Syria: On the eve of the war?

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Sideviews
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There were suddenly demonstrations out of “nothing”. The forced “liberalize” of the economy from the “outside”, by the imperialists, had for the bulk of the Syrian population bad consequences. (Not to mention the consequences with the embodiment of the refugees from Iraq)

But there was no crisis situation that could have spoken for a spontaneous uprising against the government. Rather, it is likely that the opposition movement from the beginning was controlled from outside.

Quickly armed commandos began under the cover of the demonstrations to act – snipers who have exercised the murdering of the members of the Syrian security forces and probably some protesters – terror on the streets of some Syrian cities.

In parallel, the West imposed sanctions against Syria: economic embargo and travel bans on senior Syrian government officials. Also the media campaign increased. The central slogan of disinformation: Bashar al-Assad must go! – That was (and is) the slogan of the U.S. government.

Meanwhile, a so-called “Syrian National Council” has been installed. He has allegedly armed forces of 15 000 men who should put the concentration of a political-military leadership of the “opposition” as soon as possible into effect and make them “officially” – which is obviously one of the lessons for NATO from the war in Libya.

The terrorist groups operating in Syria now operate a real small war. The constantly drumming of the imperialist media which are only free in the invention of lies, distortion of the facts, direct falsifications and that only with the scope of the leash on which they depend.

The Arab League (AL) is acting as a U.S. puppet and bolstered the military threats and operations against the temporary excluded member (against the statutes and rules of the Arab League) Syria with “political demands”.

Ironically, the band of sinister dictators of the Arab peninsula plays the role as a defender of democracy and freedom in Syria, while at their own home and country, the prisons are overflowing with political prisoners who are systematically tortured and liquidated.

The Turkish government has threatened Syria with war. Turkey is the main background for the armed and violent terrorists who are operating in Syria.

Is the almost incredible callousness how the actual relations are turned upside down. Among all the Syrian Arab nations, Syria is most likely the country which is ruled by a regime that respects the interests of their people and also has mass support.

Million Syrian citizens are going on the streets again and again to demonstrate their support for their government, the President Bashar al-Assad and the reform process. Just look at their faces: These are not just ordered propaganda protests, where people are forced to more or less.

There is a real outrage over the foreign aggression and anxiety about the independence of the country. Millions of Syrian people: It does not matter. If the imperialists talk about democracy and freedom (“regime change”), they mean the installation of a puppet government.

The people are at best either to deceive or defraud and otherwise annoying. If they are getting bothersome, they are bathed in blood. That is working, as you can see in Libya, if you are just interested to look at. “Assad must go!” – This is not a Syrian issue, but one of the U.S., Israel, France, Great Britain, Germany..

The Syrian people can either love it or imagine it, but it is not his affair.

The situation is now worsened in these days. The U.S. American fleet crosses in front of the Syrian coast. An aircraft carrier is en route to this area. You can be sure that the Israeli navy and probably the British and French units are not far away from there.

The U.S. Air Force bases in the Turkish can be in half an hour over Syria. Even from the no-fly zone is the speech and that was also the beginning of the war and bloodshed against and in Libya. The probability that the war is imminent, that it is already decided, is high.

The power structure is much more dangerous than in the case of Libya. Russia maintains its only foreign military base in Syria.  The agreement with Syria says that Russian combat aircraft can land and start at any time there. A “No-fly zone” – even for Russian planes?

Will they fire at if they act against such a “No-Fly zone”? Was will have Russia to do if it does not want to be humiliated? Fleet parade in front of the Syrian coast – where are also three or four Russian warships cross. What Russia will do, when the cruise missiles are flying over their own ships against Syria?

Threats of war from Turkey – according to various reports, Iran puts more and more troops on the border to Turkey. Is Iran able to stand idly by as Syria is attacked, when it`s really clear that it is their own country which is attacked next if Syria falls.

The imperialists are insane. But the madness has a method. It’s not even reaching the target in Syria to easy install a government which dances to the tune of the West and that subordinates the Syrian economy to the Western monopolies. That would not be bad.

But letting the whole region drift into a hotbed of unrest, in a zone of chaos, to transform the area into a region with long enduring political and military struggle in which we intervene times and other times we just can leave it alone – that would not be bad either.

If the region would remain quiet, the domination of Iraq wouldn`t be safe in the long run. There could be many good reasons for Iraq, Syria and Iran to support one another. And that may radiate to the states of the Arabian Peninsula and endanger the local depraved vassals-dictatorships in this area.

By the way, Syria is not Afghanistan. Syria is at the doorstep to Europe. With a war against Syria the war moves closer to Europe. A general destabilization of the Middle East would keep the western imperialists occupied.

That would be for the U.S. is not bad either. For there is a much more central staging area – in the Far East, surrounding China.

Obama’s recent trip to Asia and the rhetoric against China, which he used there, point out where the big bourgeoisie of the United States sees the central front in the coming decades. In comparison, the Middle East is a sideshow.

Translation of: Syrien – Am Vorabend des Krieges?


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