Syria: Arab League in Cairo – France favors a secured zone

Posted: November 24, 2011 in International
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France has called for a „secured zone to protect civilians” in Syria and that’s the first time one of the bigger Western countries really suggested an international intervention in the country. But the French call for a “secured zone” in Syria was rejected by the EU.

France would like to have a so called “secure zone” in Syria to protect civilians while the same scenario as in Libya will happen. Of course, these “secure Zones” in Syria should be EU-backed humanitarian corridors which would also allow that aid groups, observers and journalists can enter Syrian ground.

The EU (European Union) stopped this French proposal for this “secured zone” and it finally looks very hypocrite when you first push a lot of new sanctions which harm the Syrian civilians and try to care about a “secure zone” for them afterwards.

The French foreign minister Alain Juppé said in an new radio interview that he spoke with the partners in the United Nations (UN), the Arab League and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, about the situation in Syria which seems to be “no longer tenable” by him.

Alain Juppé also accused the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad of a “repression of a savagery “ which the West hasn’t seen in a long time – but remembering Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on it seems they always pray the same paroles when they want their international intervention to deliver peace, freedom, democracy and harmony.

The French foreign Minister Alain Juppé not only gave this new radio interview, he also had a meeting with the leader of the Syrian National Council (SNC), Burhan Ghalioun. But it’s still not sure if you can call Burhan Ghalioun the leader of this dubious Syrian national council because there is still no unity in this opposition abroad Syria – even when the western countries try to sell a different opinion.

It is not surprising at all that the French foreign minister Alain Juppé described this strange Council as a “legitimate interlocutor” and promised to help this council to get a formal recognition from the Arab League and other allies of France. It`s not only hypocrite but also ridiculous how he tries to sell this stuff to the press and his own people. A formal recognition for the Syrian National Council is no surprise when the NATO-supported NTC in Libya agrees with it because it’s the similar dubious bunch of people who aren`t well-known or accepted by the huge majority in Syria.

When the French foreign minister Alain Juppé speaks about helping the Syrian National Council (SNC) does he mean to deliver money, weapons and all other “goodies” for the fight against the Syrian army, security forces and government? Looking at the latest statements from Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice it`s truly no big surprise that the French minister Juppé just down prays the same hypocrite lie.

The enormous majority of the Syrian populations doesn`t want an international interference and is sure not willing to accept “secure zones” and an overthrow of the Syrian government – even if they aren´t huge fans of this government and president Bashar al-Assad. In contrast to the imperialistic lie from Alain Juppé the Syrian population isn`t willing to accept foreign interference in their internal affairs.

When the Syrian population needs support then because there are armed and violent gangs which are supported by the Syrian opposition abroad and recieve money, weapons and more from Washington and other countries which cover this with the lie to help the population by arming extremists. The Russian foreign minister Lavrov is sure correct when he speaks about solving this situation with an real dialog and also blames the western countries and Arab League to advise the Syrian opposition not to take part in dialogs with the Syrian authorities.

After Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other hotspots fabricated by the NATO, USA and their allies it`s sure enough with this imperialist lust for power covered by lies and propaganda. Not only that a scenario like in Libya looks like a good future for the Syrian populations but also such an international intervention is based on absolutely no facts and we really shouldn`t forget about the dubious background of a lot of the members from such councils abroad Syria. Not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists.

The pushed in front leader of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalioun, said that this council was seeking to get support for the “serious protections for civilians” in Syria from European countries and the Arab League. He further said that the “killing” must end and that’s the only point we agree with. Burhan Ghalioun doesn`t speak about the facts that the Syrian National Council supports radical extremist in Syria who receive weapons over the borders to Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

He also did not mention the fact that some of the members of the National Council share a good relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and that it is said that some are supporting the Salafists. Burhan Ghalioun also forgot about the fact that the huge majority in Syria doesn`t know the members of this opposition abroad and that they never will accept them – not as transitional council neither as new leaders of Syria. It really looks similar to Libya a lot. Damn similar to say it directly.

How these hypocrite phrases to protect civilians against their owner leaders look at the end could be seen in Libya – and other countries before. Of course, it is no surprise that the strange Burhan Ghalioun calls for the UN resolution against Syria to “protect civilians” and “let observers enter Syria for the sake of stopping the killing”.

First he should stop delivering money and weapons to religious extremists in Syria then he could use such words. But based on the real situation these words are a punch in the face for the huge majority in Syria because they don’t express the truth about the situation there. There were tourists and even journalists in Syria and the independent persons showed a picture from Syria which is in direct contrast to the hypocrite phrases from Burhan Ghalioun and the other dubious members of this next NATO-backed National Council.

There is no real agenda and this council also has very questionable rules in its statutes. They aren`t accepted by the majority in Syria and there is much more behind it than they sell to the western countries with the help of the Turkish government. It is not true that about 3,500 people have died in clashes with security forces and Syrian soldiers – a huge number of killed soldiers and security forces like policemen are included in this number. After the last eight months you can really speak about the fact that a lot of lies are flying around and the war propaganda reached a really high level – even in the international press where it became usual that you miss any verification and confirmation.

Finally this is not surprising at all when you look behind the articles and see on which sources they are based on. The United States of America started to support the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria since the Bush administration and still support these strange people and groups with money, advise and maybe in arming the religious extremists in Syria – who are really violent and act like a terroristic bunch of guerilla fighters. They kill people because of their religion or opinion and that doesn`t sound very peaceful and democratic to us. This is a fact.

Meanwhile the hypocrite lies spread around the world again the Arab League holds another meeting in Cairo, Egypt. We also could say that the Arab League meets in Cairo while protesters are killed next to them – on the known and famous Tahrir Square.

Even some are reporting that a no-fly zone is finally on the table now – with the help of Turkey and the USA. But we still have doubts that Russia, China and some other countries are willing to accept this. Sure these countries can change their opinion from today to tomorrow but it doesn`t really look like this. Russia seems to have enough of this new western imperialism.

Of course, after Libya there is no surprise when they start to setup such a no-fly zone over Syria, get help by Turkey and support from the United States of America. The American president Barack Obama and his Peace Nobel Price will tell the world that a no-fly zones means help for the Syrian population but more and more people not only doubt this – they know that is just another synonym for a war in a foreign country like Syria.

A no-fly zone means the killing of a lot of more Syrian families and people and that is nothing people with a clear understanding can accept. Who receives a Peace Nobel Price and acts like this without being ashamed is truly a lot of things but not the most honest and best president America ever ruled. After all this lies and hypocritical plans Syria would face a real civil war but that`s something some hypocrites seem to favor.

The legitimacy for a war should not bought with lies. Such a war and the sanctions before can`t be the best solution for a peaceful future of Syria and the Middle East.

  1. Arab League in Cairo:

    Syria given 1-day ultimatum by Arab League to allow in observers or face sanctions.

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