Syria: Thierry Meyssan about the situation in Homs

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Sideviews
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The French Thierry journalist Thierry Meyssan, who is also the founder and chairman of Voltaire Network, is still in Syria and published another article about the situation in this country of the Middle East. Meyssan also gave a new video interview by Skype and talked about the regional interests and how indispensable Syria is to Russia.

In his next contribution out of Syria, Thierry Meyssan also explained why the humanitarian military intervention model of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) does not work in Syria as it has been already tested in countries like Yugoslavia and more recently Libya.

The French founder and chairman of Voltaire Net is convinced that the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is forced to rewrite its humanitarian military intervention model for Syria. It is said that it will now adopt the same tactics / strategy that was used in Iraq. This means – besiege the country, in defiance of the population and try to weaken it sufficiently for the next assault.

Thierry Meyssan seems to be convinced about the fact that NATO is reviewing its strategy for Syria at the moment. This would not be a huge surprise because after the last nine months it still does not seem that the Syrian population has fractured and that the government and President Bashar al-Assad have lost a lot of their power.

It rather seems that the population in Syria unites against foreign interests while the protests are not mentionable anymore. They are getting less and less – despite what the West still wants to sell.

It is no longer realistic for NATO and other foreign organizations and interests that they are able to force a real civil war in Syria to justify an “international humanitarian operation” while they are still supporting the extremists and radical Islamists in Syria with money and weapons to force chaos. But even this does not seem to destabilize the situation and government in Syria while this support and tactics is still totally against any international law.

Not to forget that these bunch of criminals and strangers are also murdering civilians to force chaos and tears or just because of the religion and opinion of these civilians in Syria. The situation in Syria is different from Libya not only because of the population which is four times larger than in Libya but also because of the position of Syria in the Middle East. Also the Syrian army is seasoned by previous regional conflicts.

Not to forget the fact that the plan of a conventional war against Syria would raise many economic issues. No European country would have anything to gain either in the short or medium term and there is still the question to ask how strong the Syrian army really is.

In the last months and viewing at the support of Russia for Syria it seems that nobody can really say how strong the army of Syria finally is when it comes to a war. Not to mention how Russia, China and Iran would react on an international intervention on Syrian ground.

NATO is currently concentrating on shutting down lines of communication, including airlines, and the pull out of multinational companies, mainly oil companies. This also happens because these sanctions by Western countries and the Arab League (AL) want to let the Syrian people bleed, so that the Syrian population becomes more and more angry about their government and the President Bashar al-Assad. Just to destabilize the government and situation more and more in Syria. But this plan is not really working.

The Syrian people seem to unite and more and more people went on the streets in support of their government and the reform process and against international interventions and the Western interests. They only hide these protests in the West or really sell to their people that millions of people are just bought by the Syrian government or forced to go on the streets.

Finally it seems that the international military intervention plan of NATO was suspended. This could be confirmed by the return of the German, French and US Ambassadors to the Syrian capital Damascus.

The media propaganda against the Syrian government and President has been again confirmed by the way ABC News changed their versions of the interview between Barbara Walters and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It is finally confirmed that ABC News was interested in showing a false image of the Syrian President. ABC News omitted replies and other parts of this interview.

While the President Bashar al-Assad spoke about “many attempts to distort facts about what is really happening in Syria”, ABC News confirmed his statements with the manipulation and edits of the interview. That is just false propaganda and no journalism at all.

Finally the French journalist Thierry Meyssan spoke not only about this all but also about the situation in the Syrian city Homs and at the borders of Syria to Turkey and Lebanon. You should not miss to watch this next contribution of Thierry Meyssan about the actual situation in Syria.


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