Russia: Hillary Clinton barks – Propaganda of known pack increases

Posted: December 13, 2011 in International
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The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” reported about this new propaganda against Russia already last week. The West wants, encouraged by the case of Libya and the fearful fall of many UN member states when it comes to imperialism, to start the next witch hunt against Russia.

United States loses in Eurasia

However, Russia and China are still able to successfully fight against this expansion strategy and Putin is one of the most outspoken proponents of close relations between the two countries and the strengthening of the Eurasian unity.

Thus as expected, the hoped own weight of the United States is dwindling in this region. The West already complains about its waning influence daily:

“We represent a shift of power firmly. It shifts to the East.”
Klaus Töpfer at the TV show “Beckmann” on 12/8/2011

Since Putin leaves no doubt about the military’s determination of Russia, the imperialism tries again the strategy of weakening from within – this is since over the decades proven. What else should imperialism really do when Russia and Putin show their military`s determination at this point?

Of course there are plenty of horse for hire and ‘dissidents’ for that.

The opposition is made

For the EU citizens, who are surrounded by an Iron Curtain from the disinformation, paints the local propaganda that completely unreal image of “democracy” of the West, which is said to be the only salvation and that the whole world is striving for it. So only the opposition is missing.

So that this image for the EU citizens is OK, the national media does its part with selective reporting of the “opposition” on one hand. On the other hand this opposition is funded by the West – especially the United States – which has the creation of a very massive “opposition” in the enemy countries of the Empire in mind. Then the self-imposed prophecy of imperialism becomes reality.

This looks in the media of these countries like this:

The German news channel nt-v is angry about the fact that Shibanova, “an election observer” of the organization Golos, was detained by Russian customs and that the customs also wanted to have a look at her laptop. A channel like n-tv should know that American, British and German customs checks thousands of laptops every year – and give them back with – maybe – a Trojan horse on board.

What would the Customs of United States do when a Russian-financed “independent election observers” wants to enter or leave the country? Would a news channel as n-tv really report if this “Russian observer” has to give away his laptop to the American customs?

The state television ARD (Germany) trumpeted under constant use of martial images, that the Moscow city center is like a fortress and they also shares the dates of the demonstrations to it viewers so that they are able to register over social networks for these protests. How helpful!

Sure is the remark of Putin who said, that (even for the people with the thickest skin a Domina as) Hillary Clinton is “neither honest nor fair” after Clinton stated that the elections might have been faked, seems applicable.

And a woman like Hillary Clinton said this although she had not yet received available materials of observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Significantly is also how suddenly the Western media started to scream on election night of “fraud” and “fake”.. as it turns out, that neither at the elections nor on the road, the NATO-backed opposition succeeded in getting one foot into door.

Before Hillary Clinton explained the next route to the crowd of psycho-warriors on 04.12.2011, there were no complaints from the international election observers about the elections in Russia. That is something which is not delivered to the opinion-free consumers of ARD, ZDF, RTL, BBC, SkyNews, ABC News, CNN.. of course:

“The parliamentary election in Russia is proceeding at a very high level according to words of Israel’s observer Ruhama Avraham…”

The British EU Member of Parliament Nick Griffin has already checked three polling stations, where he had spoken with officers, police staff and election officials.

“They were surprised when I told them how open the electoral system in Russia is in comparison with Great Britain”, Griffin said. “Our election observers have no obhections at the moment. They emphasize that everything is very transparent”, said Mateusz Piskorski, a Polish MEP, Head of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis.

If there is still any doubt about the nature of externally controlled “opposition”, you just have to study the official figures of the United States to finance its Russian “agitators”.

The “foreign propaganda organization” NED of the war, torture and death-penalty state (any arguments against it?) financially supported over 50 organizations in Russia. These organizations in Russia – ironically – deal with “human rights”. Kind of weird, isn`t it?

Including also the (partly co-financed by European Union (EU)) organization “Golos”, whose election observer wants to deliver her report about the elections in Russia to the European Parliament in this week. The election observer who became famous on n-tv.

The Russian “observatory” is named Golos

The “election observer” Shibanova is behind the project “Map of Violations”. There you can upload any claims about the elections in Russia without evidence and verification. These claims are used as “violations against free elections” by the West – something as a psychological warfare. We already know similar methods like the “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” (one-man show with Muslim Brotherhood background) in London and others.

We also know this process from the completely baseless Resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council against Libya which was based on allegations of the “NTC” – completely unaudited. The whole numbers and evidence of the NTC was a lie. United States, NATO and European Union (EU) are using similar stuff in the case of Syria. (Non-existent Observatory – just nobody seems to take care about the credibility as long as it can be used for propaganda).

The former Communist Party leader Gorbachev calls for free elections

Two other friends of the West are hoisted out of the woodwork on such an occasion against Russia. First, the liar sufficiently compromised as a Wryneck and hardly worth discussing guy named Gorbachev.

At most a residual amount of Western people still pay court to him and others see a nice grandpa in him – bought for Gala and propaganda (with $ 100,000 per appearance for almost a bargain).

While he ekes out a ridiculed life as a wallflower in Russia for 20 years, the pensioners is still hyped in Germany. He seems to be always good for one or two sentences at the ARD. “Also the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev joined the ranks of critics and demands new elections.”

Coyly the West avoids even the slightest traces of his favorite opportunist about his role as “leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” and calls him a humble leader.

Corruption in Russia and Germany

The other figure is Alexei Nawalny / Aleksei Navalny, a guy who could not resist the temptation after his revelations of corruption cases to become a fighter against Putin.

The West plays him thankful high as a hero and forgets assiduously that a person like Julian Assange fears a life imprisonment in the United States for his revelations, or that corruption may be called by its name in Russia. Meanwhile there is still the “forgotten” black money of Schäuble, Koch`s “jewish legacy” and Kohl`s “word of honor” in Germany – which all remain simply unpunished and where the German press bravely bears the prescribed muzzle.

Germany has not ratified the “United Nations Convention against Corruption” till today. Russia ratified it in 2006.

There will be enough to speak about Nawalny soon. it is alarming enough how much the German newspaper BILD cheered him and makes him to the man who brace himself “fearlessly against Putin`s apparatus of power”.

He is just beginning his career as a darling and juggler of the West. (I recommend the book “The Juggler” by Harry Thürk, first published 1978, which is highly topical again. This book has been understandable controversial discussed in the West)

It remains the same

The Russian Federation shall be surrounded medially, politically, economically and militarily, and eroded from within. With this in mind, the pervasive incitement explains itself.

Although Clinton is barking as we know her, Russia is not Libya and the caravan moves on. From Napoleon over Hitler`s Germany to NATO, the imperialists had a tough time with Russia. However, among millions of Russian victims and millions of other European victims.

But the existence of imperialism was never in such a crisis and in its highest stage. There is no crime that he is not able to commit.

With this in mind, the Russian position explains itself.


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