Syria: President Bashar al-Assad about the Arab World & Russias support

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Politics
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The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said in a new interview with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar that Syria’s battle is not with the Arabs, but with those who move the Arab countries whenever they want. He also talked about that he expects Arab leaders to visit Damascus and to “apologize”. President Al-Assad is also accusing the Americans for trying to change the regime in Syria, “but they will not succeed.”

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad noted that the American plan was to divide Iraq but that the United States discovered that the Division of Iraq is impossible with the presence of Syria next to it, so either Syria is divided and then they can take care about dividing Iraq, but either countries will not be divided”.

The Syrian President also talked about the condition of the American Foreign Policy and said about this that “Today the US are in their weakest external conditions, Americans wish was and still is to rock the situation in Syria to cover the withdrawal of their troops from Iraq, and want to see the regime change in Syria, but they will not succeed.”

Afterwards Bashar al-Assad mentioned the Arab League (AL) and the decision to temporary exclude Syria from the membership and that’s beside that fact that this decision was against their own statutes and rules:

“Syria is not in a battle against Arabs, the Arab movements currently don’t bother Syria, and some Arab countries are not satisfied with the attitude shown by the Arab League against Syria, and said that he has received many communications from Arab States affirmed that nothing will change in bilateral relations after the decision of the sanctions against Syria.”

Bashar al-Assad also said to this Lebanese newspaper that „Arab leaders will come to Damascus to apologize at the end.”

He noted that “Turkey cannot dictate to Syria what to do, and Turkey is entering a game that is larger than its regional size and larger than what’s permitted by its reality,” he said, adding that “the battle is with the West.”

Then the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad mentioned  that he was aware “that the battle was not short and that it’s harsh, but the circumstances today are better than they were months ago, and has always asked the army not to use heavy weapons in military battles, and the usage of light weapons only”.

He also said that economic sanctions “will affect Syria, but would not be disastrous, and there will be a set of actions that will help us face these sanctions.”

About Russia the Syrian President talked about the fact that Russia is doing strategic stuff and that the Russian authorities told the Syrian government and him that they are with Syria in this situation – He said about that: “What Russia has given is strategic and they will not retreat on that, they told us that they are with us in this battle.”. He also mentioned the role of Syria for Russia: “No price can be offered to Russia equals the loss of Syria and its role in the region, if Russia loses the Syrian role it means its exit from the Middle East.”

Bashar al-Assad said afterwards to this Lebanese newspaper that “Syria has not been encouraged to approve on the Arab League paper, but the Russian leadership hoped that Syria would accept it to alleviate the pressure on Syria and to find a more positive environment, which saw Damascus approving on the Protocol”.

On the other hand the Syrian President Assad considered that Syria “was mistaken in dealing with Islamic institutions as one … Now we are revising the dealing with all “.

On the possibility of dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood, Assad said “previously we opened the doors of dialogue with the Muslim brotherhood several times, but we have not reached a result, because of their clung to their decisions, and then also we were ready for dialogue since Hama’s phase, up till now, I didn’t intend to avoid any point or stage, but today we are not ready to dialogue with them unless they give up on what they are in now.”

Finally the Syrian President al-Assad also mentioned that “The ideological (or sectarian) atmosphere did not exist in Syria, and the authorities have always dealt with any attempts to make that atmosphere decisively, but some are working on the diffusion of this atmosphere in all of Syria, but today this situation occurs only in Homs”.

He also was a bit surprised about the position of Sudan to Syria and did not hide to express this in that interview with the Lebanese newspaper. He also stated that “in particular that Syria has long supported Sudan during the difficult periods experienced by penalties inflicted, but eventually in the end Sudan has agreed on sanctions against Syria.“

Translation by SyrianTruthEnglish.


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