Syria: Webster Tarpley speaks about Muslim Brotherhood & NATO

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Sideviews
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The American author Webster Tarpley talked again out of Syria. Of course, he spoke again about the situation in Syria because he is still traveling through this country in the Middle East. This time the known journalist Webster Tarpley joined the Alex Jones Show by using Skype which also rejects the reports in some media outlets that Skype is banned in Syria now.

While the Alex Jones Show he told the listeners that it could be that the imperialists slowly recognize that their plan for Syria will not succeed. Tarpley said that it could nowhere after Libya because Syria is a different and difficult thing for the West because of Russia (port in Tartous), Iran and Hezbollah.

He spoke about the plan of the imperialists and that they want to overthrow and smash the Syrian government by using the typical and strange NATO puppets.

Then Webster Tarpley mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood and Death Squads again as the really strange but useful NATO puppets and that they are calling in public to destroy their own country. Not only Webster Tarpley but also Alex Jones can`t understand these bunch of strange people who are calling for the NATO to “bomb their country Syria”.

At this moment the experience of Webster Tarpley in Syria got a bit funny because Alex Jones mentioned how scary and crazy it would be when Americans in the streets are calling for Russia to bomb America.

After this short funny moment the American journalists Tarpley speaks about the goals of these radical and islamist extremists. He is convinced that these people only want chaos and a civil war. We sure could add here that they also want to force violence and blood on the grounds of Syria.

The beginning of a “No-Fly Zone” is the comprehensive areal bombardment of Syria and at this point the American author is completely right, of course. Webster Tarpley also confirmed the statements of the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem and the President Bashar al-Assad again. Not to mention that some other delegations, journalists and even tourists are telling the same after their visits to Syria in this year.

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Also the journalist Tarpley mentioned that Syria might attack Israel when Syria gets attacked by foreign countries. Not to forget Russia and Iran. He also explained that Syria might have better weapons and arming than the western governments and organizations might think.

After this the author says that the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi might have saved “everybody else” with his blocking position – like Algeria, for example.  He also names the “imperialist ruling elite” just totally mad.

Finally the American author Tarpley seems very scared about the situation with Syria and the wrong sold image of this situation to the West by their governments and by international press.

Tarpley already visited Syrian cities like Damascus, Homs and Tartous. At the moment he should be in the Banias. While his “fact-finding tour” he not only had the chance to speak with a lot of people in cities like Homs but also Tarpley took the chance and was at one of the demonstrations for the Syrian government and against any foreign intervention.

  1. Journalists who are writing the “propaganda of the Syrian regime” are not more welcomed in the European Union. Just read the last sentences – by the way this means the truth is not more welcomed in the EU? What about the free speech and freedom of expression.. ?

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