Saudi Arabia and Bahrain: The disappeared democracy protests

Posted: December 7, 2011 in International
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The attention the West is currently clearly directed to Syria and Iran. After they razed Libya by the help of NATO and a lot of betrayal, Syria reached the top of their list now and it was and is still meant to be the way to Iran.

What was the name of the declared goal of the United States of America? Seven countries in five years. It seems to take longer but it is still clear that the U.S. government adhere at its premise.

But Syria appears more robust as previously believed by the United States and some Western governments. Additionally you cannot forget about the strategic aspect of Syria and the associated risks to the entire region – the Middle East.

But what is with the countries in the Middle East which belong to the allies of America?

Oddly, hardly anyone seems to be interested in the actual situation of the opposition movement in Bahrain or even in the situation of the Shiites (mainly based in the east of Saudi Arabia) who have rebelled against the oppression of the Saudi regime.

Information about these movements and situations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are hardly to find in Western media. While they reported relatively extensively about the situation in Bahrain at the beginning of this year, it became damn silent now. But you should not assume that this opposition movement has resolved into satisfaction.

The demonstrations in Bahrain were stopped by some pseudo-promise of the local ruling family – but especially through the tireless efforts of Saudi tanks and the arrest of large parts of the opposition.

This achieved, that Bahrain disappeared in the daily news and the United States was able to breathe again that this pressure was taken away. Not to mention that the United States nevertheless (violence of the regime and so on..) has a military base in Bahrain.

Quite clever because with all the interests on Syria, they can go on to beat protesters in Bahrain to protect the ruling family – and nobody seems to care. No surprise that some protesters are already questioning the bad media coverage and the hypocritically way of handling such protest movements.

It would be virtually unimaginable for the U.S., what would happen, if the Shiites would become more rights and opportunities there. The Iranian influence would explode.

Not only the Bahraini royal family knows how to push down the opposition and pro-democracy movement, but also the ruling elite of Saudi Arabia hunts those people who try to rebel against the oppression and injustice.

The Shiites have a clear disadvantage in the country which is dominated by Sunnis. But they are not really allowed to express their frustration and should not do this because demonstrations are ended with violence by the ruling class.

To prevent such demonstrations, the Saudi ruling house imposed a ban on all those protests. Should anyone violated against this rule, it may be that live ammunition is used. It is a fact that the leaders and participants of those protests are getting dispersed and imprisoned.

As Saudi Arabia’s royal family is one of America’s closest ally in the region all this is barely reported, neither in the Western media nor by al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya. No surprise at all. Thanks to this relationship between America and Saudi Arabia, the ruler is able to assert his power and it does not matter how the ruling class is used to protect its power and standing.

It would be unthinkable if the Americans would lose their most important allies in the region, at least for now. How it looks in a few years, especially when the oil runs out, is quite another question. Time and time again, the United States of America prove very clearly how you make of alleged friends some enemies very quickly – and without regrets.

Even Saudi Arabia will not be able to have the favor and support by America forever. The American foreign policy is just too imperialistic for a word like “forever”.

Unfortunately the people are standing alone against the governments of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. And it is certainly no fun when it is about restrictions on their power and protests on the streets. Such demonstrators were presented and used so well in other countries. But Bahrain and Saudi Arabia seem to be a different topic.

It’s a dirty game that is played. You can only hope that the quest for power and the global interest of American will eventually be stopped, hopefully before it is too late and the world is destroyed in something like a World War III.

Given the dismal economic and financial situation of the Americans and the debt crisis in many European countries, a war seems to be nearer than ever. The result of a declining great power is war.

That the U.S. is not on the distinguished road is certainly not difficult to recognize. One can only hope that a diplomatic solution is found before it’s too late.


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