Syria: Bashar al-Assad & Barbara Walters – Interview manipulated and edited

Posted: December 11, 2011 in International
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Bashar al-Assad invited ABC News correspondent Barbara Jill Walters to Damascus to give an interview to her. The ABC News station made a huge advertisement for the “speech of the dictator” as they sold this interview to their viewers.

In Europe there also was a about 7 minute long version of this video which was shown clearly to influence the audience further. Afterwards it a fact now that the published videos by ABC News with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were edited and manipulated – to influence the audience and to convey a wrong image.

For example Germany – they also jumped on this train without even showing the interview with the Syrian President and Barbara Walters to their readers and viewers.

The German media pounced on this edited video and used two or three statements to stay on track with their propaganda machinery against the Syrian government. Real and objective Journalism is sure different in contrast to this behavior.

Besides the video for Europe, which was extended to a nearly 14 minute’s version later, there was another variant that was seen only in America.

ABC News, the American television news station, which broadcast the interview, knew well how to cut these videos to show a very different context than actually said. By the way, what is the definition of Propaganda?

The policy of ABC was successful. They also published the transcript of the interview between Barbara Walters and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but this transcript also contained errors – parts have been cut out and mixed.

The politics of propaganda against Assad worked with the shortened video till the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdisi appeared before the press and presented a comparison between the original scenes and the scenes which ABC News has published.

After the press conference in the Syrian capital Damascus on Friday evening, ABC News channel decided to take out the incite advertising and propaganda against the Syrian president al-Assad and published the original video finally.

The video of the interview between Barbara Walters and President Bashar al-Assad is about 46 minutes long now. But it is sure normal that in the minds of the most remain the first short and manipulated versions of this interview. In these first shorter versions the answers of the Syrian President al-Assad were cut so that they could be perceived negatively easily.

Who is really viewing this video again after two or three days or realizes the manipulation and propaganda when ABC News and other Western media are not talking about these final facts? Only people who are used to this or are interested in the truth are comparing the versions of the video and are interested in the long and original interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

There is definitely no interest in the truth by the German media landscape. For example the ARD reported about this in its usual propagandistic tone with the help of Ulrich Leithold and the known radio studio in Amman. The actual original interview was waived completely by ARD and Ulrich Leithold.

The efforts to show Bashar al-Assad still as an Arabic dictator are probably much too large using the original video of the interview. Ulrich Leithold and German state TV ARD (and ZDF) seem not to have the desire and muse to work with the original for their propaganda machinery.

Despite the publishing of the full length and so-called original video of the interview between Barbara Walters and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still looks like that there is something edited at minute 41:52 of this tape. They finished the sentence on press freedom and just as suddenly there is a different theme. It seems a bit strange finally.

The bottom line for the ARD and other channels is that Bashar al-Assad wants to distance himself from the violence that prevails in his country. There have been a lot of headlines with his statements that the Syrian troops are not his troops and that Syria is not the country he owns.

These statements are correct – especially when the audience gets the chance to hear the complete answers of the Syrian President al-Assad to the questions of ABC News correspondent Barbara Jill Walters. The answers explain that the Syrian army belongs to the government and that the Syrian military has the command to protect the population, issued pursuant to the Constitution, and not the order to kill civilians.

As mentioned in a speech earlier, the Syrian President al-Assad admitted that individual officers or members of the army made mistakes and did not act in line with their commands. These people have been held accountable of their crimes and arrested as far as the evidence was clearly in the cases.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was very clever and articulate in the interview and was not disconcert by the recurring questions of Barbara Walters. His counter-questions, which he often brought in, are known as a quite a practical way to complicate subsequent post-editing. Nevertheless, no effort to change the “message” was spared.

Barbara Walters, who could ask her questions to the Syrian President without prior consultation, asked again and again to the peaceful demonstrators and the shots of the army, trying to obtain a “satisfactory image for America”, but Bashar al-Assad was on guard and always countered cleverly and restrictive.

The Syrian President al-Assad never abandoned it to ask about those who murdered the over 1100 soldiers, and called to question if these people are peaceful demonstrators. The appeal of him in the interview was clear:

You should not rely on and trust these pictures, but you should show interest in the reality in Syria. Also the origin of a lot of these pictures and videos are not known.

That was the key point for Barbara Walters to dig deeper and asked him about the foreign journalists which are not allowed to enter Syria. ABC News correspondent Barbara Walters who has been in Damascus as well as other journalists, and there are still foreign journalists in Syria.

These allegations against the Syrian authorities are known and a used method to bring a government in disrepute, of course. Not every journalist is allowed to enter Syrian ground, but it is also clear that Syria has a huge interest to support journalists who are willing to uncover the truth about the events in the country. Why should the Syrian government allow journalists to enter Syria when they published false reports about the situation there since months?

Europe and America insists on their sworn propaganda against Syria and continue to spread lies and to distorted realities instead of increase the time to evaluate and analyze the interview between Barbara Walters and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and try to initiate a new course of international dialogue with Syria – then based on the true situation and not on propaganda lies for Western interests.

Further information about actual events will follow later on in another article.


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