Syria: Further sanctions against the country

Posted: December 1, 2011 in International
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Turkey has now imposed its own sanctions against Syria in order to show solidarity with the West and the Arab League. In addition, Turkey seems to speculate more and more about to occupy Syria and to incorporate some parts of the country to their own territory at least.

Turkey seems to try to connect closer to Iraq again and to work together with countries like Egypt which has been tampered and turned from upside down with so many promises by the West. The West also seems to tend to play down that not everything is fine in Egypt so far.

Besides Turkey, the State of Qatar has also imposed its own sanctions against Syria and cancels flights from Qatar to Syria and vice versa. Under the circumstances and the betrayal of the Qatari ruling house against the Arab brothers the Syrians should welcome this step and even celebrate this decisions of Qatar against Syria.

Nevertheless, these sanctions will hit Syria and its population and they won`t be the last sanctions against this country and its population. The EU is encouraged to follow these next steps by the latest economic sanctions and decisions of the Arab League and Turkey. A new set of sanctions against Syria has been put together and will probably getting determined today or in the course of the week by the foreign ministers of the EU.

Allegedly, these sanctions are said to harm just the Syrian government in Damascus, to push the government to the point to give in and to finally overthrow it completely, of course.

Similar to the Arab League the Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) announced new travel bans against members of the Syrian government and impose further sanctions against the Syrian Central Bank and pro-government businessmen.

Syrian banks are no more allowed to open branches in Europe and projects in Syria are no more subsidized or assisted with tax relief. In addition to the penalties other accounts will be frozen. They want to starve the country and incite the far too high and incorrectly sold internal rebellion more and more.

A source also stated that journalists supposedly should be fined if they do not write forcefully enough against the Syrian government and are not supporting the conspiracy against the country. Whether this information can be viewed as true, is questionable since there is currently no other evidence to this statement of this newspaper.

When this is really one of the sanctions Europe also can say goodbye to democracy and the freedom of speech and the press. You could decide for yourself, what to think about this steps by the European Union (EU) if the source is correct.

The plan of the West seems to be working. Syria has been crippled by the sanctions already and it will continue to be destroyed from within by abroad and the supported armed extremists and radical Islamists – so that the West and Israel continue to drive the path to Iran even faster.

On taking office the US President Barack Obama announced that he will indeed try the conflicts with Iran to resolve diplomatically, but also that he was willing to resort to harsh means if the Mullah’s regime won`t change its position to the United States of America. The first part of the statement was surely only pure banter and this is becoming more public. The second part was indeed very true and its implementation is now proceeding.

The West is controlled by a blind belligerence against Iran, so that neither the West nor Israel reluctant to provoke a war against Syria. The plans to destabilize Syria reach back to the eighties. No surprise at all.

Some of the armed terrorists who force chaos and violence in in Syria profited by long-term financing of the United States of America and were trained by the CIA. Not to forget about the latest news concerning the support and training for armed extremists by French agents in Lebanon and Turkey. Sounds like a typical attempt of a “regime change” in Syria by the USA which differs under the Obama administration a bit to the methods of the Bush administration and its attempts of such a “regime change” in other countries.

The support with money weapons and advice to a violent bunch of strangers which rather look like non controllable extremists than “peace-bringers”. Just have a look to Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq.. all this does not sound very humanly, democratic and peaceful to us. Finally its a imponderable risk and that is clearly the truth.

No wonder that the conflicts in Syria already broke loose last year when the first armed Lebanese persons penetrated on Syrian territory. The parallels with Libya are always clearly visible. Also there were rebels supplied with arms and money from the West and have been trained to fight, sabotage and so on.. it`s already on the table since months.

No wonder that the Libyan “rebels”, trained by the CIA, started to “make a pilgrimage” to Syria in order to help “their brothers” – who were also trained and equipped by the CIA and maybe other secret services, too.

There is already a CIA infiltrated government in Libya and the Libyan government has been selected “wisely”, of course. Not to speak about the al-Qaeda and their flags in Libya, of course. It seems the West or some governments of the West have the same idea for Syria and want to finally tackle this country in the Middle East. A lot of stuff is done to protect Israel, defend injustice and to strengthen an internally self-shattering country.

But Russia seems not to be willing to play the same false game this time. Russia has sent some warships to the Syrian port of Tartus (Tartous) and it is said that there are already 2 or 3 submarines, too. This is a clear signal of Russia in the direction of America and Europe.

More will arrive in the port of Tartus (Tartous) in the upcoming days and nights. Whether the west is really trying to provoke a war is questionable. A equally questionable is whether the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad follows the advice and dismisses his government or whether they work together in trying to let the storm outside.

Of course, no foreign intervention and no “No-Fly Zone” should just mean that others abroad try to force more chaos and violence within Syria by supporting the armed extremists more and more. Or even send more and more of this bunch of radical people on the ground of Syria. By raising the level of violence, chaos and bloodshed it seems to be a good plan to destabilize the country and the Syrian government finally.

But we shouldn`t forget that the huge majority of Syria supports the Government, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the promised reforms. They should come together to a more and more intensive unity against all these foreign interests and plot. If someone like the American author and journalist Webster Tarpley is able to travel through the country and has been even to Homs the sold image to the Wester citizens seems really wrong.

We finally hope that we fail in our conclusions about all this because we condemn every support to murder Syrian citizens, teenager and others because of geo-political interests and to pave the way to Iran. But after the lasts months…


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