Syria accepts observer mission if changes are made in the protocol

Posted: December 6, 2011 in International
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The Syrian government relents now and the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry in Damascus announced on Sunday already that the authorities are willing in principle to allow an observer mission in the country, but only if there are some changes and additions made to the protocol of the Arab League (AL).

Also on Sunday the Syrian Foreign Minister Al-Muallem sent his principled commitment about the observer mission into Syria to the Arab League Secretary General al-Arabi in Cairo, Egypt. Like al-Arabi announced, the demands of the Syrian side would still be examined.

The last time the Arab League (AL) rejected the demanded changes to the protocol by the Syrian government in Damascus. Until now it is not sure how the Arab League will decide this time but you can probably expect that there will be a final decision today or tomorrow.

The content of the new demanded changes to the protocol, which the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem has send to the Secretary General of the Arab League, has already been published yesterday, too.

The Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem responds to the requirements mentioned in the protocol of the Arab League (AL) and made important additions which will hopefully contribute to Syria’s sovereignty that this sovereignty will not decrease and will not give foreign powers the chance to gain a foothold inside the country as it happened in Libya.

The Arab League (AL) demanded observer mission to Syria should be composed of Arab military, civilians and representatives of certain human rights organizations. Meanwhile Russia also made an offer to contribute to this observer mission. Nothing surprising because Russia knows what really happened in Libya.

The version of the Arab League also anchored that this observer mission should monitor the implementation of the so-called “Arab plan” for resolving this crisis in Syria and protect civilians. It sounds a bit hypocritically when you know about the real situation in Syria and that some of these Arab countries seem to support the extremists and radical Islamists with money and weapons.

One of the Syrian amendments provides that the Government receives a list with name, rank and nationality of the members of this delegation in advance. Further the delegation should act as an observer for the implementation of the provisions of the Arab plan for resolving the crisis in Syria.

The demand of the Arab League that the work of the delegation begins immediately after the signing of the protocol through the Syrian side and that they not only send the observers and the Heads of the mission to Syria but also security personnel for their safety.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry changed this so that the members of this delegation do not enter Syria with their own security personnel but can rely on the protection and cooperation with the Syrian authorities. It is no surprising change by Syria and absolutely understandable.

The Syrian government also limited the countries of origin of those persons at this observer mission which are chosen by the Arab League Secretary General to provide technical assistance and monitoring

The Arab League (AL) originally demands that consultants from Arab, Islamic and friendly countries are allowed, as part of this mission, to enter Syria. The Syrian side limited this demand to Arab countries.

Although Syria already released a lot of the detainees which were arrested in the last months, the Arab League (AL) calls further to release all detainees who were imprisoned during this crisis. Here also is the understandably restriction of Syria to agree to a gradual release and to release only these detainees who have no “blood on their hands” or participated in acts of sabotage.

In addition, Syria agreed to withdraw military and armed forces from the cities and residential areas, despite a lot of citizens in Homs or Idleb who are not willing to agree with that because they fear more violence and blood then – even more than it is already the situation in parts of the Syrian city Homs – with a wonderful greeting to foreign countries and organizations which support a bunch of criminals and radicals with money and weapons. There is blood on these hands, too.

This observer mission of the Arab League (AL) will be able to move freely and also is allowed to make contacts, which is required to fulfill its responsibility to protect the Syrian population – if they cooperate with the Syrian side. It is still hypocritically and false how the Arab League (AL) sells this situation within Syria and their planed observer mission.

The Syrian side reserves the right to be informed about the objectives of the delegation members. At the same time, Syria has declared that people who are trying to get in contact with the delegation of observers do not have to fear negative consequences. In addition to the protocol of the Arab League (AL), Syria is also interested in:

The protocol is signed by both sides for a runtime of two months, but can be renewed with the consent of both parties. The Syrian government will assume no costs related to fulfillment of the tasks of this observer mission.

The very legitimate objections of the Syrian side are again unfortunately sold as “excessively high demands” in the Western press, which more and more acts like a propaganda medium of Western interests and imperialism.

Not to forget all the reports in the last months which were (and are) not based on verified and confirmed evidence. It is still to question if this is really journalism nowadays.

Syria just wants to protect its sovereignty and is not interested to “end” like Libya. One can only hope that the above points are sufficient to prevent such a fate as in Libya, because it opens the gates to “hell-hounds” of NATO.


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