Syria: Europe Wants New Draft Resolution in the UN Security Council

Posted: December 10, 2011 in International
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There is no let up for as long as Bashar al-Assad is still in power. The West has been trying for so long to succeed in forcing Syria to its knees. In the past 30 to 35 years Syria has survived and come out strong despite the sanctions of the West, hence the current sanctions have little chance of impacting too much on the Syrian economy.

Even worse are the increasing political aspirations of the West, especially Germany, which wants to creep its way into the Syrian issue in order to crawl up the arse of its American brother in order to make up for their shortcomings regarding Libya.

Merkel and Westerwelle are blindly panting behind Obama, perhaps they will even overtake him. The German Government is tough when it comes to Syria and will not rest until a resolution is achieved in the Security Council.

Germany displays it determination , despite what is said from its own government circles, to force a new vote in the Security Council if it doesn’t go through automatically on Friday. Europe, in general, has a keen interest in keeping an intensive focus on Syria in order to finally obtain a resolution. In October, the failure of a draft resolution that was introduced did not bring about their goals. Both Russia and China will again veto and countries like Brazil, India and South Africa remain on the side of Syria.

Germany clearly is playing with fire if it continues to mobilize again Syria. The German government should be careful not to burn its hands. Remember, the government provides at the same time tanks to Saudi Arabia and submarines to Israel. All these moves do not come from a very democratic process, particularly the German treasury. Westerwelle and Merkel act as puppets of Obama, attempting to make an example of Syria, an example that I hope will not succeed.

Unfortunately, attacks by terrorists and armed gangs in Syria are almost celebrated as heroic exploits by Germany and other countries. What the Syrian government is being accused of, such as having their hands soaked in blood, is no different to Europe. The only difference is that Europe supports the terrorists in bringing unrest and chaos in Syria and not just in the last month.

In the vicinity of Homs, the oil pipeline which supplies the refinery was blown up. This will definitely cause new supply problems for the country. Additionally, terrorists tried to block the highway to Aleppo in an attempt to prevent the Army. A “strike of dignity” has been called for this Friday. Let us see how many old videos can be regurgitated from Al-Jazeera to show alleged masses of demonstrators attending.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London, headed by Mr. Rami Abdul Rahman, even the flames of the burning oil pipeline will be shown in London this evening or at the latest tomorrow morning with details of the dead, peaceful demonstrators shot by soldiers.

Strangely there is silence to this day about the number of soldiers who have fallen so far in their line of duty to protect the population. Dead soldiers are not of interest to Europe. Rather, they are sold here as dead civilians because, the more civilian casualties that are presented to Europe the more they can condemn the Syrian government. And that is done without even really knowing the country. Even less surprising is the claim from the London office that it can evaluate any ominous reports from former prisoners and bring to light new methods of torture.

Among the new methods of torture, it is claimed, is one particularly for women and designed to get them to talk. This supposed method is called “torture the cat”. Allegedly women are put naked in a sack with a cat. Who believes that? But when the public over a long period are manipulated with pseudo-knowledge and are emotionally affected by this, they become conditioned to buy the smoothest and stupidest of reports, especially as they are not in Syria and don’t understand the background.

As Bashar al-Assad said in his interview with Barbara Walters this “… is Syria. It’s not easy, it’s very complicated, it’s a very difficult country to govern if you don’t have the public support.” (ed) He said that there clearly were errors on the part of some soldiers or officers but that one cannot use these actions of individual soldiers or officers to legitimize the overthrow of a government and certainly not if one is aware of such a volatile region.

He told Walters that “…Syria is the fault line in the Middle East. You know, the Middle East is generally very diverse in ethnicities, in sects, in religions, but Syria is the most diverse and this is the fault line where all this diversity meets. So it’s like the fault line of the Earth. When you play with it, you will have an earthquake that is going to affect the whole region. So playing doesn’t mean to overthrow me or to deal with me. It’s not about me; it’s about the fabric of the society in this region. That is what I meant.”(ed)

Germany, in its attempt to excel in its strong condemnation and show of contempt for the government of Syria, should be careful. After all, the German government sold tanks to Saudi Arabia, the land that is funding the uprisings against the Syrian government in the hope that its arch rival Iran will be weakened.

Even Germany itself is struggling with the Salafists who are also paid by Saudi Arabia. How weird and stupid the current German government is. Or should we ask; how desperate and blind is Germany?


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