Lebanon: Hezbollah “neutralized” CIA

Posted: November 24, 2011 in International
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It`s said that the defeat has been so heavy that the American intelligence service (CIA) hat to largely ceased its activities in Lebanon. Also some CIA senor officers should tried to limit the damage and to withdraw all the agents who were at least not unmasked – before the Hezbollah would have a chance to do so.

It is said that four independent sources, partly former U.S. intelligence officials, revealed this to the press finally. The secret CIA office which was used to gather important information about the developments in the Middle East, mainly Syria and Iran, has been virtually ceased to exist in Lebanon.

Also concerning to Hezbollah the CIA seems to have no more actual updates and information because of this development in the last months. Some say the U.S. intelligence service “flys blind” when it is about the Hezbollah now.

While the four sources were not keen on acknowledge the successful defense by the Hezbollah against the U.S. anti-Hezbollah spy ring they all blamed the careless and shoddy work of the CIA secret office in Lebanon.

Accordingly two agents of the Hezbollah succeeded to get enlisted as spies by the CIA. The two people soon noticed that these secret meetings with their CIA contacts always took place in the same restaurants and so these locations got soon observed by the defense machine of the Hezbollah. It doesn`t took a long time till a dozen of CIA spies and agents were identified from the Hezbollah. Afterwards the Hezbollah was able to react and it is said that there no sigh of life of the CIA people since that moment.

Back in June this year the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, reported the arrest of several spies who were said that they had infiltrated this organization. It was no huge surprise that the West dismissed this report from Hassan Nasrallah (Hezbollah) as pure propaganda. Finally with the revelations of the four active or former CIA employees the whole dimension of this CIA fiasco became obvious.

Actually the American intelligence service should have been warned. In April 2009 the Lebanese Hezbollah was already able to expose several Israeli spy rings all over the country – about 100 people were unmasked – among those arrested people were employees of the security forces and hosts of telecommunications companies in Lebanon.

Looking at these facts the attempt by Israel and other countries to blame the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (examined by the UN) with the help of allegedly led telephone conversations by Hezbollah looks at least different now.

While the four sources also said that a secret method for the conversation between the CIA and their paid agents by using the internet communication has been discovered in Teheran (Iran) it is also known that several of agents who got arrested in 2009 already confessed that they have been looking for targets of the Israeli bombing in Lebanon (2006). If these people are found guilty (supporting the killing of Lebanese citizens) they are facing the death penalty.


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