yield to international pressure. Whether it is really like this, is hard to assess – as well as the objectivity of some media.

Finally, the Syrian government already said in early November that they are ready to accept this protocol of the Arab League (AL) if there are some discussions and negotiation about some points. Syrian authorities said in early November, that they won`t approve this plan of the Arab League (AL) without any discussions and negotiation.

After the first answer (letter) of Syria to the Arab League has been rejected because of questionable reasons, Syria sent a further draft by the government in Damascus to the Secretary General of the Arab League, al-Arabi. This letter also included changes to the protocol in order to preserve the sovereignty of Syria when foreign observers are allowed into the country.

Both sides hope that this deployment of official observers confirms the version of events in Syria. Are both sides really thinking about the same confirmations of the situation in Syria? We doubt it because the Arab League (AL) already showed a lack of objectivity in the last months.

While the Syrian government hopes, that there will be truly objective reports about the events in their country on international base and that these reports internationally confirm the existence of armed gangs finally, the so-called Syrian opposition abroad has hopes for exactly the opposite, of course.

They want that these observers will see the brutality of the regime with their own eyes. Of course, these dubious people of the “opposition” based in Istanbul, Turkey, are only able to speak about this in public.

Whether this is achieved depends on which intentions are behind these observers and if they meet with supporters of the extremists and Islamists or if they are really objective. After all the strange and false reports by e.g. SkyNews, BBC, ARTE, ZDF, CNN and ABC News it is legitimate to also question the objectivity of these observers.

Not only some independent journalists, but also some travelers and tourist, who were traveling through Syria in the past weeks and months, realized how divided and partly false the media coverage about Syria is. Often there is a huge difference between the media reports and the reality on Syrian ground. Sure, there are regions within the country where the Syrian army fights against armed bunch of extremists and Islamists in order to protect Syrian civilians.

How many people, who are not heard in Europe, reported about the facts that gunmen are running through the streets of Syrian cities and are firing indiscriminately around themselves? Those people also reported that the Syrian soldiers are protecting the citizens and civilians. For example, the soldiers sent people into houses so that they are out of the firing line.

Those bunch of people who are sold again and again as civilians and “peaceful demonstrators” in the West and U.S. are certainly not always really innocent and harmless.

Whether these observers will report objectively about the events and their impressions in Syria will be shown in the upcoming days. They are traveling to Syria now and finally should realize similar impressions as independent travelers and journalists. But after all the strange and false reports within the last months it is truly questionable.

The final results of these groups of observers will be presented to both, the Syrian government and the West. After confirmation of the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem to the observer, they are allowed to move freely in Syria – except for some military zones.

The sending of observers to Syria is just one part of the protocol by the Arab League (AL) for the target of “peace in Syria”.

The second point of the protocol concerns also the withdrawal of Syrian army from the cities, what looks as a two-edged point to us. In addition, all political prisoners in Syria shall be freed again and the Syrian government shall initiate a dialogue with the “opposition” (abroad).

It is questionable how fast the Syrian government will be able to withdraw the army from the unstable regions, which are celebrated as protest stronghold of the opposition,. This truly depends on the situation there. Whether the Syrian civilians are safe and whether the armed rioters will end their violence and bloodshed.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has already begun to release political prisoners and criminals (who have “no blood on their hands”) into freedom some time ago. But instead using those facts in the West, they still prefer to shoot with full force against the Syrian government and still base this on lies and unconfirmed reports – some would call this propaganda.

The Western media and press still rely on so-called human rights activists and observers, who are abroad.  They continue to publish numbers of killed civilians in Syria and miss the amount of killed Syrian soldiers and security forces. So the Western population is not able to make a real image for themselves, because important facts are deliberately omitted.

The media presents credibility to a “one-man show” based in London. This “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” is no observatory and absolutely without any credibility. Not to mention the “Muslim Brotherhood” background, Rifat al-Assad, his son and the strange tv channels as Ugarit TV. Giving credibility to these “Observatory”, tv stations as al-Jazeera and strangers, which are sold as activists, does not increase the credibility of mainstream media itself.

