About the so-called Arab revolutions

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Sideviews
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Formerly, as now played and plays behind or next to the national aspect also the social aspect a not inconsiderable role. With the dropping of colonial paternalism was the overthrow or at least the suppression of “traditional” – pre-capitalist – class associated in any case. (Extreme examples are ruling cliques in the Arabian Peninsula which Muammar Gaddafi affectionately called the “pork oil” ruling cliques)

With the disappearance of the socialist community of states the petty-bourgeois staff (religious minorities, impoverished clans) which mostly came to power over the armies, lost their most important external forces for protection.

No wonder that the fallen / repressed forces smelled the morning air and exploited the never interrupted partnership with imperialism to overthrow the non-capitalist countries exploited. (Unforgotten the image of the Saudi king with Roosevelt on board of the U.S. Navy – at the time the pact was made: the protection of Arab reaction against access of the Amis to oil.

The pact was reactivated during the expulsion of the Soviets from Afghanistan. At that time the combats units were staffed with Saudi-Arabian personnel, financially supported by the United States of America, which also supported the arming of these combats units. These units also received the logistical support by Pakistan. Since that time these combats units draw a blood trail through the Islamic world (including Bosnia).

To be acceptable, the Arab “arch-reactionaries” camouflaged their ugly heads with a glittering façade and the bloodthirsty monster is hiding behind feigned modern journalism (al-Jazeera, Qatar). A not insignificant tool should also be the Saudi Wahhabi Islamic-mission which is operated with a lot of Saudi money – about building mosques, supporting its personnel and to the financing of various Islamist organizations.

It seems to me that these riots / revolutions of 2011 are only the continuation and completion of the running-counter-revolutionary process which already runs in the Arab world since 1989.

The last two liberation movements have capitulated – 1993 Oslo accords, PLO became the gendarme of Israel, the status quo as a peace process extended until the cows come home; POLISARIO paralyzed, sets on the approved by Morocco referendum – isolates the progressive regime (and degenerated), the “normal” bourgeois states were ruined, only the feudal regime had formally consolidated.

I would even go so far as to include the parliamentary-elektor forms of regime change “revolutions” in Tunisia and Egypt in the machinations of the Arab-Islamic reaction. (In this light you almost would have to ask, if the current attempts by the Egyptian comprador bourgeoisie to survive by a military coup isn`t better than the anticipated arrival of the much more reactionary “oil-pigs”)

With the emergence of the social upheavals – food riots, rebellion of the hapless youth – the Islamic feudal reactions gathered around the Saudis saw their time has come and has slammed shut.

Where it was Arab-internal (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain), where it was obviously necessary by use of the imperialist military potential (Iraq, Libya). Now the campaign against Syria is already running.

This time these “oil pigs” with the flagship of Qatar succeeded to exploit the Arab League (AL); this could end in an Arab intervention where the NATO-Turkey will join in the north. Finally there must be a reason why Turkey bought vast quantities tanks in recent years.

Thus the U.S. and Israel would be kept free of the back of the announced aggression against Iran. This in turn would help the Arab regimes in the Gulf, when the „Shiite peril” would be eliminated.

Actually, I am only surprised that this side of the current tragedy disappears completely; even Syrians set themselves in nationalist delusion on Saudi help in ending the civil war!

Source: http://hinter-der-fichte.blogspot.com


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