Russia: NATO loads its guns

Posted: December 2, 2011 in International
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This Sunday the elections in Russia are going to take place. Of course, the alarm bells in Washington are ringing. The end of the disregard of Russia by the West is imminent.

A short introduction about Imperialism

Imperialism with its center U.S. pursues its goal of domination of the world consistent and ruthless. The propaganda of the imperialist block is trying to deny this quest for world domination and to sell this as an export of “democracy and human rights.” Critics and witnesses are discredited as a conspiracy theorist, although the historical practice has proven this – over the last 100 years the imperialist global strategy (conspiracy practice) – as a criterion of truth.

The number of wars, invasions, coups, assassinations, under the leadership of the military-industrial complex of the United States since the end of the Second World War is infinite. It is proven real conspiracies and no theory. New is only the open adoption of the UN and its agencies for the implementation of the imperial strategy.

Russia will show backbone again

All the beautifully made images of statesmen at the G8 summit with Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel and Medvedev indicated as scenery. The so homey meetings between Merkel / Medvedev at the guest house of the German government are tactics. There is no coming together.

We are experiencing a restyled new version of the strategy of “containment” and “rollback”. The hypocritical cooperation and “friendship” between the West and Russia was solely the creeping encirclement.

Russia has not separate itself into its individual components as obviously was expected after the energetic overthrow of the Soviet Union by Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Putin took resolute measures to hold the lower mismanaged by his predecessors vast empire together. Because of the current reference we remind you about the adaptation of military regions and including of districts.

After Putin gave the reins to Medvedev the West was scenting the morning air and ensnared Medvedev in every way. Medvedev was visibly flattered and even felt obliged to get bent because of America in strategic decisions. His dramatic personal decision – against the expressed wishes of his new UNO ambassador – was to not veto against the war against Libya. After Medvedev`s term of office the way for Vladimir Putin free again. Putin would have been vetoed in the Security Council and has called the NATO war a crusade. Putin asked in public who gives NATO the right to this war (Libya) and the hunt for Gaddafi. This makes the West worries.

Propaganda firing on all cylinders

As always reliable when it comes to the USA and providing support with propaganda are the (German television channels / media) ARD and ZDF which prove the class brothers attitude.They make obedient attitude towards Putin and his party. Mrs. Gellinek (ZDF) blows all octaves on the reed pipe, which we already know from the “western democratic” color “revolutions”. This kind of propaganda will continue to increase. We have to be almost grateful about Thomas “Scissorhands” Roth (ARD) that he showed us involuntarily in time how the German version of NATO propaganda against Russia works:

He had unabashedly turned into the opposite an interview with Putin over the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and Russia’s foreign policy position in 2008. A propaganda parade example:

See here in italics what Roth missed out in that interview and what effect he wanted to achieve intentionally. He is back in the starting blocks..

Whence comes this hatred?

Some aspects:

  • Russia consolidates its position in the region and gathers allies in the CIS around.
  • Putin supported Pakistan which is regularly assaulted by the United States (airspace violations, drones, attack, murdered, Bin Laden) and also ignored “as a key partner in the Islamic world.”
  • Russia cooperates against any NATO interference and propaganda with Iran in a peaceful nuclear program.
  • Russia created the “Shanghai Cooperation” with the help by China. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are members of this “Shanghai Cooperation”. They work together with Iran, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus and Sri Lanka closely in various ways.
  • Russia prevented the planned NATO war against Syria after a Libyan sample so far and is strict against any resolution against Syria at the UN Security Council. Susan Rice (CFR) is publicly fuming because of her rage.
  • Putin improved and upgraded the Russian Army and Navy to the dismay of the USA which thought that Russia armed till its death already.
  • Russian naval forces as the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kusnezow” are in front of the Syrian coast. (See here below)
  • Since Putin hit back the US-backed Georgian of the psychopath Saakashvili at its attack on South Ossetia it is clear for the West that Russia isn`t the easy prey as expected.
  • Russia counters the encirclement by NATO by using military options because this is apparently the only language the West understands and Putin also takes a missile defense system in operation on the Baltic Sea which covers the whole of Europe.

U.S. and NATO demonstrate continuously that they are never interested to de-escalate and relax. All actions of America are calling – as opposed to its rhetoric – out in practice wars, tensions and rearmament. Russia and China offer resistance. That’s why the fire of the disappointed western politicians and media is understandable. They would have been happy to have Medvedev in future, too. The barrage will strengthen on the 4th December. I guess on main topics like: “Electoral fraud, human rights, corruption and democracy” – No wonder, because the script is given.

