Syria: French journalist blames strange humanitar organization

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Sideviews
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Most of the alleged victims of the Syrian army and security forces under the administration of President Bashar al-Assad are alive. This report comes from the French journalist, Tiéri Méisan, who is based in Syria.

This journalist also said that this list of victims was compiles by a questionable organization which took the names also from phone books. All this seems to fit to the reports of the Syrian government, citizens and even delegations and tourists who have been to Syria in the last months.

The French journalist Tiéri Méisan says that the anti-government Atmosphere was artificially heats and manipulated by several Arab media stations in his report at RT. So this journalist also sees a clear contrast to the situation in Syria and the image about the situation as it is sold to the West. This reporter was convinced that it is a misleading picture about what is really happening in Syria.

Tiéri Méisan also says that the United Nations (UN) report about the situation in Syria doesn`t have accurate data and that the violence and bloodshed in Syria is forced by armed groups and not by the Syrian authorities and its army.

He goes further and calls a lot of the information and reports in the West a lie. Based on the fact that the most deaths that are said to got murdered by the forces of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are still alive. The names and deaths submitted by human rights organizations are not correct – no surprise if they took the phone book to look up for names.

The journalist says that one of these human rights organizations is rather mysterious because for a long time it was only known that they have its headquarters in London. Then it was discovered that the person who directs this organization was born in London and owns several passports.

But the French journalist realized that this person seems to be connected to the “Muslim Brotherhood” which has declared a war with Syria for 30 years.

According to the French journalist Meisen this is anything but no credible and reliable organization. For example Tiéri Méisan says that “the observatory (in London) invents the information” and that everything started with creating another organization to publish scandals.

All these things are directly depending on the so-called and already strange “Syrian National Council” (SNC) – as Méisan published at RT.


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