Syria: UN draft resolution, supported terrorists and willful false information

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Sideviews
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The UN Security Council is sure not happy with the Russian UN draft resolution on Syria, which is finally no new draft resolution because Russia always tried to put it forward since months. It is only different to the last months, because the member states of the UN Security Council seem to accept this draft resolution as a base now.

Of course, they are still not pleased with the details and would like to have harder sanctions and more pressure on the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. This “new” UN draft resolution by Russia condemns all different sides in this ongoing conflict and calls the main sides to stop the violence. But real sanctions on Syria are missing in the content of this UN draft resolution on Syria.

Moscow tried to mediate a peaceful solution for months, but the violence is still ongoing in Syria – mainly because a bunch of extremists and criminals like this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) seems to be supported and favored by the West.

It’s said that they receive advice, money and even a weapons from the West, what is finally a huge violation against any international law. The support for several Syrian opposition groups and persons by Washington started under the Bush administration and is still continued under the administration of the Peace Nobel Prize President Barack Obama.

While this bunch of terrorists and Islamists, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), claims to have more than 20-thousand troops, it is clear that this number is not the real amount. It also seems clear that these armed radicals are targeting and killing not only Syrian security forces but also civilians. As written before any support by foreign countries for these extremists is totally against any international law and against any humanitarian sense.

Western states still do not acknowledge that these people are armed and violent. Of course, people like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice are also are sure the opinion behind closed curtains, that the West should help this bunch of terrorists with money and weapons against the Syrian government should. No huge surprise if you remember the situation in Libya and these “armed rebels”.

Maybe it is even no surprise that Washington is actually ready to discuss the Russian UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria. But the United States are also still describing some provisions of this Russian draft resolution as “unacceptable” and are not interested in acknowledging in public that the anti-government protesters and “troops” are well-armed and supported by Western governments and organizations. We know this hypocritical behavior by US administrations very well.

Remembering the last 50 or 60 years it has always been the same. It is also no surprise that governments, which have their fingers in the pie, are not keen to acknowledge this in public. Even if it would be only the acknowledgement that these bunch of “rebels” in Syria are well-armed. This is no fiction, just the sad reality.

RussiaToday (RT) had the chance to speak with Pepe Escobar, a columnist and correspondent of Asia Times. Pepe Escobar sees the real question at the point, what exactly the US and NATO countries are considering as “unacceptable” related to the content of this Russian UN draft resolution.

In this video interview the columnist Pepe Escobar also asked if it could be the point that the “Syrian government cannot fight an armed insurgency in its own territory” and explained that this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) gets weapons smuggled from the Middle East to the borders (with Syria) in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan as well. We all know that some of these borders of Syria are hard to monitor when it comes to weapons smuggling.

It is also a good questions how deeply the governments of Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon are involved in this or why these governments don`t seem to be really interested in stopping the weapon smuggling. Not to mention that the Turkish government seems to officially support terrorism.

Pepe Escobar is also convinced that this “Free Syrian Army” is in fact an armed militia force, which terrorize the border areas of Syria and is based mainly in South Turkey – so the Turkish government is the host of armed terrorists. Escobar said in this interview with RussiaToday (RT), that this armed militia is already involved in a sort of a pre-civil war at both borders with the help of NATO countries.

What these terrorists and NATO wants seem to be a simmering civil war as a prelude for something much more horrible. Pepe Escobar thinks that the time after the American elections in one year could be the time for a much horrible scenario in Syria.

The columnist is also convinced that Russia makes an intelligent move in pushing forward a UN draft resolution which is finally a “preemptive resolution” because it condemns both sides and also asks for an UN Peacekeeping mission to solve the situation in Syria.

This UN peacekeeping mission could be a so-called UN fact-finding mission to Syria first. No huge surprise because all information of such a dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London and other so-called activist are missing a huge important thing – they are not verified and not confirmed.

This is again no surprise if you consider the background of this “one-man” show based in London. We also have to mention that it is finally sad for journalism that a huge amount of so-called journalists use this false information without questioning it or going deeper in verifying the sources.

No surprise that ABC News, SkyNews, BBC, CNN, ARD, ZDF, Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) lost credibility in the last months. It is finally their own fault and totally obvious how they use their sources and also how questionable their sources are.

Even Amnesty International (AI) proofed with their Libya involvement again that they are not keen on verifying information as long as it serves their duty. There are some people out there who could give Amnesty International (AI) a joint guilt considering the huge amount of deaths in Libya.

The behavior of Amnesty International at the beginning of the situation in Libya was a farce and not good for the credibility of this organization – it also was not the first time that you could notice such a thing at Amnesty International. Human Rights Watch (HRW) doesn’t look better.

Pepe Escobar is convinced that such a “fact-finding” mission must be sent to Syria as soon as possible, because of all the missing credible sources. Escobar seems to also know that this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London is more a farce and fake than a credible source of information.

The columnist and Asia Times correspondent Escobar finally said, that they still don`t know the role of these snipers which are seen everywhere. That’s really a shame because for the Syrians in Hama, Homs or Idleb it is totally clear what is behind these snipers and that they are not working for the Syrian intelligence or army.

Only the “peaceful protesters” and very religious extremist are telling a different story which fits to their goals. Credibility is something else.

Pepe Escobar also said that there is absolutely no evidence about it that these snipers are working for the Syrian security forces, army or even intelligence. No surprise because it isn`t the real situation in these areas of Syria.


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