Syria: Allegations of a nuclear program is not off the table

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Sideviews
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What else should come in the imperialist war against Syria? They tried to starve the country and to push Syria into a civil war by continuously meddling from outside in the internal affairs of the Syrian state. The sanctions imposed by the United States of America and Europe are tightened again but they still seem to be not enough and finally insufficient for the West. They are only hitting the Syrian population which suffers of these sanctions more and more.

It is also hypocritical to speak about helping the Syrian population with sanctions and a freedom of everything while you can`t download Google Chrome or use other services in Syria because of the old and new sanctions. Despite some false reports from CNN it is still no problem to use something like Skype in Syria. The youth of Syria and even older Syrians are using Skype often.

But this report by CNN is again based on unconfirmed and not verified sources – nothing new looking at the last 9 months of propaganda against the Syrian government and to prepare the Western people for a second Libya. Once again based on strange reports, dubious people and unconfirmed propaganda which is sold as facts to the Western population.

Like this guy called Musaab al Hussaini (CNN) who lies about the blockade of Skype by the Syrian authorities. The huge majority of Syrians doesn`t know if they should cry or laugh about such a guy and his lies.

While these lies seem to be enough for a “international intervention” in Syria despite every Syrian using Skype is easily able to refute this strange guy the Syrian Economy Minister still shows fighting spirit looking at all these new sanctions. The Economy Minister called for strengthening the internal economy of Syria and to re-open closed factories to boost agriculture again.

Still, the economy minister shows fighting spirit and called for strengthening the internal economy and re-open closed factories and to strengthen the agriculture again. Meanwhile the West is still not finished with new sanctions and propaganda against the Syrian government. So it`s finally no huge surprise that new unconfirmed reports about alleged nuclear facilities and the efforts to build a nuclear bomb are spreading though the western press. We already know this way of preparing people for a “humanitarian war” or a “fight against terrorism” by looking at Iraq and other countries.

Since 2007 the West repeatedly tried to foist some nuclear reactors to Syria. The reporting about an alleged secret nuclear reactor after the prototypical of reactors in North Korea began four years ago – after an Israeli fight jet bombed a facility in eastern Syria. Already at this time there were doubts about the truth of this reporting – especially since no evidence was found.

But the West would not be the West when they wouldn`t use the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to accuse Syria again and again. So they accuse Syria of having removed ground in this area before the “independent” experts of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) arrived in the country. Afterwards it has been published that traces of uranium was found – but to say it correct we should use a word like “supposedly” because there are still doubts about the truth of this report.

Despite this the Syrian government was accused in April 2011 to have tried to set-up a nuclear plant near Deir ez-Zor to finally produce a nuclear program by the help of North Korea. You can read about this in the official report of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) which still raises some questions, of course.

At the latest since 2007 Syria is under the Agus-eyes of those who have for many years in dispute with Iran and always try to help Israel with concealing their atom bombs and programs – of course, they aren`t also willing to pursue charges against Israel.

It makes quite the appearance that you want to keep all roads open to act against Syria and to destroy the country. Since the agenda against Syria is apparently not completely working with the introduced “peaceful protesters” by the offices of Western governments, they are already looking for more ways to tighten the thumb screws against Syria more.

What would be the more suitable than the subject “nuclear program” and especially the cooperation with North Korea? By the alleged request for materials and auxiliary personnel from North Korea, Syria violates UN resolutions 1718 and 1874 which prohibit any export of weapons materials out of North Korea.

To make these accusations against Syria again and to bring them into a “public show” shows clearly what`s the purpose behind these accusations. It seems they have on their agenda something like a bleeding Syria (in what sense whatsoever).

If this “revolution stuff” in Syria isn`t successful finally (and hopefully because it`s a huge supported fake) the West still have the allegations that Syria is trying to make maraging steel with the help of North Korea, of course. This particular type of steel is used for the construction of uranium enrichment centrifuges and missiles.

Together with the Iranian government, which has declared (according to the British newspaper The Times) to take over some of the costs, Syria is said to currently work very agile on such a factory for maraging steel. A country like North Korea together with the similar “bad boys” Iran and Syria? Sure nothing which could amuse some western countries.

This secret maraging steel factory is said to be built in a Syrian area called Jabal Taqsis. This is exactly in the same area which is considered as the stronghold of the so-called Syrian opposition: between the Syrian cities Hama and Homs… something that should rise questions again.

In reporting on these events in Syria should not be missed to note that both, Syria and Iran, already delivered rockets / missiles to the “terrorist organization” Hezbollah and that a country like Syria could improve its weapon system and arsenal by building such a maraging steel factory.

Of course, such reports and this sold situation increases the threat to Israel, especially when you consider that all Syrian missiles could pose a threat to its neighbors already at this moment.

It is really good when they constantly remind us once again that everything against Lebanon and Syria only serves the credo to help and save Israel. The typical phrases to cover other actions against countries in the Middle East (or even somewhere else).

The Hezbollah is clearly regarded as a terrorist organization by countries like Great Britain, Canada, Israel and the United States of America. Other countries in the West try to be a bit more quite with such a designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization – although individual persons of Hezbollah are on the “terrorist lists” of these various countries.

Syria and Iran recognize Hezbollah as a resistance group and although the majority of Jordan`s populations seems to recognize Hezbollah for the same and not as a terrorist organization. Shown in this constellation it is not surprising at all that mainly the United States of America and Israel try everything to break this so-called “Axis of Evil”.

Syria as a supporter of Hezbollah and stability factor in this region is like a huge thorn in the eyes of these “war-imperialists” who have the protection of Israel on their flags and agenda – and sure we separate a lot between Israeli policy and the Israeli population.

Too bad that this thorn makes some governments blind for all the crimes that Israel is committing against the Palestinians and seems also to favor wars based on lies and propaganda.



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