Syria: Another member of the Syrian Electronic Army murdered

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Politics
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The next member of the “Syrian Electronic Army” was deliberately murdered as a target of the Syrian opposition forces in Syria. While the violence in Syria increases and the radicals and extremists groups seem to be supported with money and weapons by abroad, there is the important question what the targeted assassination of members from the “Syrian Electronic Army” really means.

Does this targeted assassination by armed “rebels” in Syria mean that every member of the “Syrian Electronic Army” and their group at the social network Facebook has to fear that he might get killed as a planned target because of his membership and opinion?

The same could be sadly converted to all the bloggers in Syria who are not with the so-called Opposition abroad. Also it seems like these supported and almost celebrated radical gunmen in Syria are celebrated by the West. Support with weapons and tolerating such violence isn`t something that you only can condemn as a people-loving person – doesn`t matter if you`re Syrian, American, British or French.

The targeted killing of a human being just because he shares a different opinion or is committed any other thing (without violent exercise) is to only condemn. While we don’t know how the identity of the murdered members of the “Syrian Electronic Army” was uncovered, we have to ask the questions.

What is with other people who aren`t pleased about the Syrian opposition abroad and the terror in Syria? What is if they are the next target because of their opinions, posts as bloggers or comments on a social network like Facebook?

Were there already civilians at these online communities who got killed? Again – what’s about the normal Syrian bloggers who not only exist but also publishing articles / posts against the stories and opinions of the Syrian opposition abroad?

Beside the fact that these supported gunmen and this bunch of armed unknown strangers on their motorcycles already killed a lot of Syrian civilians, soldiers and policemen we just can imagine and fear that this might not be the complete truth.

“Lawrence”, the next member of the “Syrian Electronic Army” was murdered by terrorists. We cannot call them “rebels” or even give them other designations which would only mask the truth when it comes to these extremists.

Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). (Definition Wikipedia)

It might seem that this is the next level of terror in Syria which has already started since months. Considering the statements and wishes of people like Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Alain Juppé and other known persons it does not look like these people condemn such gunmen and terror acts. It doesn`t matter which side you are you only have to condemn such acts against civilian people finally.

The members of the “Syrian Electronic Army” are no soldiers, no policemen or members of other security forces – they are bloggers, sons and somebody like you and me. Of course, the members of the “Syrian Electronic Army” might act in favor of the Syrian government but that is no free ticket to murder them.

As mentioned before it is to question if the violent loss of these people because of their opinions and activities means that every member of their groups at Facebook and also everyone in Syria who publishes article with a different opinion as the opposition abroad has to fear “a violent revenge” now – or already since weeks/months?

For humanitarian assistance the support of militant extremists in Syria by the foreign countries must be stopped immediately. Such groups should not get supplied either with weapons, nor should they should get training in Lebanon or Turkey how to kill people, to fight in the streets and to succeed in acts of sabotage.

If all this belongs to the aim of this dubious opposition sitting in Turkey it is only to condemn and not to celebrate. We grieve for every person who got murdered in Syria due to his opinion, religion or his activity with social networks and the Internet in general.

We don`t celebrate a deliberate killing of people, no matter what side they are on. This has nothing to do with human rights, democracy and humanity.

We call upon the international community to recognize all this as terrorist acts in Syria finally. In addition, we call for a condemnation of such acts in any international institute, organization and government. On top of that the support of violent extremists and groups inside Syria and at its borders Syria must end.

With the support and the force of violence and arming the strangers of Opposition forces there will be no democracy and peace at the end – doesn`t matter what country it is.


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