Syria: reports against the government – where's the objectivity?

Posted: December 15, 2011 in International
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Every day there are new reports from Syria, where you cannot even take the half as confirmed and true. Lies are told and used, just as before the outbreak of the Iraq war in spring 2003.

But so far, the NATO war lords still holds back with their intentions of a “foreign intervention” in Syria – although the dubious members of the so-called opposition in exile in Istanbul, Turkey, are getting louder in their demands for an international intervention.

Almost every major daily newspaper published articles which describes the situation in Syria as absolutely dark and warlike.

They overwork themselves in publishing emotional manipulations, rather than writing objective reports about the real situation in Syria. An objective reporting is totally missing in such articles.

There is nothing confirmed and verified and if you ask in the redactions you sometimes hear that they finally not know what is really happening in Syria – they only use the information of press agencies, the not credible source al Jazeera and the questionable reports of the dubious “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” in London. A “one-man show” without any credibility when you consider its background.

The facts, which are usually listed, cannot really be considered as facts and just show that the journalists miss their duties completely. Copy & Paste makes no real journalists.

The majority of these questionable and unconfirmed facts are delivered by the strange “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London. A pseudo-organization actually led by just one interesting person: Rami Abdel-Rahman. Some also seem to scrutinize if this is really his correct name.

Rami Abdel Rahman scatters again and again the numbers of alleged victims. Whether these numbers are correct is not however reviewed. Not to mention that even a French journalist stated that this London-based “organization” for human rights in Syria uses names out of telephone books for their dubious reports and that the huge amount of alleged victims are still alive.

Despite these good questions and the missing confirmations you are again able today to read the next reports about new brutalities and fatalities in the Syrian protest strongholds in many newspapers.

They write of 21 dead civilians, whether that is really so, no one knows for sure and they seem not interested to investigate this because they rather seem to enjoy all this for their reports and the propaganda against the Syrian authorities. Of course, this is useful even if it is not confirmed or just fiction. They also misrepresent the facts what is far away from good journalism.

In Homs there are armed gangs which holed up themselves and terrorize the population of this Syrian city for months. Of course, the Syrian army is there to fight against this bunch of extremists and radicals, but the soldiers still try to prevent bloodshed. So the armed gangs in and around Homs are still there for months – it would be a different image if the Syrian army would fight against these Islamists and armed terrorists with all forces.

But you really cannot say that the entire city of Homs runs riots against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. If they report about the criminal fighters and extremists, who are supported with foreign arms and finances, you also should report about the fact, that many families of Homs have left this Syrian city because they have feared violence, kidnapping and rape.

The remaining citizens in Homs, which are not with these extremist, are still living in fear and a lot of women are still afraid to leave their flats and houses – especially at night. There are reports of families in Homs which are in a huge contrast to the Western media reports but it seems nobody wants to hear their screams abroad Syria because they confirm the information of Syrian authorities and the President Bashar al-Assad. Again, it is far away from an objective reporting.

The huge majority of the Syrian population has no fear of the army, as it is always presented wrong in Western media, but they fear the armed groups which roam the streets in Homs and Idleb for example. It is finally not surprising that we see this violence in these two cities and areas of Syria at the end.

For example, the district of Bab Amr, Homs, has always been a slum and always forced some problems. Even people of other districts in Homs avoided it to enter Bab Amr if they didn`t had to. But nothing is written about this fact and there is indeed no research about the real backgrounds of this so-called “uprising” and why these strongholds are Homs and Idleb for example.

To avoid this perhaps more strenuous research of the backgrounds, they publish allegations that foreign journalists are not allowed to enter Syrian ground. This is indeed easier.

But this statement and allegation is outdated and no fact. There are journalists in Syria, but those reports aren`t used in such amount like the dubious reports about Syria, delivered partly from this one-man show based in London with its Muslim Brotherhood backgrounds. Also the reports of some of these journalists are not clearly enough against the Syrian government in Damascus and President Bashar al-Assad or even raise questions about all other sold reports abroad.