The UN Human Rights Council increased the number of dead civilians in Syria within a very short time from 4000 to 5000, without any verification or real credibility as base. Not to mention that some of the responsible persons of the UN Human Rights Council have a lack of independence when it comes to Syria – in the aspect of Western (U.S.) interests. It has been already mentioned by Land Destroyer and other sources.

Where are the murdered dead soldiers? They are missing in these reports or are sold as dead civilians. Not to mention that there is no report on the armed criminals and violent bunch of extremists who kill civilians and security forces. If these UN report should be taken as credible, it lacks at a lot of points. It also misses the financially support for the Syrian “opposition” abroad and the delivering of weapons to terrorists by the West. It also should condemn the behavior of the Turkish government which is indeed violating any international law.

Whether it actually comes to a real dialogue between the so-called opposition abroad and government is more than questionable. These dubious people of the opposition abroad, who at least want to assume power in Syria, are not willing to discuss with the Syrian government.

Although they are praying the statements of democracy, freedom and a bright future for Syria, they do not understand it. But considering the founding of this opposition abroad and their behavior till now it is no surprise that they have no sense for democracy. You are also able to realize this when viewing at the backgrounds of some members.

They want to democratically overthrow the current system in Syria. Afterwards they assume the power in Syria even the huge majority in Syria will never support them in any way. Not to mention that their attempts to overthrow the Syrian government are far away from a democratically sense. The majority in Syria doesn`t agree with the ideas of this opposition abroad for the future of their country.

Whether there is still something to build up afterwards is a good and sad question. As stated before, the majority in Syria is still behind the President Bashar al-Assad and more and more civilians know about the armed bunch of extremists and Islamists in Syria, because they already have lost relatives. It is questionable that the huge majority in Syria is ignored in the media and also seems to be no real topic at this debate about Syria.

Russia is proposing that the Syrian government shares the power with a real opposition within Syria. That means that Russia is proposing a allowed opposition in Syria and that these opposition (oppositions) are able to be formed. There are still Syrian civilians who believe, that there are already oppositions in Syria. But indeed, the ideas of Russia looks like a way into democracy.

But even the members of this Syrian “opposition” abroad have to learn a lot. Especially those discussions are never a waste of time, at least when it is about the people and when the population in Syria will benefit. The search for compromise solutions is more important than supporting so-called “rebels” in Syria with money and weapons. That’s indeed no benefit for the Syrian population. Not to mention that this might be one of the reasons why these people of the opposition abroad will never receive any needed acceptance by the Syrians within the country.

The West and particularly the Gulf states want to achieve a rapid change of power in Syria, in contrast to Russia and China, which see the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad currently as the only stabilizing factor.

It is clear that both, the West and the Gulf States, particularly Saudi Arabia and the American-dominated Qatar, have a huge interested in a change of power in Syria. They would vacate a Shiite government, which supports Iran and Hezbollah and represents a danger for Israel, out of the way.

If the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be overthrown undemocratically by this “opposition” abroad and the West, it is likely to trigger fatal consequences. Not only for Syria, but also for the whole region; in the Middle East and maybe even more regions.

If anyone can steer Syria out of this crisis, then this should be still President Assad. If he continues to support the initiated reform program and allows a real opposition in the future.

If there are open elections in Syria, the President could lose and will be replaced, but he also could reach the majority of votes and finally is elected democratically. Only the West would not accept this – even if there are real elections with such a result, without any fakes. It is always the same.

At the moment, we have to wait and see the final results of these observers to Syria, who are going to travel to this country in the Middle East, in order to gain a picture of the local situation. As stated before, the first group of observers is expected within Syria in two or three days finally.

Hopefully they do not close their eyes to the peace in many areas of the country and realize that the amount of Anti-Government protests became trivial. These demonstrations decreased within the last months and were never the amount of protests which has been sold by the “opposition” abroad or dubious “activists” (without any independence). Not to mention the huge amount of Pro-Government demonstrations with hundreds of thousands people all over the country.

It is important that they will recognize the armed gangs in Syria and the role of Islamists within the protests against the government. Also important is the representation of the false and fake reporting of al-Arabiyya and al-Jazeera. The next days and weeks will sure show which direction Syria goes – or will be directed to go.


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