War propaganda against Iran – Europe is gearing up

Posted: December 6, 2011 in International
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In addition to the trouble spot Syria, where especially the United States and the EU want to construct this from outside, and were able to get the support by the so-called Arab League (AL), which could finally be called a puppet of Western interests, they also started to strongly mobilize against Iran now. Not really surprising at all because it was always said that Syria is the way to Iran.

That the West is the nuclear dispute with Iran is nothing new. Repeatedly the Iran was accused to work at nuclear weapons, without having actually tangible and concrete evidence for this accusation. But at the moment the agitation against Iran seems to have reached a new dimension.

Although the Iranian banks are involved in the nuclear business for years, the British government thought only now about this and to increase its sanctions so high that they exceeds even the sanctions imposed by the United States – which has triggered a storm of indignation.

There are too many parallels and obvious provocations which are only made to finally lead to a war against Iran, sometime and somehow.

By the sanctions from Europe (EU), the United States and the recently also decided sanctions by the Arab League against Syria, they could think about that, that Syria will be soon break down to finally overthrow all the “enemies”. A goal that has been around for so long.

Again and again, the nuclear program of Iran is denounced. Therefore, Iran is already the subject to sanctions by Western countries for years and always ostracized internationally, too.

However, it is a good question how the warmongers of NATO can actually say that they give Iran no right to nuclear weapons or nuclear reactors. The United States, Israel, France, Pakistan and other countries have nuclear weapons themselves. Looking at the so-called Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty it seems more to be a bad joke in connection with some countries.

If you recall the history you quickly find the country which really should not own any nuclear weapons anymore. After all it has been the United States of America which already made use of these inhuman weapons.

Especially the Americans, but also the Europeans (especially the French here) should be careful with their threats and demands. Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

An explanation about these measuring with double standards is not published until today. The issue is not even a topic at the conferences by NATO countries, where it is always just about to raise his finger warningly, without permission to do so.

The American President, Barack Obama, no less than Nobel Peace Prize, has announced a tougher line with Iran and this is “new” line already in preparation.

After they plummeted the Arab world by the so-called “Arab Spring” almost to rubble and ashes, while taking care just about the countries which are helpful and important in the fight against Syria and Iran, they throw all their attention on these both countries now.

The relations between Iran and Britain are more than strained. Iran, however, remains true to its attitudes and waived for an apology after the Iranian government already expressed their regret about the last events. Britain denounced the attitudes of the Iranian security officials who didn`t interfered as young Iranian people stormed the British Embassy in Tehran.

But looking one or two months back you hardly find a difference in the attitude of European security forces at the “attack” on Syrian embassies. Even the European security forces had no particular hurry to intervene.

Because the imperialists seemingly want to put everything on one card and are ready for a wildfire, it seems comprehensible that Iran calls for a withdrawal of all foreign military and militia in Afghanistan but also in Iraq.

The West has nothing to lose, the financial crisis harms not only Europe but also America and what is better than a lucrative war at the moment? It was always like that war and weapons deliver the most money and arms, how it is probably quite clear when you take a country as Germany as an example.

So why not put everything on one card and bring war into the world to help themselves? Are the NATO warmongers really ready for anything?

  1. Hugh Hill says:

    You are absolutely right right Israel, has told the US they must attack as they have done with the UK & some other European countries, it is wrong & criminal and has been for many years but these criminals escape justice time and time again……

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