Or you have SkyNews and ABC News which revoked their credibility indeed themselves. Not to mention that BBC, ARD, ZDF, CNN and so on are not really better in this situation. They all miss the basics of good journalism like journalism is taught at universities.

If a reporter from Sky News (SkyNews) reports about missing food and water in Homs, they really shouldn`t show well-stocked food shops at the same reportage, too. Not to mention that a woman who speaks about missing food should not wear carry bags with a lot of food.

If you try to answer the questions, which such reports raise, you finally come to the questions what motivation could be behind such lies. When BBC shows reportage where they hide cameras in cars and you are able for yourself to film and take photos in the same area of the same Syrian city without problems, you really have to ask what going on. Not to mention reports about a dead city (Hama) by ARTE. This is really far away from reality and finally a huge media falsehood.

And yet, even some journalists have reported about the fact, that there is a contrast between the reporting and the reality. There are definitely some anti-government demonstrations, whether these demonstrations are really so huge, as they sold here always, is also totally questionable and often far away from reality.

But there are also these armed bunches of extremists and Islamists. Not only the Syrian government reports this, also Syrians speak and report about them again and again. They are afraid of these armed groups of strangers and more and more even lost relatives and loved-ones because of the violence and terror by these armed bands.

These armed gangs kill more and more civilians, mainly Alawites, but you have to search a longer time in the European press for such representations of the truth. Not to mention that when these criminals and terrorists targeting the killing of Alawites they are no more far away of killing Christians, Kurds and Armenian, too. Maybe also the Sunnis, who are still behind the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad? View at a city like Aleppo for example.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still popular in the huge majority of the Syrian population and they are behind him and the reform process. Also many former opponents of the “Syrian regime” changed their position because of the incorrect reporting by the West, the violence of these armed groups and the fear of a “real civil war” in Syria after the time of Bashar al-Assad.

If there are presidential elections in Syria, he could really bring the country into a “democratic” future. But do not forget that all this is a long process and nothing that can happen in one or two years. Not only the Syrian authorities have to be part of this process, but also the Syrian population must be willing and ready to take part and change. At the end the Syrian population still gives their President Bashar al-Assad a chance and there will be presidential elections.

But even if he makes more of these choices into this direction and the opposition would be a really ready for a dialogue with the government, this cannot justify a hasty retreat of the Syrian army from those areas where the terrorists are pursued because of their crimes against humanity.

The Syrian army is fighting this bunch of criminals and armed extremists and it could be that their approach will toughen up because the population is already getting more impatient.

The demand, especially from the dubious opposition in exile, to withdraw the army from those areas, are simply not feasible as long as civilians are still harassed and threatened and this would not be tolerated by the huge majority in Syria.

Syria responded positively on the demand of the Arab League (AL) to let observers into the country – but only if there is a real discussion about the prevailing conditions of these observer groups in Syria. Just normal after knowing what happened in Libya.

The Syrian side has sent a response to the Arab League (AL) – a response of the Arab League on this answer of Syria is still missing. On Saturday, the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League will meet again because of “Syria”. Let`s see what comes next. If the Arab League (AL) rejects the suggestions of Syria, their policy is clear and unambiguous.

After the municipal elections on last Monday and the reports in Europe, that they were tampered with, you cannot read anything about the outcome of the Syrian municipal elections until now. Not to mention that those reports about tampered elections are not confirmed and again very questionable.

These local elections, which were boycotted by the opposition (without a success), would have been a first step into democracy for the opposition abroad. They were also a situation where the opposition could have proven themselves for the first time. But after knowing that the huge majority in Syria will never accept the dubious exile opposition in Istanbul, Turkey,… you know why there are a lot of strange statements by them.

Since they are not able to estimate how these local elections will end (or even know about for sure), they prefer to cling to the West and are still begging to NATO for help and intervention. What a democratic rabble.


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