Syria: Foreign Minister al Muallem at his press conference

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Sideviews
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After a series of what have been called “unprecedented” actions taken by the Arab League towards a founder country which is of course Syria, the Syrian minister of foreign affairs Mr. Waleed Al-Muallem had a press conference to shed some light on the Syrian Crisis which have been encouraged and motivated for the last 9 months.

Since the conference was held in the Syrian capital where reporters of unethical channels like Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya are actually banned, they two Gulf Arab channels had to transmit the conference from the Syrian official channel, not knowing that a “veteran genius” like Al-Muallem have prepared what later turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for these two channels.

As he was sitting in his chair he had a large screen by his side and immediately I wondered for what purpose did he put it there. Shortly after he started the conference he asked all the reporters, including Arab, British, Russian as well as Asian networks reporters, to watch a video on that screen. The video was shocking and very graphic, explicit images of shredded, torn, tortured, burned, exploded and pierced with bullets bodies of Syrians.

It was clear that this is not inflicted by the army or the police, because most of them were actually military and police personnel, shot with shotguns which the Syrian law enforcement forces never uses. And to add insult to injury Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya immediately stopped their live transmission from the Syrian TV very shortly after the video was played, commencing it later when Al-Muallem started talking again.

Such despicable act by the now considered the most hated among the Syrians, Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya, was later justified by such empty claims as “it was very graphic” and “we weren’t there so we couldn’t verify this video”. It was a trap well set by the Syrian minister, and Aljazeera fell so deep in it.

Aljazeera have been kicked out of Syria since early this year, they get videos over the internet and claim they are from Syria, although many have been proved not to be in Syria a thing that actually forced many international channels to apologize for showing such videos. Most of the videos available on YouTube are of a very low quality making it impossible to verify where it was actually shot.

The television station al Jazeera has also very often claimed to show live streams yet saying at the same time that all means of communication are shut off in the same area where this streaming is coming from.

Again Al-Muallem’s speech and responses to the reporters’ questions were vey straight yet diplomatic, always so calm and reasonable. Nothing interrupted his talk but a very timely and decent joke about the French FM Alain Juppe who said that Assad’s regime’s days are numbered, Al-Muallem jokingly responded: “May he live to see that”. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands rallied all over Syria against the Arab League sanctions.

Al-Muallem pointed out how the Arab League and the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers have violated many articles of the charter of the Arab League, but who is listening? He also mentioned the progress of the committee that is preparing a new constitution for Syria which Al-Muallem said will compete with the most democratic constitutions of the region and the world.

But he did not forget to comfort the Syrian people saying that these economic sanctions are very trivial and can hardly harm the Syrians. Syria is one of the very few countries in the world that eat and dress form what they sow and produce, so it is very obvious that the main needs of everyday life for the Syrian people will not be affected.

Al-Muallem said that stopping all transaction with the Central Bank of Syria is internationally considered a declaration of an economic war. He also said that 95 or 96 percent of the Syrian assets in the Arab banks have already been transferred back to Syria, but most importantly he assured that the cannot be any military act against Syria and also thanked all the countries who have been supporting Syria for that yet made sure that the government and the regime rely mostly on the support of the vast majority of the Syrian people.

Meanwhile, Aljazeera and Syrian Human Rights Watch Outpost (based in London, UK) continue to raise the death toll in Syria by false claims and fake numbers. They do not show names of those “victims” to avoid another embarrassment like the very recent case of Zainab Al-Husni, a young Syrian girl who Aljazeera, HRWO, and Amnesty International claimed to be kidnapped, tortured, raped and finally killed by the Syrian security forces only that she later showed up alive and well on the Syrian TV as well as Russia Today.


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