Syria: Arab League and the protocol changes of Syria

Posted: December 17, 2011 in International
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The Syrian government wrote its reply to the letter and call of the Arab League (AL) to let observers into the country relatively quickly. But somehow it seems that these Syrian concerns or changes to the protocol are not really perceived by the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL), al-Arabi.

Al-Arabi stated that he had made it clear to the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem that the signing of this protocol, to send a delegation of foreign observers to Syria, is of great significance and importance for Syria.

We make the point: The first call of the Arab League (AL) about observers to Syria took place in early November. The Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem responded to this demand of the Arab League (AL) very quickly and sent his reply to the Secretary General of the Arab League, al-Arabi.

The objections of Syria were ignored or rejected without any real explanation. Afterwards the Arab League (AL) issued an ultimatum on Syria. The Syrian government had to relent and to change their demands – not to say the Syrian government had to cancel all demands. This was no ultimatum, what would have been accepted by any country worldwide.

It is still understandable that the conditions of the Arab League (AL) were unacceptable for the Syrian government and for sure for the huge majority in Syria, too. Every sovereign state on the entire world would not agree to these conditions as stated before.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad noted in his interview with ABC News (Barbara Walters), that Syria was willing to allow observers into the country if the Arab League and al-Arabi would have shown any willingness to discuss the conditions.

Some passages of the protocol were simply unacceptable for a sovereign state and Syria responded accordingly with requests for changes or amendments thereto, just as every sovereign state would have done it.

The last opinion on the protocol of the Arab League (AL) and the publication of the Syrian response occurred even prior the interview between the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Barbara Walters (ABC News) – before at least 2 weeks.

Not to mention that ABC News proved after the interview with President al-Assad why the Syrian President said that information is misused or / and faked and that some (organizations, media stations, newspapers..) lost credibility in the last months. ABC News edited and misused the interview with the Syrian President for own propaganda against Syria.

Even CNN published an article about the bad journalism of ABC News and that the video has been edited to serve propaganda interests. Meanwhile, this article from CNN seems to have disappeared. It is strange again, isn`t it?

As if al-Arabi (Arab League) had never received any response from Syria, he said in public that he had explained the importance of this protocol to the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem. Al-Arabi also declared his readiness for changes to the protocol and to discuss passages as long as this does not affect the core content of this protocol.

Who knows this protocol of the Arab League (AL) and also knows the Syrian response will realize without any problem, that these Syrian changes don`t affect the core content of the protocol. These demands of changes by Syria are merely for the safety of the observers and for the Syrian government.

There are armed terrorist groups within Syria and such a group of observers, who might be allowed to go everywhere, has to be protected. Why? Because until now it seems these bunch of armed criminals and extremists don`t make huge differences between armed Syrian soldiers and normal civilians – or are not able to make differences.

So it is an actually comprehensible and not discussable, that this group of observers has to be protected when they are traveling through Syrian districts and areas. It is clearly not a topic to question it.

Which other government on the entire world would allow such a delegation from abroad to travel free without even a government employee or a police escort through the country to take especially the crisis regions under the microscope? Not to mention the level of danger for these observers, as stated before. Because of this bunch of armed extremists and Islamists you never know what could happen in such areas.

The Syrian government, which is the legitimate representative of the state, has to ensure, that foreign observers receive protection and are not caught in crossfire or become a target of armed bands. In the Syrian response were no restrictions on foreign observers, so they would be allowed to enter every Syrian area and district.

Furthermore, the Syrian government agreed on the condition of the protocol to not pursue or prosecute the people who are willing to talk with the observers. This is one of the conditions of the protocol by the Arab League (AL) which seems a bit hypocritically considering this situation in some of the Arab League member countries. The response of the Syrian side was already published here, so that the response of Syria can be reread.

On Sunday, the Foreign Ministers should meet the Arab League in Doha and there again debating their opinions on the Protocol and the amendments tabled by Syria. This next meeting of the Arab League (AL) in Doha was probably moved by now but indefinitely.

This shift of the meeting of the Arab League Foreign Ministers could suggest, among other things, that the Arab League or at least some Arab League Foreign Ministers are just puppets of the American and Western interests.

Some sources say at the moment, that this meeting has been moved by the Arab League as stated – the causes behind this shift of the meeting of Arab League are not exactly clear.

One cannot have too many hopes on this “crisis meeting” of the Arab League, after all, the American-backed Gulf States have their own interests, which certainly does not include the support of the Syrian government or even of the Syrian population.

The requests for changes by Syria on the protocol will hardly be agreed by the dolls of the Arab League..


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