Syria: Draft submission of economic sanctions in the Arab League

Posted: November 27, 2011 in International
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The economic ministers of the Arab states have already prepared a number of sanctions against the Syrian government in its capital Damascus.

As previously reported among the sanctions are the end of any investment transactions with Syria, the suspension of trade relations, the freeze of further accounts and a travel ban to several Syrian government members in the member states of the Arab League (AL). The Arab League also seems willing to enforce that the Syrian Airline is no longer allowed to fly to these countries of the Arab League.

The draft submission of the economy minister, which has been prepared while an emergency meeting in Cairo was held yesterday, has to be confirmed by the Foreign Ministers today.

It was emphasized at the meeting yesterday that these sanctions will not harm the Syrian population and that trades of essential commodities are maintained for the population.

To be honest: Which sanctions do not hit the people on first place?

If there are no more financial transactions and trade relations then it is easy to recognize that these sanctions will mainly hit the Syrian population. Syrians abroad aren`t able to transfer money to their families in Syria anymore and the civilians in Syria are also targeted with this ban of financial transactions and trade relations which harm the economy and also the life of a lot of Syrians.

This is precisely the hidden goal of all sanctions imposed in recent weeks and months against Syria:

They want the Syrian people to literally starve so that they are turned against their government and the president Bashar al-Assad finally. So that the fall of the government can be fueled better from inside out and gets more “powerful” by the discontent of more and more people, of course. Whether they will be successful here is questionable. What is certain is that the Syrians are facing a very tough time.

Today the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League (AL) meet in Cairo to vote on these sanctions. Of course, it is very surprising that the Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu received an invitation to this meeting of the Arab League in the Egyptian capital, too. Therefore the Turkish Prime Minister also attends the meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, too. The question remains: Why?

Turkey is not even a member of the Arab League that`s why we ask ourselves why the Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu was invited by the Arab League (AL) to attend this meeting about the new sanctions against Syria today.

Is Davutoglu going to promote his idea of a foreign intervention in Syria or is he going to ask for help because Syria is said to aligned its missiles against Turkey in the past two days?

The question, why the Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu attends the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League, will probably resolved today evening or at least tonight. One thing is already certain – this invitation of the Turkish Prime Minister means nothing good. These sanctions follow the expired (second) ultimatum of the Arab League against Syria while it is promoted in the West that the Syrian authorities didn`t react to this ultimatum.

Syria had no choice because the Syrian government wants to protect their country from internationalization and a foreign invasion because of western interests and the not confirmed or verified accusations and messages. The first request of the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem to change the conditions about the 500 observers was rejected by the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL).

The Arab League did not accept the Syrian proposals and insisted on the terms that Syria finally had to refuse. Looking at the situation in Libya it seems slowly but surely clearer and clearer why the Syrian government shares some fears about these observers and conditions. Some Special Forces and trained people of the NATO were disguised as journalists. They had the allowance by the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to enter his country at the beginning of the end while he didn`t knew about the real background of some of these journalists.

That they want to infiltrate into Syria with Special Forces by using such an observation delegation as coverage is not far-fetched. After all they still try to avoid a real and public intervention while it seems that they support these armed extremists wherever they can – not to name countries like France or the United States of America at this point. It is surely against international law what´s really going on behind the curtains. It also doesn’t fit to humanitarian minds and goals.

The Syrian military is fighting against the armed militias and some deserters, whose number is only poorly to be estimated. In recent days many soldiers and officers were killed in vicious attacks but also armed and violent people could be arrested or got killed. Sad enough that sometimes civilians are in the crossfire between the Syrian army and these radical armed extremists.

The Syrian army will continue to proceed against the gunmen who are a lot but sure no peaceful protesters. The Army will only be withdrawn from the conflict areas when the situation for the citizens is safe again.

These observers who should be allowed to enter Syrian ground and the hotspots should observe the withdrawal of the Syrian army from cities and provinces and simultaneously uncover human rights abuses.

It was rejected by the Arab League that representatives of the Syrian government accompany this observers. Counter question: What other government allows a 500-member delegation visiting the territory for political reasons and does not accompany them while they are traveling through the whole country. It is also a possibility that some observers could become the target of these radical extremists who seem to have a huge blindness when it comes to differ between soldiers and civilians.

Since they stuck on the story of a violent and brutal Syrian government this story will probably continue – doesn`t matter what this delegations and observers might see. To be seen is how the situation develops over the next few days.

There are certainly voices out, especially from the Syrian opposition abroad, which are calling for an international intervention. That this would trigger a conflagration is also known by the United States and the Israeli government. Therefore a country like the USA prefers to intervene from behind – which is not in contrast to the statements of Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice.

The Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem correctly criticized the actions of the Arab League whose members seem to get more and more interested in internationalizing the problem. There are already far too much international interference in Syria – as you can see.

The U.S. financially supports the opposition and the armed extremists, too. France and Great Britain train the opposition in Lebanon and taught them in sabotage, skirmishes and other helpful strategies against the Syrian army and to destabilize the country.

Turkey hosts this dubious national council is also working with these strange members and their questionable connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists. Not surprising at all when it comes to the actually Turkish administration. Not to forget a small country as Qatar which not also forced the war in Libya but also turn out to be the word-leader of the Arab League – also threatening Syria openly with war.


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