Germany's armaments industry generates almost a 50% increase in 2010

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Sideviews
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Germany raises its hand warningly against the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East but at least gave Egypt to the people’s actions. Afterwards the Foreign Minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle, was in a hurry to present himself in the Egyptian capital Cairo and to congratulate the people and their “revolution”.  It just looks a bit strange because the German government supplied the government of Mubarak and its military with weapons since decades.

Since March Syria is also experiencing unrest in the country of the Middle East. The Syrian government is not only fighting against armed groups inside the country but also against a media propaganda which has been launched in the West. The German government didn`t hold back when it comes to Syria and submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council without probably having a clue what is actually really happening in Syria.

But perhaps it`s just the lack of interest in it. The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle is to question and to criticize in his person and acting. Before he traveled throughout the Arab countries and agreed well with the old regimes. Concerning Syria he seems to have forgotten all this because it rather seems as if he were here to prove anything to anyone. The question could be: To whom?

Perhaps to the Saudi king whom he visited, too. The German government also signed a contract about the supply of tanks which was being defended and justified against all critical voices from inside and outside Germany.

So while Germany supplies tanks to the not purely democratic royal family in Saudi Arabia tanks and overlooks the fact that there are already demonstrators brought to silence the German government leads a campaign against the Syrian government in Damascus.

It seems that the German government sees nothing morally reprehensible that Saudi-Arabia sent tanks to Bahrain in order to bring the Shiite demonstrators into silence. Everything is no reason to reconsider the tank deal. Why also – money is what counts and if Germany can look forward to millions or even billions they are certainly not very fast with remorse. After all, Germany was already able to almost double its revenue from defense deals in 2010. What will be this year’s balance sheet..

Merkel Seeks to Ease German Arms Exports
The Arab League’s Hypocrisy – OpEd

Here’s an easy question to whether the German government has sold itself to the Sunnis in the struggle between Sunnis and Shiites. We should not forget about the fact that Saudi Arabia has a sizable impact on Germany by the mere maintaining of a Saudi university and a school – not to forget about the financing of activities of the Salafists inside Germany.

But not only Saudi Arabia maybe be amused about the supply of military goods from Germany but also there were deliveries to the Gulf States within the last year.

Among the Gulf States is Qatar which showed concerning Libya that it wasn`t scared to help the NATO in bombing this country.  Of course, Qatar also comes on the table when it`s about Syria now. Qatar also seems to have no fears to act against the statutes and rules of the Arab League (AL) while trying to push the Syrian government more and more away from the other Arabic countries. Qatar has no fears because it seems that it is always able to rely on its American supporter and friend.

Germany’s defense business is almost running behind the back although sometimes some various activities reach the public – just as the tank deal with Saudi-Arabia or the arms deal with Algeria.

The biggest buyers of German armaments are primarily the EU but also the Gulf States and African states although Germany can never completely guarantee that those weapons and defense equipment will not get passed to third states.

As an example the magazine “The Local” published a story about German weapons which were found in the hands of Libyan rebels. Something that should raise a lot of questions about these deals.


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