Syria: EU sanctions and the fiction of a civil war in Syria

Posted: December 2, 2011 in International
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On Sunday, the Arab League imposed economic sanctions against Syria, against a Member State for the first time – a member whose membership is on hold now, although this has not been decided unanimously. Qatar was and is the tone and impeller in the Arab League (AL).

After the decisions of the Arab League, Turkey had to prove on which side they stand. Not only that they had granted the Transitional Council and the so-called deserters refuge but also the neighboring country to Syria imposed a series of sanctions against Syria, too.

Because Europe took this decisions and sanctions of Turkey and the Arab League as praiseworthy, the EU Foreign Ministers also had to follow and impose new sanctions yesterday. Everything else will show up in the coming days.

The UN Human Rights Council meets today already and wants to discuss a resolution against Syria despite the last report is not based on confirmed and verified sources. There is also a lack of objectivity behind this new report but that does not seem to bother them.

The UN Human Rights Council wants to see the ruling class of Syria before the International Criminal Court, because they should have committed crimes against humanity.

But what about the armed and radical gangs that have been equipped and trained for years? Anyone who believes that they protect people is totally wrong.

These are a bunch of criminals and extremists who spread nothing but unrest and chaos. Because they cling so blindly in their policy, these armed radicals and Islamists are seen and almost celebrated as liberators of Syria. This doesn`t remind us somehow of Libya?

In Libya they drove exactly the same stitch, but then the West had to recognize and report also about violent crimes of the rebels. Actually the responsible “rebels” and people of NATO should be on the top of the list of criminals who have to fear indictments.

They don not stop with their “new duty” to sell their citizens a doomsday scenario about Syria and they still speak about a civil war while no civil war can be found in this country of the Middle East.

Meanwhile the UN has corrected the numbers of dead at 4,000, with the indication that there are reliable sources that tell of many more deaths. Who are these sources reliable? Why aren’t they mentioned? There are no credible sources and that’s a fact also some journalists know about.

Even a French journalist, based in Syria, rejects these numbers of dead and speaks clearly about the fakes and lies by strange people, organizations and others who are interested in the highest violent image about Syria to force an international intervention while selling false information and images.

Maybe some would notice afterwards that there are always the same facilities, based in London or elsewhere in Europe, who have passed indiscriminately numbers of deaths to the international press, relevant organizations and governments.

There are victims, there are dead, and that is not being denied. The problem is the blind trust on this one-man company in London, also known as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London, which delivers a lot of these numbers of killed persons – just as an example. There are some more questionable “Observatories” like this one.

Unfortunately they still hide the number of killed security forces, soldiers, policemen and civilians who were murdered by the armed extremists and the supported bunch of criminals. When they report about the murdered Syrian soldiers it seems to be usually done with a nasty undertone now.

Yes they would “deserve it” because they “act brutal against peaceful protesters”. What a shame and what a hypocritical lie. That even does not look like objective journalism.

To continue the manipulation of the unsuspecting humans in the West they show to pictures of horror scenarios. The authenticity of the pictures cannot verified and confirmed, but the fact is, it’s all just blurred images with the logo “Ugarit-News”.

That this “Ugarit News” channel is an opposition news channel, which is funded and operated by Rifaat al-Assad or his son is sure not known by many people. They just sell their information as facts without proving and questioning the sources.

In particular, the state news channels like CNN, BBC, ARD or ZDF are absolutely not too bad to support this smear campaign and they are always trying to push this forward with all their might – knowing that there are no verifications and confirmations.

While the West is conspiring against Syria, Russia continues to hold fast to his allies. Although the UN wanted to a comprehensive arms embargo only against the government troops as it happened also in Libya, of course, Russia refused this directly.

The arms shipments to Syria continue. Also warships in Syrian waters demonstrate Russia’s willingness to go to extremes if the West does not come around soon –maybe because of their port at the Syrian city Tartus (Tartous) or even because of other motivations.

But in the West, so-called experts are selling their forecasts and their demands for the resignation Assad so that another CIA infiltrated regime can be installed. Everybody wants his 15 minutes of fame, isn’t it like this?

Not to mention that the most of these experts are not in Syria or have not been there for a longer time and that people like this French journalists or delegations to Syria are not heard because their information and experiences does not fit to the image the West wants to sell.


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