Syria: The next Libyan model of NATO?

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Sideviews
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The Libyan model as starting basis: You support the opponents of any government with money and arms and meanwhile you also start to finance terrorist and sabotage acts. You give these so-called “peaceful demonstrators” some power by spreading their stories and lies and also intend to be successful in “false flag operations“.

Of course, in these days it is really important to have the media your side and to spread everything enormously on the so-called social media networks. Just to ensure, that everything seems to be credible and as the truth – although it isn`t in reality.

If the side of the government from this country (e.g. Libya, Syria and so on) and those who just want to contribute to the discovery of the real truth speak about the real and true events, it is marked as propaganda or not published the same way in world media as the (false) information which is in line with the intended aim.

At the moment it seems that the small Qatar, similar to the events with Libya, already achieved to influence all other member states of the Arab League (AL). So the Qatari government and Foreign Ministry has something like a control about the Arab League (AL) – not to mention the statements of some journalists and experts on the Middle East, who share the opinion that the “Arab League” revealed themselves as puppets of Western interests.

A request for assistance of the Arab League (AL) to the UN Security Council becomes more likely. This also reveals that the Arab League is nowadays miles away from their founder’s charter. More and more it is clear why the Syrian population and other foreign journalists and experts become convinced that the Arab League (AL) is not only under control of Gulf States but also a puppet of strange interests.

But not all member states of the Arab League (AL) are totally convinced by the plans out of Doha, Qatar. For example, the Iraq has declared itself against the imposition of sanctions on Syria and also has sent a delegation to the Syrian capital Damascus. This Iraqi delegation has the order to mediate between the Syrian government and its opponents abroad (e.g. in Istanbul, Turkey).

The aim of this Iraqi delegation to Syria is to start a dialogue, which aims to lead to a unit there. Whether the Iraqi delegation has intended too much with this aim will turn out in public soon.

The Syrian government in Damascus and its President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly shown their willingness for dialogue and invited the opposition to participate in this dialogue.

The majority of the foreign opposition is not interested in a dialogue with the Syrian authorities. This questionable opposition still wants blindly and relentlessly to overthrow the current government and President. Sounds like a very good sense of the dogmas of democracy. (Irony, of course)

In order to deliver the necessary basis for their dubious aims and efforts, daily reports by so-called human rights activists are published and the numbers of killed civilians play a huge part in all of this. Again, the so-called “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” based in London is a “one-man” show without any credibility and with a nice Muslim Brotherhood background. Journalists, where are you?

Nobody knows if these numbers of killed civilians in Syria are true or not. At least, nobody who is not really at the focal points in Syria knows it for real. Of course, there are also journalists who published, that a huge amount of the names of killed civilians are taken out of phone books and are finally still alive.

There is not only a French journalist in Damascus who believes this, but also other journalists and experts who are questioning these numbers and the credibility of this “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” based in London. They are questioning some channels like “Ugarit TV” and the machinations of Rifat al-Assad and his son, also based in London, in almost the same manner. Not to mention Khaddam (Chaddam) and others here.

You have to know the history of Syria and those people to really be in line with the dogmas of journalism when it comes to the current events in this country of the Middle East. We are just saying.

Frequently there are Syrian soldiers and security forces among those killed people. These favored and armed “Syrian rebels” also kill civilians without batting an eye.

But the West doesn’t care about the truth and real numbers. The United Nations (UN) always corrects the death toll easily without any basis or credibility.

Not to say that the members of the United Nations (UN), Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and others sure know about the lack of credibility and verification. They also know that they already made failures with the assessment of the situation in Libya and human rights violations in former time.

It seems that it is in line with the dogmas of a organization about human rights to deliver the latest numbers of death civilians – without to question these numbers before. Maybe it is something like an advertisement for such organizations and we know it’s a harsh statement. We are also sad about this.

There are still no real and full reports about the killed Syrian soldiers, security forces and the civilians who are murdered by the Western-backed terrorists. A favored bunch of criminals and extremists as the dubious “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which does not care about humanity and human rights as long as they are able to kill Syrian soldiers and Syrian people who are not in line with the opinion or religion / sect of them.

As long as the West supports terrorists with weapons and money they should not speak about humanity and international law. They violate both areas.

Maybe there are really 5,000 dead in Syria to complain about but you should not forget about the fact that the main amount are killed soldiers, police men and security forces. There are always two sides of a story and two sides of western propaganda.

The situation about Syria remembers to the horrible events and false information about Libya. The lies continue and Syria is the next target to pave the way to Iran. It is a sad fact that journalism nowadays only seems to work in line with its dogmas afterwards and not before or while such events.

The Western imperialism goes to far and reached a level where it violates any human rights and international law.

The United States are said to have the intentions to deliver democracy and freedom to the Middle East (and other countries) while the Americans, Germans, French (and others) are already insofar as to skip elections because of disappointment or other reasons.

So the majority of Western civilians who are already not willing anymore to take part in voting for elections are increasing.

That is already a “Democracy 2.0“? Maybe we also should mention the important point that no Western country has integrated a real democracy in its original sense. The huge majority of the Syrian population rejects any foreign intervention and also the foreign opposition in Istanbul, Turkey.


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