Syria: Arab League plans sanctions while terrorists are supported

Posted: November 26, 2011 in International
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While the protests in Syria becoming less and less and aren`t really to mention anymore the attacks by armed extremists and radical people are getting worse. After the last weeks and the known foreign support of these violent groups in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey it was no real surprise that Syria`s military had to make the sad statement that 10 of its personnel were killed in an terrorist attack yesterday.

These killed personnel of the Syrian army, including six elite pilots, are said to prove that there is a foreign involvement and we can confirm that this terrorist attack really happened – but we wished we couldn`t verify it. Although the small protest on Fridays become less and less the support of these religious extremists becomes more and more and by using guerilla tactics they force chaos, fear and blood – not only against the Syrian army and security forces but also against Syrian civilians and normal families like it happens in Homs since months.

The Syrian military spokesman said yesterday that an armed terrorist group undertook an assassination plot which ended with the death of a technical officer, six pilots and three other personnel on an air force base between the Syrian cities Palmyra and Homs. This confirms the involvement of foreign elements and the support of these terrorist operations in Syria by abroad to force chaos and deaths.

This terrorists which are finally nothing else than radical extremists with bloody goals and Islamist backgrounds are these people who should be supported with money and weapons if we take people like Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Alain Juppé serious.

But they not only should be supported with these “goodies” but also they receive this support since weeks. After the cables by WikiLeaks it is clear that America started the financially support of the Syrian opposition in and abroad the country with the Bush administration – to pave the road to Iran and to help Israel against these threats.

Not surprising is the way this war machine and propaganda is used to achieve these goals because of own interests. Looking at Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya the situation with Syria seems to similar to not use words like “regime change” – which is a nice invention by the United States of America. It is also on the table that the way of doing such a “regime change” changed since Barack Obama became the President of the United States. Still it`s surprising at all that this American president received the Peace Nobel Price.

After knowing that secret service agents from Britain and French train opposition forces to fight against the Syrian security forces and soldiers in Lebanon it is not only the fact that this support with advise, money and weapons is really but also its clear that this support by western countries cannot be tolerated and is sure not legitimated through international laws. These radical strangers not only receive a “good” training by these British and French agents, they are also learn how to be successful in sabotage acts and kidnapping people.

Lebanese sources confirm this pass against international law by France and Britain and we really don’t want to know what is also happening behind the official curtains after the BBC seems to celebrate its “journalists” because they seem to help this bunch of extremists to smuggle weapons over the Syrian border. This is nothing which is consistent with journalism. Not surprising after the last eight months with strange, doubtful and totally false reports from BBC – it just looks like the British arm of the government used for propaganda, politics and other questionable goals. After the events in Libya it is getting more and more comprehensible why the Syrian government isn`t keen on a lot of foreign journalists in its country.

The analyst Tony Cartalucci says the anti-government “Free Syrian army” do not consists of deserting military personnel, but composed of militias, which are equipped and paid by the United States, Turkey and Israel. These statements of the analyst Tony Cartalucci fits to the image which the American journalist and author Webster Tarpley shows after he traveled through Syria.

They are mainly blamed for the many acts of violence in Syria. The overthrow of the government in Syria had been planned since 1991 – under Bush’s propaganda theory of the “axis of evil”.  Since the year 2002 the American administration implemented a secret support of opposition groups inside and outside Syria.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) described on 15 11th 2011 already, according to a leading member of the FSA, the activities of the “Free Syrian army / FSA” as typical subversion.

Protect protesters, set up a movement of renegades, identify “informants” / supporters of the regime, build escape routes and secure supply routes, stockpiling of weapons and ammunition, networking and organization of deserters within Syria.

In the event that these western interests fail to invade Syria or Iran because of Russia and China they could be trying to force more and more violence and chaos within Syria. With the help of this doubtful and questionable bunch of armed radicals and religious extremists they are already trying to destabilize the country to pave the road to a “regime change” and into Iran.

The entire plan is consistent with the implementation of the invasion of Libya. That the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in contrast to the killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi isn`t keen on be hoodwinked by the West does not allow a lot of foreign “journalists” in his country does amuse the West leaders, organizations and journalists. With the typical propaganda phrases it is called a “lockdown” of Syria to not allow “objective journalism”.

But looking at tourists, some journalists and other people who traveled or are traveling though Syria it seems a bit strange and hypocritical – finally knowing that it is just the way they use propaganda to achieve their goals and to get the Western population into the right mood for another “No-Fly Zone” – which is similar to a war as we know it so far looking at Libya.

Meanwhile the Emirates advise all their citizens to avoid large gatherings of people and to leave Syria because of the current situation there. This warning follows similar advices by the American government and the U.S. Embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Looking at the situation in Syria and the fact that the Syrian citizens more and more know about who supports this terror, chaos and bloodshed behind their backs its comprehensible somehow that they also get a bit angry about the Western countries, the NATO and the disappointing Arab League -> Gulf states.

The propaganda train of the West and Gulf states is enormous and it`s totally inconceivable how all this, based on unconfirmed reports by dubious people and strange organizations, are able to force all this while the situation in Syria is completely in contrast to the international reports and all this what is sold to western civilians by their governments.

A so called “No-Fly Zone” is a synonym for an aerial bombardment and a lot of deaths and bloodshed as seen in Libya. The attacks by this so-called “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army) and other religious extremists and violent radicals are downplayed by the West and it also seems like they are not only supported with weapons but also celebrated to fight and kill Syrian soldiers and security forces. But they kill civilians, too. These civilians of Syrian government districts like Homs and Idleb fear this terror by this bunch of extremists and also say clear that they are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists.

It is finally not to tolerate that this terror and bloodshed is supported by the West – it is also against every international law.

Meanwhile another deadline set by the Arab League against Syria to sign an agreement allowing foreign observers into the country expired. The Foreign Ministers of the Arab League, which seems to become a puppet of western interests, will have another meeting today to discuss possible new sanctions against Syria. Although it is a fact that the old and new sanctions are harming the Syrian citizens and families – so it looks hypocritically to force sanctions against the Syrian population and speak about “humanity” in the same breath.

The sanctions of the Arab League against Syria might include the stopping of dealing with the Central Bank of Syria, stopping airline flights to Syria and to end the financial deals with the Syrian government.

Finally it is still not to believe how the West, NATO and others want to achieve that over 20 Million Syrian people would accept and tolerate any foreign inferences and the strange members of the dubious “Syrian National Councils” (Transition Councils and so on..) as new leaders, ministers and important politicians of a “new Syria”.

The huge majority of Syria would never accept this and it is also clear that a civil war is on the table when all the points of the agenda against the Syrian government and citizens are implemented.


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