Syria: Thierry Meyssan speaks about the real situation

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Sideviews
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Thierry Meyssan, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network, is in Syria and the French intellectual says in his first report clearly that the facts in Syria are in contrast to the things the “big media” in Europe and the United States report about.

In his first contribution Thierry Meyssan also spoke about the fact that it doesn`t look like a civil war in Syria. He also denies that there is a mass uprising in Syria and talked about the preparing of the war from the Western countries against the Syrian soldiers and government.

Afterwards he took up the reports about the supported fighters which were sent to Syria to fight against the Syrian army and force chaos to destabilize the country.

Thierry Meyssan explained that the Western countries tried first to create an Islamic emirate at the border to Jordan but that they failed. After that they tried to organize big ambush against the Syrian military and are now organizing attacks against Syrian civilians and security forces. Thierry Meyssan talks clearly about the kidnapping, sabotage acts and the murdering of civilians and policemen.

The founder and chairman of Voltaire Network explained also that the West first might have think at the beginning to create a “revolution” in Syria but that they are now trying to create and force a “civil war” between the different religions and ethics in Syria. Afterwards Meyssan talked about Syrian cities as Homs and the really bad and violent situation there.

He also rejects the statement that the situation in Syria is a “political uprising” and explained that the demonstrations against the Syrian government are only small – just 100 or 200 people who aren’t representative for all the other citizens of their town.

The French intellectual Thierry Meyssan also explained while being in Syria that they these protesters think that a country in the Muslim world must be ruled by “real Muslims” and that Alawis (also known as Alawites, Nusayris and Ansaris) are no real Muslims at all. He also said that “they” want to “kill Bashar al-Assad” (Syrian President).

Afterwards he talked about the Arab League (AL) and the observers who should come to Syria. He might think that the Arab League (AL) is just another puppet of Western interests. The contribution is also about the new developments between the Syrian authorities and the Arab League and that the Arab League wasn´t waiting to call for their demands. Thierry Meyssan seems to have the same points of views while being in Syria as the American journalist and author Webster Tarpley.

Thierry Meyssan is trying to keep the “world” updated about the situation in Syria and rejects the accusations of the UN Security Council, Western governments and organizations. He also rejects the credibility of the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights” (in Syria) based in London. Meyssan explained also that this dubious “Observatory” is run by only one man and that this guy is one of the “leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood”, which is totally against the Syrian government.

You cannot be a credible objective source when you are clearly against the government at the same time – and also involved in the groups which act against the Syrian authorities.

Afterwards he talked about the position of the Turkish government which hosts and supports the armed bunch of extremists and radicals who try to fight against the Syrian soldiers, security forces and also try to increase the chaos in some areas of Syria, too.

Thierry Meyssan is the opinion that just very few “rebels” come from inside Syria and that the most of these radical people are from abroad.

That Skype was used for this first contribution from Thierry Meyssan out of Syria rejects the last report from some Western media that Skype is banned in Syria now. Nothing surprising at all because this report was also based on a not verified and credible source.


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