Syria: Arab League ultimatum expired again

Posted: December 5, 2011 in International
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Every day you can read the new headlines about Syria in the Western media which are attempting to bring the Syrian government into disrepute and are also promoting the arming of the uprising.

The foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria is vehemently criticized rightly by Damascus because they are continually pouring oil into the fire. One can only lay the blame not only on the Syrian government although the Syrian authorities have a share of the blame.

After the experience of the war in Libya and the revelations about the NATO crimes you should be shaken awake slowly. They are trying to create the same scenario as in Libya in Syria, even if the western governments still shies away from a war officially – but everything they are doing is to plunge the country into chaos.

In the course of this propaganda against Syria new horror stories are invented every day. Also meetings become public which should not be cheered but rather be viewed with a great concern.

Again and again the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London, a one-man agency, sells or distributes reports of numbers from civilian deaths voluntarily to all the press agencies.

Libyan rebels, trained and financed by CIA, are called to foment an uprising in Benghazi and are now said to be in Syria where they help the armed extremists and radicals in fighting against the Syrian army and security forces.

Instead of raising critical questions about this support for Libyan “rebels” and armed extremists and Islamists in Syria, the Western media seems to cheer such activities although it’s against every international law and sense of humanity. Not to speak about all the Syrian civilians who got murdered by those US-backed radicals, too.

This bunch of armed extremists, Islamists and some sold as deserters apparently can not only look forward to money, training and arms from Libya, but also from Qatar and Turkey. Not to mention USA, France, Britain and others here.

The West is delighted and applauded to “unique” war announcements of so-called Syrian opposition figures in Istanbul, such a figure as this strange Khalid Ogla who says that they not need any words but weapons to fight against the government in Syria.

If that’s not the proof that the so-called “Syrian National Council” in Turkey is not ready for any dialogue and follows the only aim to overthrow the Syrian government, which not only doesn`t look like a democratic attitude but also not like a bright future for Syria and its population.

The West supports this although this support is against international laws and rejects the point of views about peace in the Middle East. After all the West has indeed a great interest in a disintegrating Syria to pave the way to Iran and take away “a threat” against Israel.

But with such statements and the illegal arms shipments, there is no need to raise the admonishing forefinger when Syrian soldiers try to bring peace to Syrian cities like Tell Kalach and Idleb, of course. Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

Furthermore, there is no need to be even outraged that the Syrian government is still not amused by the offers of the Arab League (AL) and that another so-called ultimatum by this Arab League against Damascus expired without agreement about the delegation of observers.

The conditions, which are made for this delegation, are simply not compatible with the safety of a sovereign country like Syria. Just recall what happened in Libya when the murdered Muammar Gaddafi allowed a lot of journalists to enter the country and to prove what the situation in Libya “actually is”.

Not to mention an independent woman as Lizzie Phelan and her truth about Libya now. After the last months and the bloodshed of a “No-Fly Zone” by the NATO and its “rebels” you cannot hesitate anymore to believe in reports by Lizzie Phelan.

Muammar Gaddafi thus gave free access to the country to the hounds of hell  and heralded his end with this decision. That the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to prevent this variant of the nefarious NATO campaign should be clear and straightforward.

In addition to reports of new deaths and the support of the Syrian insurgents by Libyan rebels, as well as preparing new sanctions in the Arab League, a new layer is followed by announcing that the first Syrian intelligence officials also changed the side. How much truth this message has is not verifiable.

Should be something to it, we talk about a dozen. But as the number of deserters from the Syrian army is vastly over-exaggerated in the West, it could be just the beginning of new “messages” to show the end of the government in Damascus. It would not surprise if this is just another usual propaganda trick.

It is still a wishful thinking of the West and the huge majority of the Syrian population can smile somehow about this. But how long will it take until the minions of NATO make themselves strong enough to really hurt Syria.

In Turkey the debate over the establishment of a so-called “humanitarian corridor” in Syria is getting louder, but it is really questionable if Ankara has the power to enforce such a “humanitarian corridor” in the north of Syria.

The Syrian army will try everything to prevent any attempts of the Turkish government about that. Just remember Libya and recall that the majority in Syria is against any international intervention and will never accept any of these dubious US-backed National Councils abroad. This is no propaganda lie; it is just the truth about the situation in Syria.

“They” built a zone in Benghazi and so they have been able to establish all things which were needed to overthrow and murder the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Several reports say the border region with Turkey is secured and no one really knows how the Turkish population in the south of Turkey will react about such an act by their government. Not to mention Russia, China, Iran and also the Kurds and Armenians.


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