Syria: Russia submits new UN draft resolution

Posted: December 16, 2011 in International
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On Thursday, Russia has, probably in common with China, submitted a draft resolution on Syria to the UN Security Council. No surprise that this UN draft resolution of Russia on Syria is hotly discussed since this draft resolution has been submitted.

Although Russia presented such a draft resolution already in summer, this is no longer reported. It seems that Russia’s “new step” with this UN draft resolution on Syria is almost celebrated as a historical character.

The West, which is not totally pleased about some formulations of the draft resolution on Syria, because they are not enough in the opinion of Western governments, wants to have implemented more sanctions into this UN draft resolution of Russia against the Syrian government in Damascus.

But the West also takes this draft resolution as a new basis for discussions and negotiations, although it is finally not a really new draft for Western governments. There are sure causes why the West is now more able to discuss and negotiate on the basis of this draft resolution on Syria.

Russia condemned in this draft resolution, which is unlike the summer not rejected by the West, the violence of all sides and parties. This Russian UN draft resolution also urges all sides to renounce of violence immediately.

Russia criticizes in this old but new UN draft resolution the disproportionate crackdown by security forces as well as attacks by armed gangs, which not only attack and harm government institutions and Syrian security forces, but also kill civilians.

This draft resolution by Russia says that Syria must be supported to advance the ongoing reform process and thus to allow a peaceful transition.

So while the Russian draft resolution on Syria is regarded to more condemn the violence in this country of the Middle East in general and to seek ways for a peaceful solution, the West cannot stop with its hypocritically behavior and statements.

The Western governments and organizations still discuss the text of this draft resolution and primarily criticize the overly cautious formulations and the lack of sanctions against the Syrian government. That such sanctions primarily harm the Syrian population is something, which the West understandable will never admit in public.

Germany’s UN Ambassador Wittig said as well as the known hypocritically United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, that the Russian UN draft solution has to be revised. Germany`s UN Ambassador Wittig also calls particular for tougher sanctions and formulations.

We do not mention the sanctimonious foreign policy of Germany in the last years. They turn like a flag waving in the wind depending on the interests of United States, Israel and other organizations and lobbies.

Hillary Clinton barks again and harshly criticized the alleged equation of peaceful demonstrators and government opponents with the brutal Syrian security forces and soldiers. We still do not think that Hillary Clinton starts to feel ashamed because of those false statements.

She never delivers the image that she owns a real level of honor, considering her lies and bad games. But she has all this in common with a woman and partner like Condoleezza Rice. AIPAC says hello.

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, still closes her eyes to the reality. If it really would be the fact that these protesters are totally peaceful, then it would be strange that already about 1500 – 2000 Syrian security forces also were killed. Not to mention that if all this would be a brutal crackdown by Syrian forces it would already be “history”.

You are still able to see again and again that the United States of America holds to its plan to oust the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad from their power in Syria.

So the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, still maintains her unreal beliefs and she will not begin to consider that the violence in Syria is also because of armed groups, extremists and Islamists. Maybe Hillary Clinton knows about this (she should, finally) but she will never make these trains of thought public. She attracts not even partly starts to consider in public that there might be armed terrorists and criminals in Syria.

Maybe because the support for the Syrian oppositions within and abroad by the United States started with the Bush administration and is still continuing – with a big thanks to a Peace Nobel Price guy. This is just one example, which is reminiscent of Libya.

The indications by Russia that the insurgents in Syria are supplied with money and weapons from abroad were nothing that the West seems to accept. No surprise when they seem to support such criminals and extremists with arms and money. France, Britain, USA and even Germany might have their fingers in the game.

It’s clear that these Russian indications about the support of terrorists in Syria by the West are answered by the possible “defendants” with indignation and excitement. Maybe this outrage in the West shows that Russia has hit a sore spot?

Moreover the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, herself advocated to actively support the insurgents in Syria – not in form of sending international troops, but with support in other areas – money, advise, weapons? There are so many weapons in trucks and other vehicles near the borders which are discovered and confiscated by Syrian security forces. Where shall all these weapons come from?

The West wants to reach an arms embargo against Syria. Maybe a first step would be to stop the delivering of weapons to the Middle East and troops of insurgents.

Whether Russia will agree to this weapon embargo on Syria after the experiences in Libya is more than questionable. In Libya only the government troops were the target of this weapons embargo, while the so-called “rebels” were generously supplied with arms by NATO countries. Hypocritically, or?

After all, Syria is not only an important partner and weapons buyer, but also a guarantor of Russia’s influence in the Mediterranean area. Whether Russia will accept so great changes as they are desired by the West, is questionable.

Meanwhile the next meeting of the Arab League (AL), which had been scheduled for tomorrow, was postponed. But 200 so-called opposition activists will meet in Tunisia in order to forge their plans for a future without the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. They also will meet with the Tunisian parliament and so-called human rights activist.

No question that there is still no legitimacy and huge questions about the actual aims of all these different people and dubious strangers. We also know that organizations as UN, NATO, Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) lost credibility in the last 9 months. At least for the people in Syria and the people abroad who know the truth about the situation there.

This result of this next meeting in Tunisia is the chance for the so-called opposition abroad Syria to spread more lies and to advertise for allies. Remember the Muslim Brotherhood-show in London which is sold as “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” – what a hypocritically source without any credibility.

While the West sells all stories of the so-called Syrian opposition abroad as facts and truth, everything by the Syrian government is just a lie and propaganda. There is still lack of convincing evidence to date. Not to mention that it could be vice versa at the end.

The huge majority in Syria is still with the President Bashar al-Assad and the reform process. They are also against the crimes, killing and horrible actions of the armed extremists and Islamists in Syria.

(Russia: UN Draft Resolution on Syria – PDF)


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