Syria: National Intiative of Syrian Kurds rejects UN resolution

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Sideviews
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While Russia underlined the commitment to the basics of the international law again and calls to respect for the Syrian sovereignty and a non-interference in their internal affairs by abroad, a lot of people in Aleppo, Raqqa and the area Deir Ezzor took part in gatherings and sit-ins to protest against the resolution of the Arab League.

These Syrian citizens also took part in these sit-ins and protests to reject any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria. Looking at the media propaganda and the false information by so called opposition groups and strange new councils it`s understandable that the people in Syria are getting more and more active to show the world that the huge majority of Syria is with their government and president Bashar al Assad.

On Wednesday the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a statement after talks in Moscow between Deputy Foreign Minister Michel Bogdanov and the Turkish Assistant Advisor (Foreign Ministry Turkey) that both sides have to discuss the situation – not only concerning Syria but also Egypt and Libya as well. This statement from the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov made it again clear that is it needed to overcome the actual crises by using peaceful and smart political solutions which are based on talks and not on foreign interferences and war.

Not only the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov gave a new statement about the situation in Syria but also the Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia at the UN, Sergey Karev, told the press that Russia rejects the exploiting of the human rights` issue as a pretext for intervening in the internal affairs of countries like Syria.

Afterwards Sergey Karev explained why his countries abstained from voting at the UN General Assembly meeting on the known draft resolution about the human rights situation in Syria. While western countries like France, Britain and Germany seem to try everything to bring new sanctions and resolutions on the table Russia doesn`t look like it will change its opinion and attitude about Syria – or is going to satisfy the imperialistic interests. Karev explained that it isn`t permissible to exploit such human rights to interfere in Syria. Looking at the human rights situation in some other countries it looks more necessary to care about them.

Also Russia is continuously in talks with Damascus and tries to discuss the situation with the Syrian opposition abroad, too. At these discussions the Russian side tries to urge the questionable opposition abroad to start talking. In addition to all the UN Security Council has a Russian and Chinese draft resolution on Syria.

The content of this resolution on Syria urges for a diplomatic solution of the situation – based on the call to stop the violence from every side. It also says that a dialogue on reforms has to start between all. But looking at the statutes and rules of one council from the Syrian opposition abroad, the questionable “Syrian National Council” (Istanbul), it doesn`t look like their credo fits to the well-considered and positive draft resolution from Russia and China. As an addition Russia is still sure about the announced reforms by Syrian authorities and the president Bashar al Assad.

Russia is trying to urge the Syrian opposition abroad to get involved immediately in a joint work on the basis of diplomatic and peaceful goals. As Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said, there are some positive results which would allow further movement to this direction. (Source) He also said that it not acceptable to call the opposition to ignore the reforming initiatives from the Syrian government and urge them to not take part in discussion with Syrian authorities.

Of course, Gatilov knows that these calls are against any clear understanding when you want a peaceful solution on the situation in Syria. Gatilov made clear that Russia rejects any support for outside interventions which are bound to destabilize the situation – not only in Syria but the whole Middle East.

Meanwhile a lot of Syrian citizens took part at sit-ins in cities like Aleppo and Raqqa. There has been a huge gathering in Deir Ezzor, too. All these events in Syria took part in rejection of the Arab League resolution against Syria. The Syrian people also reject any foreign interference in the internal affairs of their country. Looking at Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya it’s understandable that Syrian people don`t want a foreign interference by NATO troops and supported “rebels”.

On Wednesday thousands from the area of Raqqa took part in a sit-in in front of the government of the city to denounce the resolution of the Arab League. With candles and Syrian flags the people expressed their love for their country and the rejection of any sanction and resolution on it. People also talked about that the behavior of the Arab League shows the west`s desires and interests behind its back.

These people – like the gathering people in Deir Ezzor or the people who took part at a sit-in in Aleppo – are just a minority in the huge majority in Syria who support their government and the reform process led by its president Bashar al Assad. The Saadallah al-Jaberi Square (Aleppo) was filled with thousands of citizens who chanted against the Arab League, the propaganda lies in the west and the fakes by al Jazeera.

The leader of the National Initiative of Syrian Kurds, Omar Ossi, affirmed meanwhile that the gatherings in whole Syria prove that the impressive majority of Syrian people reject foreign interferences and the resolution from the Arab League.

The spokesman of the National Intiative of Syrian Kurds made it also very clear again (Statements October) that “Syria`s Kurds will defend their country” and that they don’t want chaos and division. It seems that Omar Ossi also believes that an overthrow of the Syrian government means the end of a secular Syria and that clearly thinking people shouldn`t trust the Syrian opposition abroad.

Looking at the facts that the backgrounds of some members of the Syrian National Council (SNC) are unknown and some seem to favor the Muslim Brotherhood it is quite understandable to not trust these people who are mostly unknown by Syrian citizens. It is also on the table that the majority in Syria will never accept a “regime change” by western influences and these questionable personen of a very strange council.

These Syrian oppositions abroad does not and cannot legitimately represent the state or people of Syria. Whoever recognizes this council as legitimately represent of Syria makes itself ridiculous and questionable..


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