Germany: Chancellor Angela Merkel sold submarines to Israel

Posted: December 4, 2011 in International
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The Germans mix at the forefront of condemnation of the Syrian government and already tried to succeed in delivering a resolution to the UN Security Council against Syria in October.

The German government is playing a double game, since regardless of their actual slogans to support and promote the aspirations of democracy in the Middle East, they are selling parallel tanks to Saudi Arabia.

Already in November last year the German government signed a deal with Algeria to build a tank factory, in which tanks can get repaired, upgraded and built. At the moment a new military deal forces a renewed outcry, at least he should do that. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is amused about the thorny deal and pulled it ashore while not hurrying with that deal and finally has she let the public outside, of course.

This means that the German citizens were not really informed about that tank deal with Saudi Arabia in time. This is also nothing unusual and even fits to the German laws.

Back in November last year there was almost simultaneously to the agreement with Algeria another agreement between Israel and Germany, between Netanyahu and Angela Merkel. But the treaty rested because the German Chancellor Merkel was not interested to sign the deal with Israel as long as Netanyahu could not be convinced for political compromises.

The contract was so nearly a year put on ice, the relationship between Merkel and Netanyahu became reportedly tense and culminated (according to some Members of Parliament) into an open quarrel. Now the dispute is apparently settled because Mrs. Merkel has signed the deal on the submarine delivery to Israel.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said already in 2008 that Israel’s security is a non-negotiable thing for her government and that they are going to do everything for the safety of Israel, which you can recognize usually. Even at the moment when more European countries start to dissociate from Israel.

Although Netanyahu holds on to the illegal and often criticized the settlement policy and makes no secret of his lust for aggression against Iran, the German Chancellor Merkel has now signed the contract and the submarines are going to be delivered to Israel. Thus, Germany stokes the fire enormously with the anyway explosive situation in the Middle East.

That Israel has nuclear weapons is an open secret. Israel does never officially confirm and talked about this even though it has often been called upon to do so. Now if it gets the submarines from Germany, which is not only a life insurance policy for Israel, but it also puts the danger of a war in a completely different light.

Through these submarines the weapons become a real life insurance for Israel and maybe a small deterrent in the fight against Iran.With this delivery of the submarines to Israel the position of Germany to Israel is reinforced and the country mingles more or less into the conflict between Israel and Iran.

So far, the interference was always only in the context of the commissions, which tried fulfilling the prophecy about an Iranian nuclear program while evidence were pulled out from everything – sense and senseless stuff.

Earlier this week the policy between Iran and Britain was escalating and this could be the last reason for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to finish the deal with Israel and to finally deliver these war submarines – increasing the pressure on Teheran, Iran. Whether she has achieved her goal is really questionable.

But the fact is that the NATO territory is planning a war against the so-called “axis of evil” and since it is only beneficial when NATO forces chaos and destabilization in Syria with the arming and supporting of a violent bunch of extremists and Islamists. In hope that Syria becomes weak and is therefore not able to interfere if there will be a fight of the NATO against Iran in future.

Whether the new warmongers really want to start a war against Iran and/or Syria is considered doubtful but not excluded. Only then the third World War will be triggered because neither Russia nor Pakistan will stay out of the dispute and the war against Iran – and Syria. Not to forget about the attitudes and positions of China and India, too.

The sale of the submarines was regulated in a very short time. Germany is going, as usually; take over a part of the required purchase price, which gets the German taxpayers involved in the dirty or questionable transactions with the government.

At the same time this takeover of a part of the required purchase price will be also serve as a form of compensation of the Nazi crimes against Jews because Israel after all forgets about their claims against the former GDR which the government of the GDR has never approved neither accepted.

How long will the German government be pushed with these claims on the wall?


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