Syria: War propaganda is in full swing

Posted: December 4, 2011 in International
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Since months the media reports about Syria even though it is repeatedly stressed that given the media blockade imposed by the government in the Syrian capital Damascus there are no secured and objectively verifiable facts are getting, because foreign journalists are denied access to land.

Why are there new horror news about Syria on daily base which are recited mechanically by so-called journalists without questioning their sources?

Once it comes to having to report that Syrian soldiers and security forces were murdered, the above-mentioned slogan are recited mechanically, but when these reports are about alleged atrocities by the Syrian authorities and soldiers, they have their sources in so-called eyewitness reports, al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya reports (despite both media channels are far away from being credible) and not to forget in the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London.

When using such sources it is not usually demanded where such messages and reports come from or if this information could be credible. The reports of the Syrian authorities and soldiers are sold as propaganda without hesitation in Western media. Recalls us to Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and other known places.

Not to forget the upcoming propaganda war against Russia because of their position in the Syrian situation and the American missile defense system.

The West is clearly using propaganda and that propaganda war is directly against Syria. They are even not too shy away in putting together reports by Commissions of Inquiry where the responsible persons have not put one foot in the country. It is further to question if the majority of the used “sources” have been to Syria in the last months.

The final investigation report to the UN Human Rights makes this obvious. Initially, only a very small group of so-called refugees and deserters was interviewed. Two hundred people are said to represent alleged three million living victims, which are said to be suppressed by the state power and are said to live in fear, too.

According to Pillay, who is only using the machinery of NATO war propaganda, it is totally clear that there is a civil war within Syria. But where from do they know this? Their knowledge is based on the reports of a dubious one-man company in London which calls itself the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Syria“.

Perhaps they sell their knowledge, which actually is none at all, just to make sure that the war propaganda is not falling asleep – while knowing that a lot of these accusations are not verified or just lies.

After all they are praising the so-called deserters of the Syrian army for at least a month and hailed their attacks even when Syrian civilians are mainly the targets and victims. Not to say that they sell wrong numbers when it comes to these so-called deserters. Just remember other NATO propaganda wars.

Although they are always talking about at least 15,000 deserters of the Syrian army in the West, there is absolutely no evidence. There is only the evidence that the former Colonel Riyadh al-Asad left the Syrian army and fled to Turkey, where he stepped into the services of Rifaat al-Assad and Abdulhalim Khaddam (Chaddam), of course.

Of which he now receives funding and weapons in order to spread chaos and violence in Syria – destabilizing the country and its government. He also seems to receive weapons and money from the Turkish government which is strongly in connection with the Muslim Brotherhood. No surprise at all.

However the number of deserters needs to be recognized much lower. Not to mention the United States and its Obama administration which supported and supports this chaos and “regime change” in Syria to pave the way to Iran.

Really dangerous is the support for the violent and armed bunch of people which calls themselves the “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army). It is not only against every international law to support these extremists with money and weapons but also clear that this bunch of radicals is able to use the new sanctions against Syria for themselves.

So they can offer the unemployed Syrians money for their services for example. Civilians are armed and abused for a dirty game of the warmongers of NATO.

The majority of people in Syria is simply getting ignored, demonstrations of them in support of the Syrian government, President Bashar al-Assad and their reform course are ignored or displayed as a constraint of the government.

The Arab League, in probably half the country (maybe even more) depends on the Americans or is in bondage to them, has taken the side of the West. The small Qatar has taken the lead in preparing the exclusion of Syria and preparing all the sanctions against this country in the Middle East.

The sanctions are said to come into effect tomorrow if the Syrian authorities and Foreign Minister al-Muallem will again not accept the final ultimatum by the Arab League, which is understandable while looking at the content of these offers.

The conditions in this ultimatum, however, are already known from the first ultimatum and so they cannot be accepted by the Syrian government if they want to prevent that Syria ends like Libya and open its gates to the destroyers directly.

Although the Syrian economy is hit and the Syrians certainly have to nibble about that, they cannot threaten the country. In response to the Turkish sanctions Syria announced the breakup of the free trade agreement with Turkey.

In response to the sanctions of the Arab countries Syria is going to close the international sea route from Turkey to Jordan and into the Gulf. Even if they harass Syria the country in the Middle East has still ways to put up a fight – not only because of its position in this region.

It has been reported in several sources that the Qatari Foreign Minister offered money and more to his Syrian counterpart al Muallem if he immediately leaves the Syrian government without hesitation. But this information is not confirmed, of course.

That almost sounds like the machinations in Tunisia because Ben Ali was very soon ready to leave his country and find refuge in Saudi Arabia. But Qatar has made the bill without the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem.

Not to say as a small notice that Syrians in general love their country and their patriotism is about the country primarily. Somebody as al Muallem with his history and his life would not sell his country for any money on this planet.

Looking at all these attempts to destabilize Syria and destroying one can only hope that the warmongers will have no success this time and in future.

But perhaps it is also the fear of a conflagration in and to Israel which protects Syria also against a foreign intervention and invasion at the moment – beside Russia, China and other facts. Not to mention the truth about the situation in Syria which differs totally from the way it is sold to the Western citizens by their governments, organizations and media.


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