Libya: The cynicism of ICC prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo

Posted: November 24, 2011 in International
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6th November – 14.00 o`clock

The supposedly independent prosecutor of the ICC, Moreno-Ocampo, who last week said arrogant and self-righteous that he has to explain the legal system of NATO to the captured son of the killed Muammar Gaddafi, Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, delivered a report to the UN Security Council.

In this report Moreno-Ocampo announces the completion of 22 points in cooperation with the NTC to cover up and justify the reasons for the raid on Libya. A full translation of this report is not necessary.

Senior teacher Moreno-Ocampo explains the legal system to Saif Al Islam Gaddafi (video)

Please note that the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the USA, China and Russia, never recognized this pseudo-court. In Den Haag only the opponents of the United States of America are pursued. Actions against the war crimes of the NATO are generally not negotiable. Nevertheless, the prosecutor of the ICC, Moreno-Ocampo, still shares the opinion that his ICC is the center of the world justice.

In the report to the UN by Moreno-Ocampo are several things to notice and recognize. There is suddenly no sentence about the “bombardment of peaceful demonstrators” although this has been enough to become the reason of war for the UN Human Rights and the UN Security Council in March – without sufficient investigations, of course.

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi refuted Moreno

In this video you can see Saif Al Islam asking a British television channel, which reported about “Gaddafi`s massacres of his own people”, to show him the place where this massacre should have happened. All things the journalists from the British media station are able to see are people who cheer because of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi.

Battle groups are “unarmed civilians”

The prosecutor of the ICC, Moreno-Ocampo, calls Gaddafi the primarily responsible for the “attacks on unarmed civilians” in Libya. This is excatcly the same what the Western media in Bahrain tells you about this despite this is still not an occasion for a meeting of the Security Council and bombardments – thanks God.

Moreno-Ocampo can`t come out more clearly as a servant of his masters. But it even gets thicker. He also repeated the lie of negotiations with Saif Al Islam Gaddafi about a transfer to Den Haag. It went around the whole world that the lawyers of Saif Al Islam (really not some strange “individuals”) demanded that the ICC has the order to protect Saif Gaddafi if he was captured. “If” and “captured”. It’s a good question what Moreno didn`t understand about that.

But that’s still not the end. The “bad boy” Saif al Islam Gaddafi should have killed peaceful demonstrators in the views of Moreno-Ocampo. But meanwhile the prosecutor of the ICC is thankful for the “grateful and essential support” of the NTC. (While nobody in the new “free Libya” risks their lives with openly declares his support for Gaddafi a real independent investigator should become more skeptical and not “grateful”..)

A scandalous statement of a prosecutor when he says “Thank you” to a possible suspect for the essential cooperation against the “invaded”. His office is coordinating with local authorities but also with people of the civil society in order to gather evidence of Gadhafi’s crimes – even twice:

Evidence against Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi and Abdullah al-Senussi and secondly because of “gender crimes”. He continues to claim that hundreds of rapes happened by Gaddafi’s security forces.

It continues to be based on “information from the rebels”

“According to the rebels” has become a running gag in the Libya-war propaganda of the West and these hypocrite statements remind us immediately to Syria. Each of these hoaxes begins with these words today. As section 15 of the letter from Moreno tells us the “independent charge” will be based on a so called “reporting system” of the strange NTC!

That’s llike the unproven allegations against Libya came to the UN in February/March. There were only NTC-allegations but no facts by the NTC. The prosecutor of the ICC, Moreno-Ocampo, is said to interviews a “limited number of victims” who had been imprisoned in secret prisons somewhere in Libya. Will the “independent prosecutor” use the same attitudes and mythologies to the victims of the worldwide secret detentions, enforced disappearances and the torture by the worldwide through the USA and European countries?

