Syria: U.S. Ambassador back to Damascus and persistent propaganda

Posted: December 7, 2011 in International
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The media in the West reflect the current policy and defaults of the United States of America, which is also followed by the European countries and the Arab League (AL).

It is no question for the United States that they want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government in Damascus, no matter by what this means and above all, no matter at what this will cost.

The main thing for Americans is that the Syrian government will be history so that they can put a wedge between the so-called “Axis of Evil” and are able to “settle down” there finally. The new statement of the partly dubious leaders of the Syrian opposition abroad seem to confirm this and also makes clear that this not legitimate council in Turkey is used as puppets of American interests.

By the way, there is also the known discussion about such Lobbies as AIPAC in the United States and the misuse of U.S. Foreign Policy to achieve the interests of Israel which aren`t often similar to the goals of the actual Foreign Policy from the United States.

On Tuesday, for example, the American ambassador returned to the Syrian capital Damascus to continue his work to push the political goals of the United States ahead as some sources stated. No question about the fact, that the French ambassador will follow his American blood brother soon. These statements sound very clear and should trigger alarm at all – especially when we recall some leaked cables by WikiLeaks.

Of course, the return of the American ambassador is welcomed in the United States and after all they have somebody locally who can help to support the “uprising” again. Not to mention that it is said that Washington not only supports the Syrian opposition abroad and within Syria since the Bush administration with money and advice but also is said to support the armed radicals and extremists with training and weapons.

After all, Ford had meddled in the riots and fueled them by his visit to Hama. The Syrian side has not requested to send its ambassador back to the United States.

Another step that clearly shows the real intentions of America is Hillary Clinton’s offer to negotiate with the strange “Syrian National Council” in Istanbul, Turkey. She was willing to talk about a democratic future for Syria while the huge majority in Syria does not accept this Council or is amused by a woman like Hillary Clinton. It is again a hypocritically step. Also the statements after this „meeting“ are something you can call hypocritically.

How is the democracy model of the United States of America? We just need to look at Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Also at America itself where prisons are overcrowded and prisoners are tortured. Not to mention the disastrous economic situation of this huge country and the way some police reacts to the mainly peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) movement.

But there´s no word about it somehow – they seem to prefer to instigate wars and to blend into the world in order to divert attention from internal problems.

The Europeans follow the Americans and the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle seems to lead this bunch of panting ministers their countries. He finally does not seem to be somebody who really cares about his own image and behavior. Not to say he isn`t any more too good for anything.

The truth does not count anymore. You just blow into the horn of the American war policy. Why not? The internal situation in the United States isn`t far away from being positive and Europe has to care about the financial crisis and its upheld Euro. Of course, all are happy about ever distraction from their domestic problems.

Although there are some foreign journalists in Syria, they are not heard because they deliver mostly an image of Syria which is in contrast to the sold image by European governments. Also to mention are some “special” journalists like a guy from SkyNews which seems to be blind on both eyes just to become the next propaganda star at home. Objectivity and journalism really looks different.

They persist in statements that reports cannot be confirmed because no foreign journalists are allowed to enter Syria. These statements look very dubious when you think about journalists as Karin Leukefeld, Webster Tarpley, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Thierry Meyssan and some others like a French journalist based in Damascus. Not to mention some tourists and foreigners who are living in Syria for years. People like Karin Leukefeld, Webster Tarpley or Jürgen Todenhöfer show a different picture than what is presented by western news daily.

Some care about that such objective reports are not going to reach the whole Western public. It is a different situation with the Sky reporter Stuart Ramsay. This Sky reporter had a chat about the situation in the Syrian city Homs yesterday. Not to mention that this might show that internet and Skype is still working – in contrast to reports by.. Sky (SkyNews) and others.

So there are foreign journalists, but these journalists are usually only heard and used for the “media coverage” when they report in line with the actual policy.

It is not surprising that they are still using the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London as source to report repeatedly about the number of victims while nothing is confirmed or verified. That’s truly no real journalism. These people should do their jobs and finally start to question such a strange “Observatory” and its connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

No one is asking who is behind this organization and nobody is critically about the ways this “Syrian Human Rights” one-man show receives the exact information and horror stories form. It does not disturb journalists when information is not confirmed and verified. Such sources, credible or not, are perfect for “good stories” about another bad and violent Arabic dictator.

The population does not raise questions so why should they care about the real truth behind stories or the credibility of sources like this one-man show in London with his Muslim Brotherhood background and a channel like al-Jazeera which even isn`t perfect while broadcasting of fakes?

Is this information directly out of Syria? Syrian telephone lines are allegedly bugged in by the state apparatus – so how can people call in London to report on the atrocities? Not to mention that people in Syria are not able to reach al-Jazeera on normal ways.

We should not forget about the repeatedly handled allegations that the Syrian government is blocking phone lines and electricity, too. Some would really say it stinks to high heaven and indeed it does.

The manipulation of the people against Syria is in full swing. The truth should not really come to light, not now, when they prepare the overthrow of the Syrian government and its President Bashar al-Assad, despite the vast majority of Syrians is behind their president – even when they are critical with the authorities. They still make differences between governors, the authorities and the President Bashar al-Assad.

During the last months, also some actual opponents of the government changed their side because they don`t want their country Syria to be destroyed from abroad.

Whether the Syrian government is able to confront the Western propaganda and politics is a good question. Today, the American channel ABC is going to broadcast a new interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In addition, we are still waiting for the decision of the Arab League. Syria`s demands to lift the sanctions and restore the membership to the Arab League were rejected by al-Arabi. No surprise anymore.


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