Syria: Arab League presents ultimatum; opposition wants a no-fly zone

Posted: December 18, 2011 in International
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The attempts to overthrow the Syrian government in Damascus or the President Bashar al-Assad don`t stop. In contrary, these attempts to bring the Syrian government to fall are still continued – blind, hypocritically and with false facts as before.

They are endeavors to formulate the position thus that they finally achieved a decision in the UN Security Council on Syria. Of course, this decision which will have fatal consequences for the entire region. But this decision is mainly intended by the foreign “opposition” and even more and more members of the Arab League (under the tutelage of Qatar) also support this decision.

Not to mention that the so-called foreign “opposition” shows with these intentions that they really do not care about the Syrian population, which huge majority will never accept this strangers from the opposition in Turkey, of course.

Yesterday, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Arab League (AL) met despite the information of sources that this meeting had been postponed. They met in Doha, the capital of Qatar, to continue their actions against the Syrian government again.

It`s also a “nice sign” for the huge majority of the Syrian population that these Ministers of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Arab League (AL) have just met in Doha – Qatar.

The Arab League (AL) wants to ensure that Syria allows a huge group of observers to enter the country. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in his interview with Barbara Walters (ABC News) that Syria is going to accept this if the changes (by the Syrian Foreign Ministry to the protocol) are considered.

Despite some news, the Syrian government and its Foreign Ministry, led by al-Muallem, still waits for a response of the Arab League (AL), whether these changes are going to be approved or not.

The Arab League (AL) in turn, gave the Syrian government and Foreign Ministry another ultimatum till Wednesday to finally allow observers from other Arab countries to enter Syrian ground.

Seemingly there were no words about the proposed changes by Syria. Al-Arabi (what a name), General Secretary of the Arab League (AL), showed again which kind of hypocrite his character seems to be. Not to mention that more and more Syrian civilians agree to the opinion, that the Arab League is just a puppet of Western interests – led by United States and others.

Just the same opinion as Webster Tarpley, Pepe Escobar, Thierry Meyssan and other journalists and independent columnists, journalists and activists have about the so-called Arab League (AL).

While the committee of the Arab League Foreign Ministers met in Doha (Qatar), about 200 opposition activists also gathered in a hotel near the Tunisian capital, in order to discuss the future of Syria after the overthrown of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Without any legitimacy because the huge majority in Syria will never accept anyone of this foreign “opposition” as stated before. A fact which detracts any legitimacy of this foreign opposition – it is just a logical democratic fact, isn`t it? The lies of this foreign opposition and others are enormous. Just like they are living in another reality.

The focus of this dubious meeting in the Tunisian capital was the debate about the protection of Syrian civilians. They again demanded the establishment of a “No-Fly Zone” over Syria, similar to the bad example in Libya. A hypocritically demand of this people. It seems they have no common sense for humanity.

Apparently it escaped them that this example of the NATO “No-Fly Zone” (War) in Libya has killed tens of thousands and injured as least as many. It is truly no protection of civilians to set up a “No-Fly Zone” over a country. Not to mention that the huge majority of the Syrian population would not be amused by this.

In contrary, the level of their anger and their disappointment would heavily increase after such a decision of UN, NATO and this bunch of strangers (remember their backgrounds?) from this foreign “opposition”.

Mostly innocent civilians were killed in Libya. Libyan civilians, who were actually supposed to be protected by such a “No-Fly Zone” of NATO.

This bunch of opposition guys knows that they will not achieve anything in Syria finally. Not much more than the chaos and bloodshed (supported by Western governments and organizations), which they also want to spread over the Syrian population to destabilize the country and its government.

This foreign opposition, however, seems increasingly to insist upon this “No-Fly Zone” plan and maybe the Arab League (AL) will also take over this plan at their next meeting. This next meeting of the Arab League (AL) will take place the next Wednesday and we should not think that all discussions about Syria are going to be held in public.

Considering the following statements of the Qatari Foreign Minister, the likelihood is growing that his the Arab League (AL) could turn to the UN Security Council finally.

If both questionable sides, the strangers of the foreign “opposition” and the so-called Arab League, turn to the UN Security Council together, an open war will more likely to be. But such a target war zone over Syria will not be limited to Syria only and a war never protected any civilians – a fact.


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