U.S. calls for action

In the Mediterranean are Russian and American naval forces which are face to face in front of Syria. Putin has no illusions about what NATO can do and shows this to the West. He is said to have instructed his generals to prepare for “Amargeddon” if this is necessary.

Therefore NATO relies on the successful policies of the erosion from within as it has worked with Gorbachev from above before. But today their adapted tactics is about the creation and arming of an internal “opposition” (see Libya, Syria) (!!!). (Of course, also to create strange councils)

Obama, honored with a Nobel Peace Prize, takes the orders of the money but stays in the background as it was the similar situation with Libya. The dirty work in public is done by a dummy like Condoleezza Rice. The not only alleged war criminal is serving as a professor of politics at Stanford University now. After she seems to be out of the scene her latest interview with Reuters therefore attracted more attention. (Of course, not in the oh-so-free press Germany) Ironically she called Putin`s intention a “mockery of democracy”. And she further threatens snotty: “If he (Putin) will be president he will try to limit the opposition and to centralize the power more and more. This path would cause a mass turmoil in Russia and the risk of it would be “very high”.

The Russian Pradva wrote this:

It is worthy of note that the arguments of American scientists and experts about imminent “mass riots” in Russia surprisingly coincide with expectations of a part of the Russian non-system opposition. Aleksei Navalny, for example, does not miss a chance to say that the power in Russia will change in two or three years by the example of “Arab revolutions.”

The thoughts about “mass riots’ in Russia from the official of the administration of the most unpopular president in US history, sound very entertaining. Condoleezza Rice considers herself a big specialist for Russia. If so, it would be very interesting for us to know why she decided that Putin would “limit dissent and centralize power” in case of his victory? Why does she think that the risk for mass riots in Russia is very high? Is it because the Russians use the Internet and travel abroad?

Let’s hear what a Russian journalist has to write about this – something which is not usual in German media: (We changed the excerpt and source because we were not able to find the correct source)

So just who the Hell is Condoleezza Rice to make claims about Russia and democracy, claiming that the re-election of Vladimir Putin as President is “unfortunate”? Unfortunate? Did Vladimir Putin break every law in the book in invading a sovereign state? Did the Russian security forces urinate in food and commit acts of sodomy? Did the Russian armed forces torture innocent civilians? Did Vladimir Putin give his nod to the practice of “waterboarding”?

The killers shout: stop the thief!

Of course, the statements by Western politicians are paradoxical today. They are calling (!) for, as Hillary Clinton in Myanmar yesterday, for reforms although there is no democracy at their home itself. Or can anyone become the next President of the US without the help of millions by financial oligarchs? Are the dozens of wars and invasions against sovereign States as Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan somehow democratic and liberal?

Where do Amazons like Rice and Clinton take their pretentious and self-glory? Secret service prepared wars as against Libya and the Western-paid armed gangs in Syria, the killing and imprisonment of Occupy-demonstrators, arbitrary detention of citizens without trial or the media-and sham democracy of the NATO countries don´t stop the puppets in demanding a “democracy” from Russia and others and to maul rip meanwhile.

Who or what makes the imperialism think that he had the right – as a numerical minority on the planet – to dictate the world’s demands for capitulation to the capital? Who or what is forcing our citizens to these busybodies and bandits (including the local sympathizers and accomplices Westerwelle, Gabriel, Steinbrück, Trittin, Özdemir and Co.) to listen at all rather than to turn away forever? This could be such a peaceful world with peoples who are able to decide for themselves if there weren`t the self-righteous “dominas” like the USA.


Our country, which can defend our citizens with pride and dignity, and also is able to fulfill the commitments of Foreign Policy under the banners of a peace foundation, will not come in isolation, regardless of what our partners in Europe and USA within their bloc mentality have to say. The world doesn`t end with Europe and the United States. On the contrary I want to emphasize this again: When states neglecting their own national interests to serve Foreign Policy interests of other states then the authority of these countries – regardless of how they may explain this – decreasing gradually. This means when the European states want to serve the Foreign Policy interests of the United States, then they won`t win anything by doing so.

Excerpt of an interview with Vladimir Putin in 2008 by ARD which has been censored

Source of this translated article:

  1. SHOLA OLAYEMI says:

    Thank God that the world has began to know the truth, realities, and the hypocritical nature of the most terrorist nation of the world. All the countries that supported USA are wallowing in abject economic catatrophies…… such as Nigeria etc, that this oil monger has directly and indirectly using Nigeria resources to service their economic meltdown..

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