There is no single independent point in his report where Moreno-Ocampo speaks about the NATO war crimes in Libya. Only in section 18 after the sentence “Let me finish” you can read the following:

“There are allegations of crimes committed by NATO forces, allegations of crimes committed by NTC-forces, including the arrest of civilians who were suspected to be mercenaries and further committed the alleged killing of captured combatants, as well as allegations of crimes by pro-Gaddafi forces. These allegations are investigated impartially and independently.”

Even the NATO-crimes get relativized by rhetoric into linking them to the accusations against Gaddafi. We should remember this. In May 2012 the prosecutor of the ICC, Moreno-Ocampo, will submit a report to the UNO – “IF” he gets money for it (what he tells at the end).

The letter from Moreno-Ocampo is a magnificent example of obedience to authority and anticipatory obedience by a paid official of the NATO countries. All of his “documents”, related to the resolutions of the Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council, are botched and would fail in front of any district court. As the film “The lies behind the “humanitarian war”” shows.

Update 20:00 o´clock

There has been no criminal investigation for the charges against Saif Al Islam Gaddafi. The pages 17 to 70 of the indictment are secret and all accusations came from the CIA, NATO and their strange NTC. Among the “evidence” are reports from Fox News and just that part of the lies by the NTC guy who recited the fictitious numbers of the NTC at the UN Human Rights Council – which has to be investigated.

The man repeats in the video (4:00) in front of the camera still the lie of a “bombardment”. He received these numbers from a person called Mr. Zeidan – who has been a direct member of the Transitional Council / NTC!  Among the NATO/NTC/ICC- “evidence” are also such impressive “evidence” like press statements by the opposition NTC organization “Libyan League for Human Rights” – press reports by “Spiegel” and “El Pais” are included, too.

Press reports also include the Spiegel and El Pais among the “evidence”. The vast collection of “information” through third-hand hearsay is sold as solid evidence by the prosecutor of the ICC,  Moreno-Ocampo.

Since that embarrassing press conference in June he also spreads the lie that three judges from different continents had reviewed the evidence. Those three judges of the ICC have read the above mentioned press-and NATO-papers on their desks. There was no investigation, no hearing – just nothing. And so the warrant was issued – only in June, when the country was already three months attacked because of this “crime”.

They first bombed Libya for three months and this aggression gets justified afterwards by the “independent” Court of Justice – based on press reports from the NATO states, the intelligence services and the opposition which is supported by the NATO!

Also without a chance of international investigation or an opinion by the Libyan government in front of the UN the NATO started to immediately bomb Libya on the 19th March 2011. Do you know the principle of “determining in all directions”? In Moreno’s letter there is only one – a very relativized –short sentence within the 22 points which cares about the NATO.

Who is able to see this all in context can shake his head about the ICC.

Update – 7. November –  7.00 o`clock

Moreno-Ocampo can be helped. The chief prosecutor of the ICC needs money to carry out his investigations. Thus he writes at least in his report to the UN Security Council. In one sentence he indeed thinks that there should actually be allegations that the NATO and the NTC would have committed war crimes in Libya. Who would have thought this about the NATO? The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” will collect money with all its readers to sponsor the prosecutor of the ICC a connection to the Internet.

Then he can learn, together with colleagues from the UN and NATO, about some war crimes by the UN-NATO alliance and NTC-rebels which became public. Finally he is able to follow this link when he gets his sponsored internet connection to the World Wide Web.

Chronicle of the crimes on Libya S.O.S.

Evidence of a bombing attack on a Libyan family by the NATO

This is also a good opportunity for the ladies and gentlemen of the (german television channels) ARD and ZDF, which have “overlooked” some facts for sheer reviews about the NATO propaganda. Especially recommended to Mr. Armbruster who studiously “overlooks” the victims of the NATO & NTC.

Mr. Armbruster is also head of the ARD official office in Cairo, which is partly responsible for the ridiculous misinformation to the German audience about the events in Libya. They also fail (or want to fail) in delivering correct translations, interviews and seem to have never heard about things like “fact finding”.

Source: Libyen: Der Zynismus des Moreno-Ocampo


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