Syria: U.S. SOCCent Commander Cleveland & unimportant bombs

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Sideviews
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Syria: What makes U.S. SOCCent Commander Charles T. Cleveland really? A German blogger wrote about the activities of this Special Forces commander Cleveland, after several newspapers even reported about the true activities of American special forces.

As reported in several newspapers like the Egyptian newspaper al-Arabi at the end of last week, U.S. Colonel and Special Forces commander, Charles T. Cleveland, could be the real leader of the murderous terror group called the “Free Syrian Army”.

So it seems that U.S. colonel Charles T. Cleveland is responsible for the arming and training of radicals from the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi extremists and other violent criminals in various training camps in Turkey and in the north and east of Lebanon.

Not to forget Irbil in Iraq where this U.S. colonel also is said to have taught a bunch of criminals how to fight and plan sabotage acts in Syria.

So that they can commit murderous terror attacks under the Label “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army / FSA) against Syrian forces, policemen and civilians. Finally it also seems clear that there are rarely confirmed reports about this bunch of extremists and radical Islamists.

So it would not surprise if there is much more behind this group of radicals than the public knows. We should also not forget about the financially support and the arming of these violent strangers by several Western countries and organizations. The financially support for the Syrian opposition inside and outside Syria by the United States started with the Bush administration and is still not ended. You can bet that it not only has been a support with money and advise.

The chief behind the pushed forward people of the “Free Syrian Army” is maybe unmasked and it looks like the USA is again behind this crime of state terrorism. Some would also say the Special Forces of the United States do what they always have done.

That the U.S. army is behind this terrorist group seems to be no surprise because they exactly follow the manual of the U.S. Army for unconventional warfare. If there is ever a “Nuremberg II” (Nürnberg II) it seems clear that the leaders of the United States have to be in front of this court – for their crimes against international law and human rights.

Meanwhile the German Blogger behind the website “Hinter der Fichte” published another article about the German state media and their false propaganda.

There are differences in Germany how important a bomb is. It seems that the importance of a bomb is aimed in Germany to their importance to the propaganda. So it differs by major, newsworthy and useful bombs and not so important bombs.

Important bombs

First there was an alleged letter bomb at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, which injured no one, but called the federal prosecutor on the scene. So important is Mr. Ackermann for them. The hysterical state and private media made a “bombing of Ackermann” out of it – even though this letter bomb would have never reached him, of course. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

There also was a bomb in Lebanon. Five French soldiers (you know, the good guys) were injured by this bomb. The bomb apparently originated from the Hezbollah and these group is notoriously associated with Syria and Iran (you know, the evil). This bomb is therefore very important and became a topic in the ZDF news reports.

Syria: Nine bombs on one day

And then there were the apparently not important bombs which were not reported in the German quality media, because these are the bombs that the terrorists have set within Syria. As known, such media channels do a lot to sell a wrong image of these criminals and religious extremists. There is also no credibility when it comes to their sources, but this is another topic.

In contrast to the “major bombs” for the German state television ZDF, the bombs of the Western-backed terrorists claimed deaths and injured within Syria. A young Syrian girl, Iman Alloush Bassam, was killed and many people were injured, of course.

9th December: List of unimportant attacks

The bombs and assassinations which have been hidden in German state television on this day:

3 bombs were defused in the Damascus area; three bombs were sparked remotely controlled.

The bombs were placed by armed terrorists groups (NATO would call them “freedom fighters”) in different areas of the Syrian city. Two of them were placed totally inhuman in front of mosques for the usual Friday prayers.

The rest was also found in very busy areas on Friday. This bunch of radicals and violent Islamists, supported by NATO and other Western organizations, are targeting Syrian civilians. It is against any international law what NATO is doing again and again behind the curtains.

Terrorists also placed two bombs in the Syrian city Hama. One bomb was defused, the other has been detonated. Also a group of radicals opened fire on a medical Center in Hama and fled afterwards.

In the north-east of Syria, in Abu Kamal, there was a bomb explosion in the city, but without any injuries.

In the cities Idleb and Hombs Syrian security forces were shot. These deaths do not find the path into the NATO media. Are people of the Syrian security forces worthless for the Western propaganda? Of course, they are. They don`t fit to the sold image about the situation in Syria.

The hypocrisy of the corporate and state media is evident.


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